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Checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding

Weddings are romantic. Everything is so full of love. The ambiance, the music, and everyone are just so romantic that you can’t help but fall in love because the couple made everything perfect. When the wedding music plays, you can sense in the air all the tidbits of love that fall so perfectly in place. What could be more romantic than that?

If you look at hindsight, you wouldn’t witness a fine wedding without the painstaking preparation that took place. What you see is a solemn and lovely ceremony, but the behind-the-scenes is very challenging. You must prepare a checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding if you want it to be perfect, just like in the movies.

Are you ready for that fairy-tale wedding? This won’t be easy, but if you pull this one through, it’s going to be memorable, which is why you need to get all the bases covered. Let’s begin.

What are the things that should be in my checklist?

It’s every girl’s dream to meet his prince, have a grandiose fairy-tale wedding, and live happily ever after. If you come to think of it, there’s nothing wrong with it. Everyone deserves to be happy, and that includes me, you, and everybody else that believes in love everlasting.

Our relationship is packed with romance and passion. On our wedding day, we are overjoyed and thrilled. The wedding ceremony is extremely lovely for all people, regardless of gender or age. Yes, the day will bring two souls from opposite areas of the world together. The union of the body and mind occurs so joyfully during weddings. What preparations do you need to do in order to have a good marriage event? Yes, a wedding planner is required to keep up with the demand and expectations.

A beautiful wedding would not be successful if too little work was put into it

As a result, you must organize and execute all of the crucial aspects of a wedding celebration. When we look at a wedding, we can tell that a lot of painstaking work has gone into it behind the scenes. A wedding requires a lot of money and time from many individuals. Behind the scenes, a wonderful ceremony may be difficult. You must make a list of everything you need to buy for your wedding. You will need to double-check everything for a spectacular wedding occasion. You must be extremely precise and top-notch in order to achieve the best outcomes.

The bride and groom‘s ideal can only be realized if we make a plan that is already on the checklist. The satisfaction of all persons involved in a wedding is reliant on the activities and preparations that take place before the wedding celebration or behind the scenes.

Here is the checklist you’ll need for your wedding. Let us go into the specifics of each checklist to have a better understanding.

I have here listed some wedding essentials you should include in your checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding. Just scroll down and choose the items you think would make your dream wedding perfect, romantic, and full of glamour. Good luck!

Checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding

Wedding Guest Book (120 Pages)

You’ll love this! It’s so nice to read the names of people who witnessed a momentous occasion in your life. This elegant wedding guest book features 120 blank pages where guests would be so proud to affix their names to let you know they are with you with your every step of the way.

The gold-gilded edges and gold ribbon bookmark works like charm every single time. Get this guest book now!

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It’s lovely, it’s classy, and it’s romantic. This wedding guest book and pen set will help you keep lovely memories of both of you who made a promise together to be forever until eternity. It is such a lovely wedding item to greet all your guests who will witness an important journey in your life. You’ve got to get this set of romantic items now.

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Clothes for the bride

Bridal dress – No wedding plan is complete without topping the list of what the bride would wear. This wedding dress will make your ideal wedding super romantic, no doubt about that. Made from premium-quality materials that would surely make you the most beautiful bride in the world. It fits perfectly and would highlight your curves for an ultimate wedding experience. Get it now because supplies are running thin.

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Wedding dress – A bridal dress that is elegant, beautiful, and classy like no other. Made from the finest quality satin you’re going to love it, I’m quite certain of that. Everyone wearing would instantly feel the apparel’s allure. There’s a feeling of joy you’ll feel once you donned it and walk down the aisle with your prince. Trust me, you’ll feel the best feeling you’ll have when you wear this dress for the ultimate moment of your life. Get it in your cart now and be sure to check it out fast.

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Wedding dress cleaning and preservation – You will have to keep your eyes focussed on wedding dress cleaning and preservation steps. This is of utmost vital to the bride and groom’s expectations.

Footwear for the bride – Walk down the aisle with full confidence and allure. Pair this heeled sandal with your choice of bridal gown and you’re on your way to your dream wedding. You’ve got to look good to feel good and this heeled sandal would make sure that you have that confidence all day long. What are you waiting for? Get a pair now.

