What is a matron of honor?

Important Things To Know About Maid and Matron of Honor What is a matron of honor? A matron of honor, or a maid of honor if unmarried, is a female attendant to a bride at a wedding. The honor actually dates back to the time of ancient Greece when they would choose close friends and […]

The Wedding Wishes To Best Friend

The bride and husband much appreciate wedding cards that come with gifts. A card can contain a profoundly personal and emotional message that you may not be able to deliver in person during the wedding reception. Furthermore, once written down, the message will remain with the pair indefinitely. The majority of individuals place a high […]

How to choose a wedding tent?

How to choose a wedding tent? All newlyweds want their wedding to be remembered forever. The memories created by spending time with friends and family at your reception will stay with the bride and groom for years after the big day has come and gone. One excellent way to ensure that everyone who attends any […]

Learn how to choose a wedding bouquet

The bouquet and the wedding dress are the essential accessories at a wedding. It’s those small details that will stand out as memories of your big day, so it’s good to pay attention to what you’re going to wear on your special day. Learn how to choose a wedding bouquet Choosing a bouquet can be […]

How to choose a wedding ceremony singer

How to choose a wedding ceremony singer? The sacrament of marriage is a wonderfully blessed event. It comes with the joys of planning for the big day, the excitement of selecting the perfect dress, venue, and rings. There are many decisions to make regarding your wedding ceremony; one decision that you may not have considered […]

How to choose a wedding color scheme

How to choose a wedding color scheme? Every bride is gorgeous; why not make her day complete with a beautiful wedding color scheme? Many things need to be put into consideration when choosing the perfect colors for your special day. This article explores different ways on how to choose a wedding color scheme without breaking […]

Can you have two maid of honors?

The following is merely my answer based on my personal resourcefulness with what limited research I could find about the subject, which was admittedly little to none about two bridesmaids being matrons of honor at the same time. So please take that into consideration when reading this article. For starters, if anyone can be either […]

How much do wedding coordinators make?

A common question of some wedding planners, especially beginners, is .”How much do wedding coordinators make?” The earnings or salary may differ from one coordinator to another. It depends upon several factors of an occasion. A beginner earning differs a lot from an experienced coordinator. On average, a wedding coordinator can make from 15$ per […]

When to book hair and makeup for the wedding?

When to book hair and makeup for the wedding? Weddings can be one of the most monumental milestones for any individual. If you are preparing for your wedding, there are several things that you have to plan out. While you might want to focus on other things first – like the venue and location – […]

How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many?

For many brides, the question of how many bridesmaids is too many seems to be a tough question to answer. But the truth is that there is no correct number. Some cultures consider numbers as important guides for good luck and prosperity but generally, the number of your bridesmaids all depends on you. Don’t be […]

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