Goth Wedding

Covering all aspects of your wedding day, it’s clear that the artistic influence should start to take form before invitations are sent out. The goth couple needs to decide what kind of ceremony they want, whether legal or not.

Goth weddings can be just as traditional and formal as any other type, emphasizing personal touches and a seductive atmosphere.

Goth Wedding
Goth Wedding

A gothic wedding often leans heavily on darker themes for inspiration: we’re talking skulls, bats, and creepy crawlies all over the place! Another staple for goths is black lace – again leaning more towards ‘ethereal’ than ‘victorian burlesque.’ Rather than being macabre in intent, though, it’s something more along the lines of enchanting and fascinating.

Instead of bouquets, it’s common for goth brides to carry parasols on their big day. All kinds of fascination, including phallic imagery, can work well in male designs, while some opt for more traditional floral displays with a twist. Coffin-shaped wedding cakes are all the rage, especially personalized ones to reflect the couple’s interests and hobbies. The candles on each tier should be either black or white, depending on the bride’s preference.

“For many of us, it is not just about being goth but about being true to ourselves.” Couples must do what feels right – even if they don’t fit into exact ‘goth’ stereotypes. Attempting to define someone according to one particular subculture is foolish. Goth weddings are not so different from others in terms of the principles behind the – two people are about to get married and want to celebrate their love with their family and friends.

Goth weddings are no different from any other, except for the decorations, including dark colors like black, purple, or red. What to wear? You can choose anything from lace dresses to tuxedos. Some couples prefer black wedding rings.

The most important thing at this type of wedding is making sure you have enough room to dance.

Invitation cards for a goth wedding?

Invitations are the first step to any wedding. Some soon-to-be-married couples can get caught up in all of the fun and excitement of planning their special day but fail to remember that it’s important to notify their guests about where they’re registered when the ceremony will take place, and what size apparel is expected.

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People often forget that different cultures have varying traditions, and many people from differing backgrounds may want to be included in such a joyous occasion. However, there aren’t any hard and fast rules for wedding invitations. You can choose how formal or informal you wish them to be. Usually, most brides prefer to keep it simple with just a printed card with details on where and when the wedding takes place instead of going down the route of expensive professionally designed wedding invitations.

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You can choose to make your invitations, perhaps using a standard card with details written on them or even print out ones you find on the internet. However long you take to decide how formal or informal your invitation is, try not to leave guests waiting until the last minute for an invitation as this just causes confusion and disappointment. If it’s possible, invite people at least two months before. It may be that you can’t have a sit-down meal on your special day, but if possible, give everyone some kind of buffet so that there are no complaints about missing out on food later.

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Goths are very creative people, so this is not the case here. The invitations can be made from black paper or any other dark color; think back to your teenage emo days, generally keeping all attention away from the traditional get-ups. If you’re creative, then anything goes

Goth wedding dress

Gothic Wedding Dresses are Wedding dresses for goths are very similar to wedding dresses as a whole; it all depends on which style you want to go for and where the event will take place. In general, bridesmaids will have black dresses, of course, but the bride can have a more normal-looking white or even ivory dress if she feels like it’s necessary. However, the most important thing here is that the outfits don’t clash with the theme of your invitations! If they’re all black, then choose a white dress or vice versa! No matter what, you’ll look really good.

What is the groom wearing for a goth wedding?

The groom usually has more freedom in his clothing choices so he can be creative! If you’re still unsure about what your venue is like, don’t worry too much; just ask the owner what sort of themes they’d prefer. No matter which style you go for, it will always look good because goth is all about looking dark and mysterious anyway. But remember, if there are flowers involved with your wedding invitations, then your dress should not have any either!

What do you eat?

Luckily this can easily be applied to weddings where goth guests are invited too. Generally, anything goes, but the focus shouldn’t be on food that emits strong odors since they’ll probably clash with everyone’s outfits. Apart from vegan food, there are vegetarian options, or simply ask your guests to bring their food if they feel like cooking. The most important thing is that it has nothing in common with what people serve at weddings normally!