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Bridal shoes – The most beautiful brides are those that wear the most fabulous pair of shoes. These leather-soled women’s bridal shoes would look perfect on your feet. It fits nicely with your elegant wedding dress. No dream wedding is complete without the best wedding kicks to help you grace the aisle with confidence and beauty. Try it now.

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Short Bridal Veil – It’s every girl’s dream to walk down the wedding aisle with bliss and poise. This bridal veil would help you seal the dream and make it a reality. It looks romantic and captivating. Once you wear this veil, it will elevate your wedding into a whole new level of never-ending love story that guests would talk about for a very long time. Come and get it now.

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Long Cathedral Veil Drop – Its simplistic and minimalist looks only make it classy and romantic. There’s a strong feeling of elegance once you wear this wedding veil as you walk down the aisle of a never-ending love story your guest would foretell for many years to come. We understand that most ladies dream of this moment. That’s why we are giving you something to make it a reality. Get it now and enjoy the memories both you and your beau would create.

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Invisible Push-up Silicone Bra – Are looking for the perfect undergarment for your wedding? Why don’t try this invisible silicone push bra! They made this strapless bra with sticky and skin-friendly silicone adhesive. It is comfortable is sure to lock in place for added confidence while walking proudly the wedding aisle. It is so easy to wear and remove. If you want to look beautiful and attractive on your wedding day, make this bra a part of your repertoire and everything will turn out perfect.

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Lace Wedding Garters for Bride – Is the next bachelor ready to meet his dream bride? Toss it in the air and make the guest have a good time. It’s an excellent piece of wedding essentials you must-have for your wedding. Made from polyester, this wedding lace garter would make your wedding a memorable event for your guest, I’m sure of that. Get it now.

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Lace Wedding Garters for Bride – Squeeze in moments of laughter and fun at your wedding. This blue lace garter would surely leave a lot of smiles and laughter with your guest. It’s a perfect match for every wedding gown. Made from ultra-soft satin, it feels it’s not even there. That’s how comfortable garter is. Add it to your cart now.

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Waist Trainer Body Shaper – You’ve got to look good on your most important day. How about you flaunt those curves and be the most beautiful bride for your wedding day? Emphasize all your curves and feel beautiful both inside and out in the most important event of your life. This one is an excellent body shaper because it is both comfortable and breathable. You’ve got to get your hands on it now.

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Groom Clothing

Tuxedo or smoking – Another vital activity on our to-do list is to double-check the specifications for Groom Clothing. You must evaluate the dress’s suitability for the groom as well as his fit. Keep the clothes ready with all the necessities so that he can wear them properly on the wedding day. It is critical that the groom’s attire be kept wrinkle-free. As a result, ironing and precisely packing groom apparel are critical for all wedding functions planned ahead of time.

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Bridesmaid dresses

The dresses of the ridesmaids is a question that comes up on a regular basis. The prices can range from $50 and up. And you supposed to pay the dresses for the bridesmaids.

Wedding rings and jewlerys

Petite Diamond 10K Wedding Band – Seal both of your romantic deals with a kiss and with this super special wedding band and good luck on both of you for your journey forever. The 10k yellow gold looks astonishing, a remarkable gem that would seal both of your destinies with an undying love for each other. You both deserve these rings. Come and get it now.

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Tesori & Co 10k Yellow or White or Rose Gold – The highly polished 10K rose gold sparkles like no other. It makes both of your promises of love to each other more romantic. The moment this 10K ring is fitted your finger, it will automatically take you on a romantic journey that you have been dreaming about for a long time. Its elegance and luster are like no other. I would love you to have it now.

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Wedding band resizing fee – It is also included in the list of wedding costs for your requirement.

Wedding band engraving – It is an important task to cope with the demand on the day. Make the process good and attractive.

Wedding Necklace and Earrings Set – Make everything look and feel beautiful with these wonderful wedding accessories. It got a pretty necklace and alluring earrings that would make you the grandest bride in a snap of a finger. Excellent craftsmanship is an excellent way to make everything lovelier as the hours passed by. If you are looking for something to add a pinch of glamour to your wedding, you’re going to love these. Try them now.

