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Bridal shower balloon arch

Bridal shower balloon arch

Are you going to create a bridal shower balloon arch? Then there might be a lot of questions popping in your head? How much does the bridal shower balloon arch cost, how do you make one, and how long before the bridal shower can you make the balloon arch? So, let’s dive in and answer all your questions!

Bridal shower balloon arch

Can I make a balloon arch the night before?

This is entirely dependent on the balloon types that you’re going to make. In case it’s a helium-filled arch; it is recommended that you fill the balloon on the same day of the wedding. Most helium latex balloons float well only for about 12 hours. However, if you feel the urge of filling your helium arch the night before the D-day, we highly recommend that you treat the balloons using hi-floats. On the flip side, if you’re planning to undertake an air-filled arch, then making the balloon arch the night before is okay.

Besides, if it’s your first time doing this, then going for a complete kit can be the simplest and easier solution. With an air-filled balloon arch, you can put it together the night before the D-day. Stores like Amazon offers you a complete balloon arch kit with a metal frame, stands, and instructions. The arch is about 3m (10ft) wide and 2.75m (9ft) tall, it is of course big enough to suit two individuals to pass through it.

Moreover, setting up the balloon arch the night before won’t deflate them not unless there is a drastic change in the temperature. In case the air cools down a bit, the balloons arch may tend to shrink a little, and when the temperature rises, they would tend to expand a bit as well. It is also important to keep your air-filled balloons using a plastic bag because when the balloons come in contact with air they tend to oxidize, which may make them lose their shiny surface.

Overall, you should inflate the balloons and keep them in fully closed plastic bags and make an arch on the early morning of the day of the event.

What is the average price for a balloon arch?

What is the average price for a balloon arch? Arches prices range from $200 up to $1500 but are based on the complexity, style, and size of the balloon arch. Even though several air-filled balloon arches span from $10 to $20/linear foot, the price may tend to vary even as low as $5/linear foot for the easiest helium arches or even higher as much as $90 /linear foot for other organic arch balloons.

It is good because most balloon arch companies will have a detailed balloon pricing guide provided on their site or store. Ordinarily, these prices don’t include cleanup, breakdown, staging, setup, and delivery prices. Other companies also may charge for green removal of the balloon arch.

Balloon arch comes in four main categories. Every category is priced separately and will be displayed as such. These may include classic air-filled arch, the new trendy organic balloon arch, helium-filled balloon arch, and lastly, we have every category of arch sculpture. The helium arch option is priced at about $5/linear foot. Aside from that, if you intend to put foils to your arch, that is priced per/piece basis. Other companies also offer/foot pricing, but still, it includes a little fee for every extra balloon. You can expect to pay somewhere between $6 and $30 for several foil helium balloons.

How do you make a shower balloon arch?

Here is a simple step to make a shower balloon arch:

Plan your shower balloon arch design – Now, there’re a few ways you can use to create a balloon arch. The first thing is the shape of the arch you need. Based on the location of your arch, you’ll want to work out the shape that matches your needs well.

Go shopping – The next thing, you now need to go and buy all the supplies needed. Some things you’ll need include: Balloons – at least, acquire about 100 balloons if you want to make a small shower balloon arch. Balloon pump – to help you insert air into the balloon. Fishing line or strong – will make the balloons seem like they are floating as opposed to the string up. Hooks – to attach to the wall. Scissors, clear tape, blunt needle, and a low temp glue gun.

Blow up the balloons – The next thing is to blow up all the balloons. Keep in mind that you should come up with varied sizes to fill the empty spaces. Then finally, tie all the balloons off.

Start to assemble – Now have the sewing needle and the fishing line and the knot at the tip. Start to thread your needle via the additional balloon material below the knot. Place almost 2/3 of your balloons into the line, and save others for the other step.

Finish it off – After putting 2/3 of your balloons arch on the line, cut while you tie the fishing line.

Hang your hooks – Next, organize where you need the arch to stay.

Fill in the blanks – Now, this is an enjoyable part, it is a fishing touches to make your design look appealing.

Hang the shower balloon arch up

How do you get a balloon arch to stay up?

For the balloon’s arch to stay up you need to ensure that you inflate the balloon with a helium tank. As such, the balloons will stay floating with the structure. You should also tie the fishing line right to the balloon. Now, you need to make a strong arch using say, the chicken wire. In case the wire is very wide, you may want to make it narrow a bit. As such, this will enable it to bend and make it into an arch shape.