Suitable wedding gifts (goth style)

A gothic wedding is a perfect opportunity for guests to show how creative they can be, especially when giving gifts. Here are some examples of the gifts:

Gothic bridal shoes

Wedding shoes are also an excellent gift. There are many beautiful gothic-inspired shoes available for the bride to be on sites like Etsy or eBay, and you’ll find that there is plenty of choices out there, and you can even get them custom-made if needed. Also, make sure you check sizing before ordering.

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Wedding jewelry/watches

This one may sound strange, but some couples who are getting married like to stick with certain wedding themes throughout their entire wedding day (for example, having themed ties on their groomsmen, etc.), so why not get them a nice watch or piece of gemstone jewelry which matches the theme. This makes it more personalized, and they can wear it for years later.

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A timeless piece of art

Art is a very good gift for any couple who cares about their house decor, or if you are close friends with them, then something like a framed photograph of them together during happier times would be nice. Again, this is another way to show that you know the person well enough to not just pick up something on the high street which will stop being relevant in months. Also, many websites have custom frames available, which you can use to frame your chosen artwork/photograph to look even more unique.

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What is a goth wedding?

A goth wedding is like any other wedding in the sense that it requires you to follow certain rules when planning your big day, but to make it special, you’ll need to do something completely different than what all your friends are expecting.

The gothic theme offers a great opportunity for this, especially since it’s not mainstream, so embrace your inner creative side and let out some artistic flare when it comes to jewelry, clothes, and gothic wedding makeup.

The bride is usually dressed in black with some leather elements and silver jewelry. For the most part, she wears black heels, and her hair is likely dark and wavy. The groom usually has short hair or has his head shaved. He will wear all black, sometimes opting for formal or more casual such as a tuxedo with ruffles on the shirt. If there is no wedding party, then they’ll just be wearing whatever they want to wear.

What does the bridemaids wear on a gotich wedding?

The rest of the guests will also be dressed in black, but depending on their role (such as bridesmaids), they may be wearing cocktail dresses or other outfits that are not strictly gothic.

Sometimes people opt for formal or semi-formal dress codes too. Everyone wears mostly dark colors, and there might even be a few bat decorations like batwing headbands, bat earrings, etc.

What about the wedding party?

Before the ceremony begins, guests will probably mill about, waiting for things to start – this is where networking between friends can occur. There could be drinks served at this time, too, if it’s during the daytime or nighttime snacks if it’s later.

When everyone has gathered inside, there could be some classic gothic music playing or the actual wedding band. Most goths favor a live band because when you have a live band, not only can they play what they want (which is usually their signature sound), but it also makes your wedding unique – and this is what goths like to do.

If you prefer more classic rock/metal songs instead of living bands, then maybe opt for some mood music in the background rather than having no music at all. This gives people something to listen to and talk about if the conversation seems slow, and it doesn’t matter if everyone knows the songs or not.

The ceremony itself could vary depending on how religious the couple is, but essentially someone will start with a speech about how lovely it is that everyone came to share on their special day. The bride and groom may have written some vows for themselves, so they will read these out if they did. Don’t forget to mention your partner’s name too! This is a big goth tradition because it allows the couple to show how much they love each other by frequently mentioning the person’s name throughout their speech of love.

The altar usually has at least two chairs facing one another with a beautiful cloth over the top – perhaps with batwing motifs or roses on it. There can also be candles everywhere and an altar where people exchange rings (both the bride and groom wear them); if there is no veil, it could be something like a shawl draped across the bride’s shoulders.

When the ceremony is over, you can either invite people to stay for a meal, or everyone can head out right after and just meet up somewhere else for lunch/dinner, etc. If the ceremony has taken place in someone’s home, there will probably be snacks and drinks outside of the building, so no one goes hungry.

After this phase of your life you can all go out and party together – because at weddings goths love to dance! It doesn’t matter if it’s not your kind of usually dancing, as long as you’re having fun, that’s all that matters.

What does a goth wedding look like?

Most goth weddings don’t involve flowers and white dresses; instead, they’re an artistic explosion of creativity using dark colors such as black and red. A goth wedding can range in many different ways from that of a non-goth wedding. There are no rules to what type of celebration it will be; the only thing you need to know is that if one half of the couple is not a goth, but their other half is, they will probably have two weddings.

