Can The Bride See The Grooms Suit

Weddings all over the world are always surrounded by traditions, beliefs about bad luck, bad omens, usually star in the background of a very special moment for the couple that wants to be united forever.

There are always those who give their opinion, giving advice on what they should and should not do, what they should and should not allow, and how they should dress and behave in the preliminaries of such an important event for the people who are getting married.

Can The Bride See The Grooms Suit
Can The Bride See The Grooms Suit

Can the bride see the grooms suit?

On this particular point in particular there is nothing established, but there are aspects of importance that can be highlighted.

The traditions speak of misfortune and bad luck when the groom gets to see the bride’s dress, but this is a custom of very ancient times, and its origin did not mean anything romantic, or similar, in ancient times weddings, were performed by social and economic conveniences, and the custom that this did not happen obeyed more to fears about the rejection of the other by one of the bride and groom.

Regarding the groom’s suit, there are some superstitions, but they are not related to the bride not being able to see him, but rather with the shape of the tie knot, according to the customs this garment should hang very flat on the groom’s chest, if the tie does not fit him straight or leaves holes while the celebration lasts, it is a clear start of a life of infidelity from him to his future spouse.

There has never been, at least at the level of custom or tradition, a myth that talks about the impediment for the bride to know the attire that the groom will wear when they go to the altar, on the contrary, the characteristic female curiosity, and the feeling of being the owner of her future spouse, tend to make them always seek to be present or aware of the clothes that their fiancé will wear that iconic day.

If we consult a universe of 100 brides, we are certain that at least 90 of them want to be present when selecting the outfit that their fiancé will wear on the day of their wedding celebration, however, although most grooms are accommodating to them and agree to let them choose the outfit they will wear, there are others who believe that if they cannot see their dress, neither can they see theirs.

They are more possessive and detail-oriented, and in general, they all want to be sure that the groom looks the way they want, they do not want to leave anything to chance, the color of the suit, the tie, the color of the shirt, the cut of the suit, and even the shoes that the future husband will wear tend to be chosen by the brides.

When asking if the bride can the bride see the groom’s suit, several things can influence the answer.

Things should be the same for both

Nowadays, the tradition of the groom not seeing the bride’s attire is more oriented to be a pleasant surprise for him, seeing her for the first time in her dress at the altar becomes a detail full of romanticism, and not like in the past.

If we take into account that the marital union should be based on fidelity and respect, it should start with equality, and if they are happy to cause that pleasant surprise to their fiancé, the most sensible thing should be that they can also count on the possibility of causing that pleasant surprise to their fiancée, who will surely also have a special feeling to see him for the first time in his groom’s attire at the altar.

Keep the possibility open to emotions.

Seeing the groom trying on the suit, in the middle of a store, where there are many suits, where you are surrounded by strangers, will certainly not provide a significant emotion, and probably spoil a nice moment, but if you keep that unknown by avoiding knowing what your guy’s suit will look like, the moment at the altar will take on much more important than it has for both of you.

The expectation will grow and will be greater for both, surely while she is being made up or dressed she will be thinking and imagining how he will be, and her intrigue will be equal to the one he will have while on his way to the church, and if the groom will be surprised and will be overwhelmed by thousands of emotions when the bride arrives at his side, and sees her radiant and beautiful, wearing a beautiful suit and becoming the protagonist of a wonderful moment, she also will not be able to contain her emotions when she sees her groom for the first time in a beautiful suit.

They are the undisputed protagonists of the event, but nowadays, the bride and groom have been gaining prominence in these moments, and just like them, they are also the center of many eyes.

Agreement of the bride and groom

When a couple decides to get married, it is because there is a bond and a very strong rapport between them, it is something known as love, one of the noblest and purest feelings known, and that is the main protagonist and the cause of such a special moment, it is undoubtedly the most important thing.

There are no traditions, no omens, no bad omens, no premonitions that overcome the strength of sincere and true love, and it is the two brides and groom who can decide at any given moment if the bride can see the groom suit, they can agree that she is present to choose what she wants her partner to wear on the wedding day, and surely the groom will be delighted that his fiancée chooses even the socks and shoes to wear on the wedding day.

But if he prefers to keep it a mystery, she should lovingly accept it, showing him from the beginning the respect she will have for him in the life they are about to embark on.

Can The Bride See The Grooms Suit
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