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Bridal Wedding Jewelry Set – You are the queen on your most special day. You deserve everything that shines. This bridal wedding jewelry set will make your wedding worthy of royal treatment. Each item, like the crown, necklace, and earrings, is just lovely and luxurious. I’m sure it would look lovely on you and all of your guests would love you in an instant. You need to have your hands on these wedding accessories now.

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Bridal hair, makeup and beauty

Hair and makeup – A stylish bride with an attractive hairstyle is a must for the wedding event. Take the names of hairdressers in your city and book them. Bridal hair and make-up is an inevitable task for a colorful wedding.

Waxing – You can include this task in the checklist for wedding couples. Pre-wedding wax is a vital requirement.

Spray tan – Spray tan is an important task before the wedding for some couples.

Wedding nails – Wedding nails that match the wedding dress are important. So, elegant and quality wedding nails preparation are must win the hearts of guests and look sparkling

Lash extension – Lash extension expectations of the bride have to be fulfilled. So, include it in your checklist.

Post-wedding outfits

These outfits are of paramount importance to grace the occasion. So, make the list of outfits required after the wedding event. You can consult the couples for the task.

Invitation Cards and other printed material

Postage – The postage job is the most significant item on any couple’s wedding checklist. You will need to create a list of names and addresses in order to send the invitation and relevant data to the known persons. As a result, that postal information must be stored independently in order for you to deal with a successful marriage.

Rehearsal dinner invitations – It is an important chore that should be marked off our to-do list. The bride and groom’s immediate family must be invited to the meal. It refers to the attendance of the parents, siblings, and grandparents during the dinner rehearsal. It represents the coming together of the groom’s and bride’s families. As a result, this rehearsal prepares the way for a seamless connection in the future.

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Save the dates cards – You will need to prepare ahead of time in order to send your Save the Date cards to your guests. The event will be ruined if you arrive too early or too late. Yes, your guests must be aware of the venue and date of the wedding. It is necessary and unavoidable to plan ahead of time to send Save the Date cards to your known people who you think are vital. This allows you to notify family and friends ahead of time so that they can mark their calendars accordingly. It will help them to alter their schedules properly.

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Lace Paper Wedding Party Invitation Cards – Let the world know and make all the people that are important in both of your lives witness the unity of hearts on this very special day. These ready-made invitations are going to help you save a lot of time. It’s so easy to customize so you can have your own message to make everyone who received it feel super special. These invitation cards are so sweet and cute. You need to have it on your list right now.

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Blank Burgundy Wedding Invitations – Your checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding would not be complete without including wedding invitations. These burgundy wedding invitations would allow you to let all the people you love be a witness to your wedding to know that you are finally tying the knot. Add this to your cart now and start letting all those people that you have the one.

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Place card – Many marriage organizers would forget to keep ready the place cards. The place cards must be prepared well enough so that the wedding event can proceed well and smoothly. The cards have to be prepared to keep the wedding hall areas in the mind. Write down the names of the guest and table numbers well ahead

Post-wedding brunch invitations – This is a delightful method for newlywed couples to continue their wedding celebration. For a long period, the spouses spend additional time with their dear and near ones. This function would take place before the couples go for their honeymoon. It is an ideal event for families to attend together. The post-wedding brunch invitations are also called farewell brunch.

Wedding ceremony programs – A wedding ceremony program document must be prepared well ahead which has to be included in the checklist without fail. This document guides the guests to attend the wedding ceremony exactly without any issues. The document must be correct enough to cope with the expectations of the guests.

A sign telling where every on can sit – Might your wedding event venue may be big to accommodate all. So, you can arrange a sign telling where everyone can sit. You cannot direct all of the guests in the wedding hall to sit here and there. Instead, you can make the process easy and simple by arranging a sing board. This is self-explanatory which will make your guests happy and delighted after arrival. Never push your guests to any place in the hall and instead give them a decent welcome by arranging a sign for their seats.

Thank you cards – Thanking your guests and others who come with the Thank you cards. Plan where to place the cards so your guests can notice them prominently. Thank you cards enhance the happiness of your guest to the core. You can place the cards at the exit place of the wedding hall where they can look at them. Be artistic when you place the cards.