Now you need to secure the shape you’ll select for your wall. You can use pushpins, thumbtacks, or nails. Ensure the base of the arch is secured perfectly. You can put a glue dot at the end of the balloon, under the knot. Ensure the arch is filled to pack, and it stays up and strong. Also, the arch needs to stand well, and the balloons are properly fixed. Aside from that, you can put smaller balloons on other larger balloons using things like glue dots. If you can do this, the balloons arch can stay in an outstanding place without wavering or being destabilized.

How many days will a balloon arch last?

A balloon arch will last longer or not depending on several factors. This includes heat, temperatures, humidity, and the quality of the decor. All this will make your arch last for a few hours or better stills for some weeks. Under normal conditions, latex balloons can last for several days outdoors or many weeks when indoors. On the other hand, foil balloons can last for as many years as possible. Therefore, it depends on the type of balloons and underlying conditions.

You can make a balloon arch using either air or helium. For you to use, you will need to consider several factors. Air-filled arches are easier to make compared to helium-filled balloons. Both balloons will last longer if it meets the right conditions. Therefore, if you need your balloon arches to last longer, it is suitable to store them in a cool but dark environment. Also, you can store them in air-tight containers, air-conditioned rooms, and away from the light. Depending on your needs, you might need your arch to last longer in a single day or for weeks.

Therefore, there are a few ways of increasing the life of your balloon arches. The best way is to lower the rate of oxidation and keep away anything that leads to popping. You can combine the two ways and extend the life of your balloons. You can as well build an arch that is inside an air-filled surrounding. So, the standard latex balloons that are well inflated can last for up to 2 days.

How many balloons do you need for an arch?

The number of balloons in an arch depends on several factors. This includes the total length of the arch, the height of the area you want it to be displayed, type of arch, balloon size, and many more. Therefore, different arches will have different numbers of balloons. Generally, balloon arches usually require 100 balloons or even more. You should have as many balloons as possible because some balloons are prone to popping. Most people claim that you can achieve the best arch by using 12-inch balloons. You should inflate these balloons well to achieve a fuller look.

A balloon ring is known to hold up to 4 balloons, therefore you will need up to 32 rings to create the best ring. Each column usually requires 32 eleven-inch latex balloons and 8 balloon rings for the best results. This indicates that you will need additional balloons at the top of the column. Therefore, you will need up to 48 balloon rings, 192 balloons to form the best arch. Also, you need to inflate these balloons up to 10-10.5 inches to create a good-looking arch.

Additionally, you should ensure that the balloons are inflated to the same size to keep the arch looking so elegant. Therefore, depending on your needs, your arch can hold a different number of balloons compared to others. So, you can always make an arch that suits your needs in the best manner.

Do you need helium for a bridal shower balloon arch?

This is not something so compulsory however it offers you a more convenient way of creating a decoration. This is because you can fill a balloon arch with either air or helium. However, helium-filled balloons offer you a wide range of benefits compared to air-filled balloons.

Helium is so lightweight therefore the balloons can float without the need for a sturdy construction to support them. You can easily attach them to a fishing line. The only problem related to helium-filled balloons is the fact that they do not last long. They last for 12-24 hours. Moreover, the cost of helium is a bit expensive.

Helium-filled arches are suitable for use in indoor events that will last for an evening or only a day because of their shorter lifespan. You can use them during wedding events, graduation ceremony and other events that do not last past 24 hours. Also, the arches are widely used because they are generally durable and do not cause any threat to the environment. Therefore, if you are planning to construct larger arches, using helium can be so expensive since you will need more balloons and helium is a bit costly.

Therefore, you can always opt for air-filled balloons if you do not want to incur so much. Moreover, it is suitable if you need a longer-lasting. This usually lasts for up to 2 days. You can use your mouth or better still a hand pump to inflate such kinds of balloons. The balloons require some effort and might take a lot of time. Therefore, you can either use air or helium for a balloon arch.

How do you make a balloon arch without balloon tape?

Here, you can opt to use a decorative strip instead to keep the balloons intact at all times. This is a much easier way if you do not want to use balloon tape. It serves the same purpose as the tape. This can be so hard because this will keep the balloons tight. This is mostly applicable for air-filled balloons. These strips have some holes that allow you to create a decorative balloon arch. It helps you to keep the balloons in place for longer. Different strips are used on different types of balloons.

There are different types of decorative strips and you can always choose one that suits your needs in the best manner. This strip will for sure make your entire process of making the arch an easier task. This is one of the most important units you will need whenever you are making an arch. Moreover, it is used in threading balloons into plastic strips. Also, it works on any balloons. It is clear and invisible and you might never notice it. A decorative strip can accommodate up to 12 balloons per foot.

Bridal shower balloon arch
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