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Can You Wear Floral To A Wedding?

Can you wear floral to a wedding? Wearing floral to a wedding is a common dilemma that typically occurs when planning your wedding outfit. Whether you’re in the process of selecting your dress or receiving your invitation, it’s important to be aware of appropriate floral-wearing etiquette before stepping foot in a church or reception hall.

This question has been debated extensively among brides and grooms alike, so don’t feel guilty if you’re on the fence! We’ve outlined some helpful tips to give you a better idea of whether or not you should wear floral.

Wearing Floral To A Wedding- Yes Or No?

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most magical days in a person’s life, and everything going into creating the perfect day must be kept as classy and elegant as possible.

Adding too much detail can take away from the significance of the occasion, which is why it’s important to dress appropriately for a wedding based on your age, time of day, location, and season. Wearing florals or anything “overly casual” may come as a surprise to those who have been invited to view the special day, so err on the side of caution and select a more formal option.

If you are unsure about what is appropriate for your specific wedding, check with your venue or local etiquette authority. Most likely they will recommend that you stick with darker colored gowns (not white or ivory) and simple accessories like matching shoes and a clutch purse if you are a wedding guest.

Can brides wear florals?

But, If you are the bride can you wear florals? As the bride, it is absolutely fine to were florals. Some brides opt to wear their favorite floral dress or skirt on their wedding day because it’s something they find very comfortable to move around in and feel like themselves in.

If this sounds like you, go ahead and snag your perfect piece! Just make sure it’s not too over-stimulating to the eye. As long as you choose your floral wisely, your outfit will turn out beautifully!

Floral dresses can be found at almost any department store or formal wear retailer. Most bridal boutiques also carry an assortment of wedding guest dresses, so if you plan on shopping there, ask the staff for assistance! If none of the designers catch your eye, search online for “inspired by florals.” Many retailers offer their version of floral prints which can be found on everything from cocktail dresses to everyday wear.

If you truly want to wear floral but are hesitant about how it will fit into today’s wedding scene, take inspiration from celebrities. Many of our favorite stars have been spotted in this season’s lush fashions, wearing their unique interpretations on floral print! Kim Kardashian chose a stunning white off-the-shoulder dress for her wedding to Kanye West, as did Mila Kunis when marrying Ashton Kutcher. In addition, actress Zooey Deschanel chose a light blue dress with small flowers on the bodice for her wedding and looked beautiful.

Flowers are a great accent to any outfit, so don’t shy away from wearing them just because of the occasion! They can be an elegant touch to your bridal look (or even be worn as your guest dress). Just remember that when in doubt, it’s always best to let your wedding dress make the first impression.

Who should wear floral to a wedding?

Floral wedding dresses are a relatively recent trend. In the past decade or so, as more and more people have been turning to sustainable fashion, making use of responsibly sourced textiles from all over the world, florals have been popping up on everything from shoes to skirts.

But despite their newfound popularity with designers and bloggers alike, there is still some debate over how the trend should be incorporated into your wedding day look. Who can wear floral to a wedding, and when is it appropriate?

Some brides believe that wearing a floral dress on their wedding day is disrespectful to the tradition of a white wedding dress. But in recent years, more and more fashionable women of all generations have been turning to the idea of a “green wedding”, or an environmentally-friendly celebration that focuses on the quality and longevity of the materials used. Some brides choose not to wear white to avoid sending out any number of messages, such as purity, wealth, and even racism.

Many brides still want to wear a traditional dress but opt for a more organic source for their wedding gown. Floral dresses can also be slightly more affordable than many white alternatives, and may even come from a sustainable or ethical brand that supports the environment through every step of their process.

There are pros and cons to wearing both, but I believe floral is appropriate at your garden party-inspired nuptials.

Here are some lovely floral wedding dresses for you to consider

Floral Wedding Dress-Zuhair Murad mermaid gown

Bohemian bride in a v-neck dress with lace bell sleeves and beautiful flowers embroidered around the waist. The entire bodice is made of hand-embroidered silk tulle and organza flowers. The back is low and open with a sheer train that does not overpower the dress and looks equally lovely on the floor as it trails behind.

Floral Wedding Dress– Reem Acra

This long-sleeved lace trumpet gown has floral embroidery throughout the bodice and hemline of the skirt, which helps transition this dress from a more traditional floral wedding gown to a modern wedding gown.

Floral Wedding Dress– Pronovias

This florals strapless tiered A-line has a low back and buttons down the back, creating a very elegant and regal look. The skirt is made of luxurious tulle with floral embroidery.

Floral Wedding Dress– Jenny Packham

This full-skirted ball gown is fully covered with printed flowers and leaves. All the flowers are hand-painted in watercolors, making them one of a kind. And its layers give this dress an amazing texture that captures the vintage feel.

Floral Wedding Dress– Justin Alexander

This mermaid gown has a stunning floral panel that starts from the empire waist and flows to the hemline. The entire bodice is made of lace with tulle underneath, which gives this dress a great look that’s on-trend but also timeless.

Floral Wedding Dress– Inbal Dror

The silhouette is strapless and slim, with a deep v-neck and a sheer back to show off the decolletage area. The skirt is made of tulle that has been embroidered with flowers using a special double-needle technique.

In conclusion, it is good to wear a floral at a wedding.

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Can You Wear Floral To A Wedding?
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