Ring bearer’s pillow and flower girl basket

Ring Bearer Pillow and Flower Girl Basket Set – Both the ring bearer and the flower girl add a ton of cuteness in most weddings. This set of ring bearer pillows and flower girl baskets is the perfect accessories that would make any wedding more adorable. It has an elegant and classy design that will make everyone watch in awe. Both items are fantastic and made from high-quality materials. You need to include this in your list right now.

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Gold Wedding Basket and Ring Pillow – It shines and makes everything extra special. These two excellent wedding sets are just a class on their own. If you want a classy and amazing wedding experience, you’ve got to get your hands on these two items. Made from premium materials that will match everything you have set up for your wedding. I am recommending these items because this is something you badly need for your dream wedding. Get them now.

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Wedding favours

Wedding Favors Bottle Opening Favors Bottle Opener – If you are looking for wedding favors that your guest would surely love, these 100 pieces of the excellent quality key bottle opener are going to be a perfect wedding favor. Their unique design is very admirable. They are also durable and will surely last long because they are corrosion-resistant. They can also customize according to your preference to make them more personalized, which your guests would surely love. Get them now.

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Vintage Skeleton Key Bottle Opener – Wedding favors are so cute. They are great key chains and are very functional bottle openers. They would surely make a very memorable party favor, which makes your wedding an event that everyone remembers for a very long time. A lot of folks are rushing to add these items to their carts because supplies run fast. Why don’t you add them to your cart now because these babies sell like hotcakes!

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Rehearsal dinner

Dinner rehearsal is a critical task that must be completed without fail by the organizer. You may plan rehearsal duties such as serving and inviting visitors to eat in the dining hall. How to serve, where to sit, and when to serve are all important considerations. These things are vital on the wedding day, and a well-planned rehearsal dinner prepares the way for a flawless operation on the big day. Food and beverages must be served correctly and without misunderstanding on the day.

Food and drinks for the wedding

Food and beverages – A lavish wedding would be incomplete without food and beverages. Yes, the names of the menu items and drinks must be included in the checklist. You must choose a vendor who consistently provides great food and drinks at a reasonable price on the wedding day. As a result, you will need to determine the number of attendees attending the event in order to place an appropriate order with the vendor. If additional guests come on the wedding day, the vendor must be adaptable and swift enough to satisfy the needs.

Champagne – No wedding event gets complete without Champagne. Take a note of the Champagne requirement and get it ready for the wedding event.

Bar cost – Bar cost has to be taken into your mind to conclude the wedding budget. Make a note of guests that require drinks for calculating the exact cost involved.

Glasses, plates, silverware, champagne glasses – The most crucial activity to include in the checklist items is preparing the required quantity of glasses, plates, cutlery, and champagne glasses for a wedding function. Even if you overlook a few items, a slew of problems will arise that you will have to deal with later. So, when visitors arrive, make sure you have enough plates and cutlery to serve beverages and water.

Coffee and tea – You cannot imagine a marriage event without coffee and tea. Yes, you will have to find a vendor that is versatile in supplying coffee and tea on the wedding day events on all days of celebrations. A quality vendor is a must to satiate the requirements of customers in all aspects. You must have to prepare to serve guests tea and coffee without fail.

Non-alcohol beverages – You can roughly take a list of attendees at the marriage event who like Non-alcohol beverages. It is not an easy task to arrive at exact numbers and so you prepare a list approximately. Depending upon the numbers, you will have to make arrangements to prepare Non-alcohol beverages to the demand of guests. Neve mix alcoholic beverages in the list because you may be confused when you serve.

Service staff – Service staff is indispensable for your wedding event. Yes, they are essential to fulfill your immediate needs like serving food and dinner, helping you at the event for other marriage activities. So, you can check the staff numbers that are essential on the day without any second thought. Have enough numbers to make the occasions grand and successful.

Wedding cake

The wedding cake – Ordering the wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding. An entertaining and jubilant mood on the wedding day is exaggerated by cutting a wedding cake. So, a grand cake can be prepared with the help of a baker in your town.

Cake stand – A cake stand that holds the grand wedding cake has to be arranged. So, do not miss it on your list of checking tasks.