A non-goth wedding follows everyday traditions and usually sees couples dress up in suits or dresses for their big day. Most people probably would want their guests dressed smartly too to stay in line with tradition. But this is not always true, and there are plenty of people who don’t care about conformity and just wear whatever they want regardless.

Goths aren’t really into traditional things, though, so you could see them dressed outrageously for no reason other than they want to. The guests’ dress code is up to the couple, so you could see both fancy dress and everyday attire in one place if everyone agrees with it.

Well, there are many different types of goths all hanging out together, so it’s hard to say exactly. But here are some examples:

  • Goths are enjoying themselves dancing away to dark music at dawn.
  • Goths are getting married in a graveyard.
  • Gothic cathedrals decorated with skulls, ravens, and crosses give it that eerie touch.
  • Goth wedding cakes with skull decorations and black icing.
  • There’s even the option of having your pet dogs turn up wearing gothic accessories!

Goth weddings are not limited by tradition or societal expectations. They can do whatever they want because they’re free spirits who live outside the box and inside their caskets.

What do you wear to a gothic wedding?

Think of dark colors, black being the most important one. Anything that looks good is usually fine, but certain things can’t go together with goth, such as flowers or pastels; stick to darker versions instead, like deep red roses, for example.

A must-have item for any goth at a wedding is an elegant black hat. These can add style to any outfit and keep you much warmer during cold winter weddings. You may want something less formal, though, if your invite specifies evening attire or cocktail attire. The easiest solution, in this case, is choosing an ankle-length dress with sheer sleeves. This has the effect of making you look like a starry night sky and can be worn with amazingly stylish gothic accessories such as lace gloves, an opulent choker, and the hat mentioned earlier.

Be creative, so you don’t look like anyone else at the wedding and have fun. After all, it’s not every day you get to wear an outfit that makes you so unique!

Remember too that your clothes should suit your personality and lifestyle. Goths tend to be individualists who enjoy being slightly provocative with their style choices, but this doesn’t mean going against what is acceptable in society by wearing something that could cause offense or outrage.

The perfect gothic guest will always avoid anything that would potentially embarrass another guest – because we should always put others before ourselves, which is our number one rule.

7 Ideas That Will Make Your Gothic wedding a Wicked Affair.

A gothic wedding arch is a fantastic way to make your wedding a special day. A Gothic wedding arch can be something many brides choose to add a little magic to their big day. Gothic wedding arches come in all shapes and sizes, from full-sized doorways to tabletop pieces so you are really only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing a Gothic wedding arch for your big day.

7 Ideas for making your Gothic wedding a Wicked affair

1. Set the scene with flowers

Flowers have been used at weddings for centuries and they still remain very popular today. They represent the fragility of love that despite our human frailties two people find hatred enough together and through this make something beautiful together. Flowers are also a great way to get your Gothic wedding arch to blend into your decor. Roses and carnations are always popular choices for bridal bouquets, as they come in a variety of colors and smells such as rose water & vanilla oil. They also come in many different shapes such as peonies and camellias which make them the perfect choice for Gothic weddings. To have the best quality flowers, make sure that you buy from

2. Add some magic with candles

Candles can cast an enchanting glow over your Gothic wedding arch and really set the mood on your big day. There’s something very romantic (and somewhat spooky) about candles that makes them a great addition to any Gothic-themed wedding arch or ceremony area. We particularly love LED lights for candle holders as not only do they give off a warm light that is safe for all ages, but they also turn a traditional wedding arch into a spectacular showpiece. Buy your candles from Amazon

3. Add some crystals to your Gothic themed wedding

Crystals have been used in jewelry and decoration throughout history because of their beauty and power over the elements. Nowadays we still think that crystals have a mystical quality about them, especially when used in macrame form, so why not add this special touch to your Gothic wedding arch? Crystals are particularly good for adding sparkle to any Gothic ceremonial setting or macrame backdrop for reception photos. You can even go so far as having an entire Gothic Wedding arch made from macrame with a crystal centerpiece, a very popular choice in our experience at Absolute Black.

