Fall Wedding Ideas On a Budget – 10 Budget Friendly Ideas

Are you searching for fall wedding ideas on a budget? Look no further! Autumn is a great time for weddings, and you want your wedding to be unique on this beautiful day. First, a fall wedding has many advantages, which is why many people choose to have a wedding during the fall months. However, in addition to this, there are disadvantages in the form of bad weather. But, despite this, a wedding in the fall can be fabulously beautiful. Here are the ten ideas for fall wedding ideas on a budget that will help you with this.

Fall Wedding Ideas On a Budget
Fall Wedding Ideas On a Budget

Beautiful table decoration

The wedding table should have autumn vegetables and fruits, which also act as decorations in autumn. In addition, you can decorate the festive table with the help of autumn plants and compositions of dried flowers and leaves. Pumpkins and apples are genuine symbols of the autumn months, so they can be safely used in the original design of the tables.

Original cake with autumn notes

A wedding cake is a must, but although it is an essential tasty element of any holiday, it has become familiar, despite the various design options. Therefore, you need to order an original cake and add autumn notes to it, emphasizing all the advantages of autumn.

Autumn arch

Autumn wedding arch can be made using fallen leaves. But this idea is most suitable for on-site registration. Leaves can decorate not only the arch but also the path that leads to it.

Autumn accessories

Try to use as many details that symbolize autumn as possible in the room’s design. Autumn accessories can be used by a bride, groom, or friends as one option. Wreaths of dry leaves, various berries, and wheat spikelets will look beautiful on the bridesmaids. By the same principle, you can arrange postcards for invitations to the wedding. A couple of autumn leaves or other accessories will immediately let guests know your event will be unique.

Wish books

Wish books at an autumn wedding should absorb autumn notes and fully reflect the features that are characteristic exclusively of the autumn season.

  • A classic wish book with a gold, yellow or reddish cover. Fallen leaves, rowan fruits, pumpkins, autumn flowers, or acorns should be depicted on the cover.
  • Picture in a frame with an autumn landscape on which guests will put their wishes.
  • A frame for wishes, which can be filled with wooden leaves, acorns, and pumpkins, on which the invitees will write their parting words to the newlyweds.
  • Wooden figurine on which guests will write warm words. These can be figures of pumpkins, acorns, maple, and oak leaves.
  • A wooden puzzle in the form of a maple or oak leaf on the pieces of the guests’ wishes will be depicted.
  • Tree poster. Invite guests to leave prints of red and yellow on this tree, which will resemble leaves and create the illusion of an autumn tree.
  • A 3D plywood tree on which guests can hang red and yellow leaves with their wishes.


Candles will perfectly complement the festive atmosphere with their warmth and the beauty of fire. All this will look especially beautiful in the evening. Candles can be placed wherever possible, including they will be perfectly combined on tables with other autumn accessories.

Outdoor wedding banquet

If it is still warm outside, you can take advantage of this and hold a wedding banquet in an open space. However, it is essential to foresee everything. Even if there is no room, it is better to place tents that protect from rain and other weather changes. In addition, tents will harmoniously complement the wedding venue.

Original bouquet

The bride must have a bouquet, but the composition of roses has already become familiar, and every bride wants to be special and unique. In autumn, there is an excellent opportunity to add asters, chrysanthemums, cones, fragrant freesia, sunflowers, and rowan berries to the bouquet. You can compose your composition from various options. The main thing here is originality and beauty.

Umbrella as an addition to the image

An umbrella will be a great addition to the image of the bride. If the bride wants more brightness, you can choose an umbrella, not white, but some bright shade. At the same time, it should be combined with the bride’s image. If it suddenly rains, the bride can keep her hair, so an umbrella in the autumn is not just an accessory but also absolute protection from the rain.

Themed wedding

This item is suitable in autumn and at any other time of the year. However, it is in autumn that a themed wedding can be more memorable because autumn is lovely with its landscape, and a themed wedding will be just right. For a themed wedding, it is essential to choose a theme both the bride and groom like. Then you must warn the guests to dress in those costumes that will match your chosen theme.

Unusual wedding dress

You should consider a unique wedding dress to stand out from other brides. This is not necessarily a different color. You can just choose an unusual style. For example, a long dress in autumn, especially in the later months, can be a hassle because it can get dirty. Therefore, the ideal solution is a short wedding dress. You can afford any options if you are confident and have a beautiful figure. You can even move away from the classics and choose a dress in other shades.

Using any proposed options, you can add a personality to your wedding that you and your guests will remember. It is only essential to consider that everything new you bring to your holiday combines and harmoniously fits into your celebration.

Pros and cons of fall wedding

Autumn weddings are full of warmth and comfort. Nature is painted with an incredible palette that will become a natural decoration for your holiday. This enchanting time of the year brings many seasonal fruits and vegetables and magical flowers that can be safely used in the menu and decor. Sweet tables can be replaced with homemade pies and fruit tables, and yellowed leaves and gifts of nature can be used instead of flowers in the decor.

An autumn wedding is a very emotional holiday, which nature itself helps to create. But autumn can “please” couples not only with warm sunsets and bright colors but also with prolonged rains or even the first snow. That is why, when planning an autumn wedding, it is necessary to consider all the possible vagaries of the weather.

The site for the ceremony should be selected, taking into account all these nuances. If your dream is an outdoor wedding and an outdoor ceremony, it is a must to provide a backup option in case of rain: it can be an outdoor awning, covered verandas, umbrellas, and raincoats for guests. The most advantageous option is a semi-open restaurant hall, studio, or loft with large windows and a charming landscape in the background.

For a warm autumn ceremony, choose an original site: it can be an old manor or a hall with a fireplace. For a banquet or a buffet table, it is better to look for cozy restaurants with a beautiful interior or spacious cottages in the middle of the forest. Pay special attention to details – umbrellas and blankets for guests, change of shoes for walking, tents, and other protection for all areas of the wedding evening.

The look of the bride and groom

Light and flying sleeveless dresses are being replaced by more closed dresses of a complex and unusual design, made of denser materials. Lace dresses with sleeves will look lovely: long, “bat,” 3/4. Inserts made of felt and even thin felt will make the dress so that it will be impossible to take your eyes off it.

Instead of a long train, choose an elegant original finish on the bottom of the dress: after all, for wet autumn weather, a train is not the most practical option (except for a wedding that takes place entirely indoors). If dreams of a light, flying, airy dress haunt you, then take care to warm up. Fortunately, autumn accessories for brides are now so diverse!

It can be a cardigan with lace trim or embroidery, a light coat, a jacket, or a knitted sweater. You can choose a poncho or a warm flannel shirt if style allows. Give a twist to your look, but don’t weigh it down with fur or overly “winter” outerwear. Autumn is the time for the most unusual shoes: rubber boots, ankle boots, or bright-colored suede shoes are a great accent even in the most conservative look.

Autumn is created for men who love vintage style and non-classical options for looks: warm vests and jackets made of dense fabrics, plain or plaid, cute patterned shirts, sweaters and cardigans, coats, colored chinos, and, of course, hats.

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Fall Wedding Ideas On a Budget – 10 Budget Friendly Ideas
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