Cake cutting tools – Many wedding events went messy without cake-cutting tools. Arrange the tools to cut the cake comprehensively by the couples.

Wedding venue

Wedding venue – The most important task for a wedding. You will have to decide the best wedding venue and book in advance. Depending upon your guests and your budget, book the wedding venue well ahead.

Lighting for the dance floor – Attractive lighting is a must for the dance floor. Guests and other musicians may dance on the day and so make arrangements for quality lighting. You can include this task in the checklist.

Wedding decor

A wedding decor specialist involvement is a must for a beautiful marriage. So, be prepared with a qualified person that excels in wedding decor purposes. The wedding decor specialist has to be available on the day of the wedding well ahead. The decoration work must start well head of the marriage event.

Wedding arch – A beautiful wedding arch enhances the dignity of the wedding. So, make arrangements for the wedding arch vendor. Include it in the list you check.

Photographer, filming and prints

Photographer – Wedding memories are inevitable once the groom and bride look back after some years. So, a photographer must be ready on your checklist. The photographer who is well versed has to spend a whole day or other days if required for the marriage photos. Check his compatibility for him that he should not have any other tasks on the day.

Photos and prints – You may require photos and prints to decorate the wedding hall with photos of brides and grooms. So, be prepared with prints of old photographs of brides and grooms, including family members. The photos and print make the occasion memorable and phenomenal on the whole.

Lighting for the photographer – Photographer requires a sufficient amount of lighting to take photos. You could allow a person to help the photographer for excellent results. It is a must to include in your checking list.

Filmer – If you want your wedding to be documented on film.

Music and sound

Ceremony musicians – A music party has to be arranged well ahead. So, you will have to include the musicians’ list for the wedding. Book them and confirm the date of the wedding with the musicians to avoid a last-minute rush.

DJ – No wedding event is possible without the involvement of a DJ. So, arrange a DJ by advanced booking which has to be included in your checklist before the event. A last-minute booking may not yield results as you expect.

Microphone – It is a major electronic device required for the wedding event. You cannot proceed with the happenings of the wedding day without a microphone. Yes, you need to address the guests, and musicians might require it.

Soundsystem – An effective sound system is a must at the wedding day event. Arrange it from a qualified sound service vendor without compromising the quality. DJ’s program and musicians event would not be successful if the sound system is not proper.

Wedding singer – A wedding event is incomplete without songs. Hence, book a wedding singer for the event to make it successful. A wedding singer that is experienced and reputable can be included in the checklist so your wedding becomes beautiful and prosperous.

Transport for wedding guests and wedding couple

Transport – Transportation is yet another important activity on the wedding day. The wedding guests require transport to reach the wedding event without any hassle. So, you will have to prepare the facilities for them that are unavoidable.

Gratuity for the drivers – Do not forget to facilitate the drivers who take much responsibility to work to the core expectations. Include the tips in your main checklist so you can make them comfortable and relaxed making the event better rejoiceful.

Parking fees – You will have to check with the management of the wedding event place for parking fees. You can speak for the discount so you can feel comfortable for the guests.


Bridal flowers – Get in touch with a specialist to prepare Bridal flowers beautifully. Keep the names of the vendor to make suitable arrangements for the wedding. Plan to get excellent results.

Boutonnieres – Boutonnieres arrangement is a must for groom and groomsmen, fathers, and grandfathers. Get the details of a specialist to arrange for the wedding day.

Corsages – For mothers and grandmothers. Yet another important task is arranging corsages for mothers and grandmothers. You can speak with the floral vendor about this arrangement.

Flowers for the flower girl – This is another important task to be included in the checklist of wedding preparation. Make it done with the floral vendor without fail.

Flower preservation – It is an important task for a wedding event. Preserving flowers for the wedding is crucial and if not you will have to face some mishaps. Large quantities of flowers have to be arranged before the wedding. So, ordering the flowers and preserving them appropriately requires expertise. Be aware of the techniques which are included in your checklist.

More services and stuff you need to pay for your wedding

Wedding coordinator – A role of a wedding coordinator is a must for your marriage’s success. Include a coordinator in your checklist and hand over the tasks to him. He takes care of your arrangement and gives you the best results.