4. Invitations and Paper goods

There’s something about the Gothic period and all of its mystery and intrigue that lends itself perfectly to paper goods. Using papers in pastel colors like pink and purple, along with ink in shimmering silver or gold is a great way to add some subtle romantic touches to your big day. Cards can be decorated with lace trims, pearl embellishments or even natural elements such as vines and leaves for another look rich in nature (perfect for the outdoors!). Add some finishing touches like stickers with wax seals or even curlicues which can be both beautiful and fun. Try using ripped edges to give it an old-world feel.

5. Decorate your cake

Your wedding cake should be as special as you are and there are many ways to make this happen. For example, highlight the cake with macrame bows or even crystals adding sparkle. You can also try having lace placed around your Gothic wedding arch or cake table for a more romantic look.

6. The little things

Your guests will appreciate many little touches here and there to tie in your theme beautifully. Try decorating escort card tables with beautiful ribbons & bows tied along the front edge of the table (perfect for an outdoor ceremony). These can be adorned with flowers, crystals, macrame, anything really to suit your theme perfectly! Another great idea is using banners throughout the venue like at the bar or dessert buffet area that reads “More Gothic than Candy Crush”. This is just another way to unify your theme throughout the venue.

7. Props

Another great way to bring in some elements of the Gothic era is with unique props like candles, skulls, macrame chandeliers & black vines. Just remember that you want to keep these accents subtle so don’t overdo it! Other ideas include dark-colored linens and table runners that are edged or adorned with lace or other embellishments (white goes well here because it’s easy to add your touch too). You can also try having a “spirit bar” which will create a playful place for guests to gather during cocktail hour or even after dinner while they wait for dancing or speeches at your reception. What about adding signs around the area reading “The Spirits are Calling” or trying a chalkboard with a funny quote like “Only the victims can see the ghosts”. These small details will add up to make your Gothic wedding truly spectacular!

How can I be unique?

Being one of a kind is really easy at Absolute Black. We have so many accessories to choose from, that there is no need to worry about being too plain or simple. Try using our macrame and crystals in your wedding arch and you’ll see what we mean!

What colors go well with Gothic?

There is no set color for Gothic, but we do suggest staying within the darker spectrum such as reds, blacks, purples, and golds. This will give it a more intimate feeling with just enough glitz & glam!

How can I unify my theme?

You can definitely use the same elements throughout your venue such as using macrame and crystals in your cake, wedding arch, and maybe even for a backdrop at your reception (a very popular choice these days). Also, try using lace to decorate escort card tables. You can also add a sign above where guests will enter with something like: “The Gates of Heaven: Walkthrough me”. How clever eh?!

Where do I buy my Gothic wedding supplies? is a great place to start. Just search for Gothic wedding supplies and you’ll be amazed at all the items they offer! You will never go wrong with Amazon and you’ll be able to find pretty much anything right at your fingertips.

Remember that with Gothic weddings it’s all about the romance, so feel free to add in some playful accents like using candles and skulls. Either way, you’ll have the wedding of your dreams-that is if you can escape from this dazzling world for long enough to get married!

Where do Goths get married?

Goths can get married at churches, halls, and even outdoors if the weather is nice enough. There aren’t any places that goths can’t just because they’re different; it’s more about finding a good location than anything else.

Of course, there are always some things to keep in mind, such as not having people dress up in pastels or flowers, but otherwise, you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable! You don’t need to stick with one location either; make sure the camera crew captures everything from your church ceremony (if you choose one) to the dancefloor when partying later on!

A wedding video should be like a documentary showing every important step in your life to film everything gothic style.


And that’s it; you’re all set to plan your goth wedding. The keyword here is creativity because goth weddings are not very mainstream, so anything goes as long as it looks good, don’t be afraid to get artistic about the whole thing, especially with the way you dress!

If you’ve followed our guide above, your guests should all have something to talk about for years after your special day has passed, so make sure they remember by making everything black and dark red to avoid clashes between elements of different themes. It may seem difficult at first, but once you get into the swing of things, everything becomes easier and easier – just have fun with it since that’s what being a goth bride or groom is all about!

Goth Wedding

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