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Groomsmen Proposal

Groomsmen Proposal

Groomsmen Proposal, what is that? Wedding day is a very special day to the bride and groom who will soon be united as one as husband and wife. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience wherein you will hear the phrase “Yes I do” from both lovers to signify their love for each other.

Groomsmen Proposal
Groomsmen Proposal – what is that?

A friend of mine described his wedding like this.

I got married last November 17, 2018, and it was an unforgettable lifetime experienced. We did not hire a wedding planner because my wife and I knew that we can do it even if we were so busy at work at that time as teachers. We were the ones who encoded and made a design on our wedding invitation card and program as well as with the wedding souvenirs. We had pre-nuptial photo shots in an old church, school, park, and a nearby beach resort. Royal blue was the wedding theme color and we all rented the gowns of those people involved in the wedding entourage. We hired make-up artists and flower arrangers to make the church and reception look elegant and beautiful. It was a tiring day but after the wedding program and ceremonials, we were so happy and it was fulfilling.

I proposed to my wife, not the traditional one like having a serenade in the girl’s house. I put the engagement ring inside a delivery box and I asked someone who acted as the delivery boy to give the box to her. Then I went to her classroom since we were at work at that time and told her everything that I felt. She was surprised and she cried when I proposed. When I asked her about marrying me, she 100% said yes.

Proposals must be genuine or authentic so that your partner will heartily feel that you are sincere and your love for him/her is for a lifetime.

I think that having a groomsmen proposal is also very important. It is not common in our tradition to have that kind of proposal. But I think it is also important to have a real groomsmen’s proposal. One way to propose is to give them a special gift. It doesn’t have to be a costly gift. They will probably say yes if you have a formal groomsmen proposal. It is important to ask them personally if they are willing (and available during your wedding day). The groomsmen will support and help you with the preparations for your special day, and even after the wedding.

As a token of your appreciation for their support and help maybe you can give them wedding souvenirs. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but small affordable things they receive as a token of remembrance of your wedding. You probably are on a financial budget at that time and have to prioritize what is important. But, if you can afford it I am sure these special items will be great gifts for your groomsmen.

Gifts for your groomsmen proposal

The following mentioned items below are the things I would consider buying for your groomsmen proposal or as a special thank you gift after the wedding. These gifts are affordable and really nice to recive.

Personalized beer mugs

Allow me to share this gift and I will provide the link for you to check on it. If you have the budget, a personalized beer mug is a recommendable gift for our groomsmen. I am sure that most of your groomsmen are hard liquor drinkers but based on my experienced, almost all men are liquor drinkers whether it is soft or hard. A Hamilton Personalized Beer Mug worth $21.95 is good for them and I’m sure they will appreciate it. They will use it especially when they will have drinking sessions with their circle of friends or even during special family occasions.

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All men want to look good, fresh, and fragrant when they are at work or shopping inside the mall. Perfumes are on their top list and I knew some men spent their money on buying extravagant perfumes. You may try buying this perfume as a gift and token of appreciation for your groomsmen like this Antonio Banderas Perfume – The Icon-Fau de Toilette Spray for Men, Amber Woody, Sandalwood Fragrance-1.7 Fl. Oz. Or you may try this Guess perfume by Parlux Fragrances for men worth $21.38.

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Aside from giving a personalized beer mug or perfume, you can also choose a wallet as a token for them. Wallets are useful for men especially those wallets wherein we can put our credit and debit cards. There are important receipts or small bills we need to keep and we can put those important documents inside our wallets. Some of us prefer to have cash like bills than having credit cards, so a secure and durable wallet is necessary for men to have. When we do not have wallets, some items we put inside our shorts or long pants might be lost like what I normally experienced. There are small bills I put inside my pocket and when I pull out my mobile phone or hanky from my pocket, some bills were not noticed and it fell somewhere. So these are some useful wallets I searched on the amazon website like a Genuine Leather wallet for men worth $17.99. If your money is limited, you can also choose this small one, Buffway Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets for men and the price is only $12.99. This is a good one for your credit cards.

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Another on my buying list is handkerchiefs. These hankies are normally present in men’s shorts or pants aside from having wallets. We need hankies especially when we are at work. Handkerchiefs are also affordable, so it won’t be costly on your end especially if you have many groomsmen. Try this Sweat Absorbing handkerchiefs – Sport Microfiber for Wicking Sweat from hands, face, body (5 pack), and the price is only $14.99

There are different colors you can choose from but I prefer to choose blue or dark colors.

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The groomsman proposal

The success of the groomsmen proposal depends on your personal approach. You need to humbly ask for their approval to win their hearts. Without groomsmen, your wedding ceremony is not complete.

Do them a favor by choosing one of those gifts mentioned and personally give it to them. To be part of someone’s wedding as a groomsman is an opportunity and honor to be chosen among others. Some would easily accept the offer but some would think it twice or thrice if they are willing to be one.

How to ask your friend to be your groomsen?

Simplicity and originality will matter as well, so if you cannot buy those things, why not just give them an appreciation card with some art designs of yours especially if you have that kind of talent. Or you can make a creative do-it-yourself wedding souvenir for them.

Choose your groomsmen well, those groomsmen who can be trusted and helpful not just on the day of your wedding but for the rest of your life as a couple. According to a famous quotation, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. So, if you are going to have your groomsmen proposal, you can invite them on a dinner date or you can prepare dinner and just invite them to be with you inside your house so you can have ample time talking with them.

Whatever strategy you are going to make, just be real and direct to the point. I know you can make it. I hope that after your wedding day, the role of your groomsmen will never change because groomsmen are not just for weddings but they will serve as your circle of friends for you to have someone when you need to rely on. They are like brothers who will cheer you up when you are down and who will give advice when you need it.

I know you are also excited to experience that big day of your life. We are still in the pandemic, so large gatherings are still not allowed. You are thinking of those people whom you will invite. Your immediate family from both sides and your closest friends are the special guests who need to be there to witness that special event of your life. Don’t be stressed with your budget. I know both of you and your partner will be able to manage it. Don’t think too much about the meal you will prepare for all of your guests, for you not to be stressed. I want you to enjoy your remaining days as a single individual. You will be having a different stage in your life after your wedding, so enjoy the present days.

You will be with your husband or wife for the rest of your life soon.

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Groomsmen Proposal
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