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Is asking for money at a wedding tacky?

Newlyweds will require appliances and other crucial home items that they sometimes need to choose themselves. They may also want to buy something else for the extra cash they will get as a gift from their wedding but the thing is it is not right to ask for money as a gift from your wedding guests and it is considered tacky even to this day. But you need not lose hope about getting your way cause you can still ask for money as a gift indirectly, as it requires tact. So if you wonder, is asking for money at a wedding tacky? We will find some answers below.

Is asking for money at a wedding tacky?
Is asking for money at a wedding tacky?

Never point out that you require cash instead of gifts on your wedding invitation

If you want tacky, this is the easiest way to do it by asking for cash as a wedding gift on your invites. Your guest will definitely have second thoughts if they will attend the wedding as some guests have traditional views about these things. Some close relatives and friends will understand, but others may not. There are other places you can request cash presents instead of gifts on your wedding day.

Find Cash Registry Website to use for cash gifts option

Here is an app where you can list the gifts you would like to receive for your wedding or cash. It is one all-inclusive registry that will make things easier for you without sounding rude or tactless about your preference for cash gifts. There are also websites you can use where guests can pay for your airfare or any trips you may have planned after the wedding.

Subtle Hint

Close friends and relatives will be easy to approach about this request, and if you feel the need to let others who will be attending the wedding know your preference, you can drop some subtle hints to give them an idea on what will help you more after the wedding. Letting them know about your plans or finishing the home you are building, or if you need to start building that extra room for your soon-to-be home, is the best time to let the other guests know. Some guests will find it easier to give cash instead of looking for some gifts that they may need to think if you will use or not.

Let others spread the word

Your parents may have invited some guest and so does other family members. If this is the case, let them know what gifts you prefer or if you want to receive cash. They are the best people to spread the word and let other guests know what you are saving for. It can be your trip to another country, buying a home, or purchasing a family vehicle. It will be appreciated as well by other guests knowing they are somewhat helping you realize all your plans.

Let guests know your preference when they approach you

You can let other guests know that you are planning to move somewhere, and the extra funds will be helpful, just don’t tell them directly to grant you a certain amount cause that would be rude. If you would let them know about your preference for cash gifts, make sure you phrase it as tactful as possible.

Always have a box of cards

Some guests will not be bringing any physical gift and will not directly see the cash registry website as some of these guests are traditional. They are more at ease with carrying congratulatory cards where you will find a certain amount of money inside. This is when a box for cash gifts is required during your wedding or at the reception. People will place their cash gifts in the box if they cannot hand them to you directly. However, you need to ensure that the box is safe and the wedding coordinator or someone from the wedding staff is taking care of it.

Ensure that checks are under the both of you

You may receive money from your guests, but if it is a check, you need to make sure that it is written out to both of you, so it will be easy to liquidate. This way you can enjoy the money soon after cashing it out.

It is not only cash that counts

You may also receive gift cards or tickets to a vacation, which is as good as cash cause these are all paid for. It may also be a more expensive gift than just cash itself. Some guests are generous and may buy flight tickets for your honeymoon destination or even buy you a ticket for your cruise ship vacation, as we all know, is pricey. There are also times when couples are presented with stocks, bonds, or even properties to newlyweds. These gestures are common among older generations or immediate family members who want to give the couple something they can use for their future.

Asking for money as a wedding gift may be alright for some guests who are your relatives or close acquaintance, and they may not feel off about being asked to give cash instead. If you are sure that your guests will not be put off about your request, then be vocal with your request.

Some of your guests may also not give you cash but other forms of expensive gifts that you will find useful in the future, such as pieces of jewelry, mobile phones, etc. Some gifts are sometimes convertible to cash which is a lot easier. There are also tickets to a vacation or flights that you may not need if you have visited the said place, and this is also good as cash if you let others buy the tickets from you at a lesser price.

Relatives are also open to providing honeymoon funds for couples where they will provide couples a place to stay, will pay for the ticket, and make sure that everything is running smoothly during the honeymoon. Others are more open to helping out with wedding costs and will provide additional budgets for the couple.

Is asking for money at a wedding tacky?
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