Marriage license – Marriage is not complete without a license. So, take the necessary steps for a marriage license so you can fulfill the demand of couples and their families.

Officiant fee – Be aware of the Officiant fee for the marriage so you can settle it on the day without any mess. Get the details of the payment from the officials.

Church donation – Many churches require donations from you, especially on the wedding day. You can fulfill the requirement by making it in your checklist. Have a word with the in charge of the church to complete the formalities.

Delivery cost – Always when you prepare the wedding cost, include Delivery cost along with it. Delivery cost is vital when you come to a conclusion of the total amount required for the wedding event.

Clean up fees – Include clean-up fees with the marriage wedding event. You will have to tip the housekeeping staff for cleaning the wedding hall after the marriage.


After the wedding, honeymoon preparation is a must for couples. So, take the necessary action for the task by including the requirements in your list.


Groomsmen gifts – Get ready with the Groomsmen gifts on the day. Decide the nature of the gift after consultation

Ring bearer gift – You will have to make a quick decision on the Ring-bearer gift. It is a must sought gift on the wedding day. So, you must give some importance to it without any deviation.

Bridesmaid gifts – An equal weightage and importance have to be given to bridesmaids by presenting them with gifts. Special gifts are available for this purpose which you will have to make a list for yourself to get done before the event starts. Get the list of items that are meant for gift purposes and tick the best one that suits your demand and goals.

Spouse gift – Yet another important task on the day of the wedding event is spouse gift. You will have to present the spouse gift without fail. This gift enhances the jubilant mood of the guests and others to a great extent, The spouse gifts have to be chosen with great care to give full satisfaction. So, you can consult an expert that fulfills your demand to the core. An attractive and beautiful spouse gift makes your day so strong.

Parents gift – Respecting the bride and groom’s parents on the day of the wedding is of utmost vital to all couples. So, extensive care is given to select the parent’s gift without any deviation. The gift must choose the demand and expectations of the parents. The gifts must be respectful and adore the event. You can give much importance to these gifts when you prepare for the wedding. Include some gift names in the list because you can save time for thinking about the gifts too much.

Flower girl gifts – It is also a glorious feature and so you can include the task in your checklist to present gifts to flower gifts. Think wisely when you choose the gifts for these girls. The flower gifts may enlighten the spirit of girls on the wedding day.

Hotel for your guests

Yet a massive task which you will have to perform is arranging hotel rooms for your guests. Yes, some of your guests may come from a long distance so they require room to take rest and prepare themselves for the wedding occasion. You will have to book hotel rooms for this task to your guest’s comfort and happiness. A quality room with all facilities is essential to your wedding guests. Include the task in your checklist from not missing.

Budget wedding tip

Are you planning to conduct a budget wedding event without hurting your fingers? If so, you can prepare some ideas to fulfill the demand in an excellent way.

Some of the well-versed ideas for your budget wedding are

1. Book honeymoon and travels well ahead of the wedding day to avoid excess money from paying. It saves you cost to a great extent.

2. Buy wedding items for bride and groom in an open market. Never step into the fancy stores where you get the items at a costlier price than the open market. Make a list of items that are required for marriage and the same are bought at the wholesale price in the market.

3. Food and drinks bulk – When you order drinks and food for the wedding day, place a bulk order where you get it for a cheaper price. Never place an order with different vendors for food and drink items.

4. Catch hold of promotions and coupons – You can use the promotional offers and coupons available to buy various items. These features save your money from being spent unnecessarily. You can save a lot of money this way.

5. Make use of the discount option – When you buy items at different shops, ask them to offer you a discount on the products. This may save your money a little.

6. Choose a moderate wedding venue.

7. Print wedding cards simple and pleasant.

8. Trim down the number of guests that attend the event.

I think we have covered every base to ensure that your wedding is perfectly romantic. If you’ve got something to add to make the wedding more interesting, I would appreciate it a lot. There is so much going on during the wedding’s preparation, any inputs that come from you would be highly esteemed and valued. How about you? When are you going to tie the knot?

If you finally decide to start a new journey in life. My store is open and please choose the items that would make your dream wedding a reality.

Checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding
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