Boho wedding ideas on a budget

True boho weddings are all about being yourself and not making a big fuss – think relaxing, low-key celebrations filled with personal touches. Nowadays, it’s common to see bohemian wedding invitations and decor elements such as low centerpieces made from candles or flowers.

The key is to keep things simple but make sure you have those special touches that make your wedding day unique. Keep reading for the best boho wedding ideas on a budget.

Boho wedding ideas on a budget
Boho wedding ideas on a budget

Smart boho wedding ideas on a budget

DIY wedding invitations

DIY wedding invitations are a great way to save money and can be created using your very own hands. The Internet is filled with printable templates that you can edit using word processing software such as Microsoft Word. Handmade blooms such as paper flowers, lace, and dried petals will all add an extra touch of boho chic.

Wooden place settings

Wooden table settings make for a laid-back look at any celebration or ceremony, not just weddings. You can use natural materials like leafy vines and twigs to decorate each plate and napkin, and think about adding unique touches like wooden utensils (ideally sourced from environmentally friendly sources). To tie the look together, scatter some flowers around the table.

Birch table numbers

Birch tables are a popular choice for boho weddings due to their rustic look can exude elegance when appropriately decorated. You can get creative with your table numbers by using twigs, wooden dowels, or even pieces of bark; tie each number onto the ‘stem.’ Another option is to create a leafy garland featuring hanging numbers.

Glitter and sequin table decorations

If you’re feeling crafty, make your glitter and sequin table decorations. These materials are available in a range of colors at most craft stores for very affordable prices. Glittery garlands make great backdrops to any ceremony or venue, while centerpieces can be made by scattering glitter across candle holders.

Natural wedding favors

Consider creating your own using edible flowers for simple boho wedding favors that won’t break the bank. Fill small jam jars with organic jams or honey native to your area or state if you’re tying into an overall regional theme, which is a great touch. Raffia makes for a natural-looking bow, but there are also edible flower alternatives available at most craft stores.

Metal beverage containers

To save money on wedding drinks, opt for metal beverage containers over glassware. This will allow waiters to serve multiple guests in one trip without carrying around dozens of glasses; it also means less washing up. . Alternatively, use large vases for oversized wine bottles or floral displays.

Colour-coded stationery

If you’re planning the seating arrangements, use different colors for each guest table to denote where they’ll be sitting. This not only creates a fun ambiance but can also help reduce stress on your big day if friends and family know where they should be heading straight away.

Love letters

Set up a wall featuring letter-shaped locks with messages of love and gratitude written on the keys. Guests can then write their messages to be locked away so they’ll never see them again. Love letters can be used as seating cards at your ceremony, too.

Paper flower backdrop

A DIY wedding backdrop is an excellent way to add some boho style. You can create hanging paper flower garlands or use foam wreaths with tissue paper flowers attached. Think about tying in a color scheme that matches your overall event look, whether that’s rustic or glam.

Burlap table runners

If you’re going for a boho-chic vibe at your reception, consider using burlap table runners it’s a dirt-cheap way to dress up your table, and there are plenty of ways you can style it. For example, if you’re going for a rustic look, you can tie twine and ribbons onto each runner; alternatively, opt for an elegant satin ribbon and flower installation if this fits better with your overall theme.

Bridal head wreaths

Consider wearing a traditional Celtic bridal head wreath for brides who want to add their personal touch to the wedding ceremony. Ideal for the bride that wants to incorporate her heritage into her big day or wants something that will set her apart from every other woman in the room! Don’t forget about your groom. He can also have his unique accessories, such as a handcrafted wooden dagger.

Wildflowers and branches

Add some color to your wedding decor by filling vases with wildflowers, foliage, or berries. You can also use them as part of the ceremony backdrop by suspending the vases from trees etc. Try adding a big sign featuring twigs tied together with brambles and ivy vines running through them for a rustic ambiance.

Pottery for decorations

Pottery is an affordable way to make your wedding venue look more stylish – there are plenty of new designs available on the market, so you’ll fit right in with modern weddings trends. You can create centerpieces using large plants, candles, and lanterns; alternatively, fill jam jars and vases with wildflowers and scattered seashells for a beach-themed decor.

Metal utensils

If you’re having a casual buffet-style wedding, consider using metal utensils to keep costs down while still looking stylish. They come in all different styles, from ornate silverware to more simple gold cutlery sets ideal for rustic events. Try not to use plastic forks and knives, though, as this will weaken the overall look of your table setting.

Vintage glassware

For an antique look at your wedding reception, consider buying some vintage glassware and serving drinks or desserts in them instead of bowls or plates. These pieces may be pricier than regular glasses, but it’s well worth the investment as they will make an excellent addition to your decor.


Candles are a great way to set the mood for any celebration. Use them as part of larger centerpieces or by themselves throughout your venue – there are countless ways you can incorporate candles into your wedding, so use your imagination and have fun. Just be sure that if you decide to go down the candlelit route, you don’t leave guests sitting in darkness, so position votives beside each guest table.

Striped straws

Straws have become something of a trend over recent years – many restaurants are now using striped or patterned paper straws instead of plain ones for eco-friendly reasons, and these are an excellent way to bring a touch of pizzazz to your wedding. You can use them for serving cocktails or juices at the bar or buffet table or tie them onto jars with wildflowers inside.

Wooden chargers

Wooden chargers are stylish additions to any table setting, so if you’re on a budget, consider buying some plain wooden plates and decorating them yourself using paint pens, acrylics sticks, or other materials. If you don’t have time to do this, buy ready-decorated ones that match your theme; many designs are available online.

Cloth napkins

If you want to keep costs down while still looking stylish, consider buying plain cotton napkins and decorating them yourself. If you’re not crafty, add a pretty ribbon or colorful trims to make them look like they cost more than you paid for them. Alternatively, order cloth napkins that already have embroidery designs on them; pick a color that matches your wedding theme and let the rest of the work be done for you.

Jars and mason jars

Jars of all shapes and sizes can create vases or candle holders for table settings or centerpieces. Try filling up mason jars with sand, rocks, or wildflowers and scattering little tea lights around the rims for an ultra-cheap decoration idea. Fill jam jars with scented soaps or bubble baths and present them to your guests instead of a floral arrangement.

Thank you cards

A wedding can be stressful enough to make even the best of us forget about such a crucial part: thanking our guests for celebrating with us. However, please don’t underestimate how much this means to them; in fact, most people look forward to receiving their thank you notes in return. We recommend getting pre-printed ones that you can sign and mail out to save time and effort. Of course, if you want more personalized ones (and have the hand capacity for it), go ahead and write some yourself using calligraphy pens.


Remember when customizing your wedding favors that not too much is better than too little. Also, if you have to give one, let it be something useful for your guests so they won’t mind stashing them in their bags (e.g., mini deodorant sticks, mints). Be creative by having your local baker make some yummy cookies shaped like hearts or rings; then use red and gold candy wrappers to dress them up! You can also include thank you notes or even small photo albums in favor boxes for an added personal touch.

Ceremony aisle runner

While many brides choose to go with natural grass for their outdoor ceremonies (a wise choice if the ground is level), those who don’t use an actual lawn will likely opt for synthetic turf; it’s cheap and comes readymade in rolls. If you want to be eco-friendly and enhance the look of your arrangement at the same time, wrap it up with some twine or flower garland.


Incorporating a sense of boho chic into your big day can be done in many different ways. All you need to do is go back to the basics and add just a pinch of sophistication! Follow the steps above for an unforgettable wedding that you’ll surely enjoy from start to finish.

Boho wedding ideas on a budget
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