What Is A Hen Party? How Do You Arrange It?

A hen night or bachelorette party (US) is a gathering for the soon-to-be bride. Hen night is the term used in UK, Australia, and Ireland. They give this celebration to the woman to symbolize the end of her freedom to party, enjoy with friends, or her last bid for the life she was used to. This is just a classic notion cause her freedom to enjoy with her friends doesn’t end when she marries, although her priority will shift once she gets married.

Hen Party
Who arranges the Hen Party?

She is still allowed to do what she enjoys doing and she can still party with her friends, but it may be in moderation and not as often.

Who arranges the Hen Party?

The Maid of Honor and the chief bridesmaid usually organize a hen party. They will collaborate to plan for the hen party. Sometimes the bride will also be in on the planning since she may have different sets of friends and must input on who she wants to be there for the party.

Sometimes it is also the Mother of the Bride who can help arrange a hen party for her daughter. Some mom is more adept in planning parties, and since she knows the people who count and need to be there for the celebration, she is the next go-to person to arrange a perfect hen party. Some mothers are more up to the challenge than others.

The bride may also arrange and plan for her own hen party. She may take charge and ask the help of her closest friend for the planning. She will delegate, and she has control over the party planning.

When brides arrange the hen party, surprises may be nil cause she’s taking care of the details, and she has knowledge of every activity that will happen during the celebration.

At some point, her close friends may also think of ways to surprise her with naughty activities during the party if they know the bride is up for it.

When a bride plans her hen party, it may be too much for the bride since she’s already looking after the wedding preparations. It may be stressful to organize a hen party herself cause she will check the schedules of her friends and those she wants to invite for the party, and this alone is taxing.

The disadvantage is that the bride will not have much fun with the hen party since she knows the activities from A to Z. There will be no surprises ahead for her. If her friends will chip in and get entertainment to make the party lively, then that is beneficial for the bride’s hen party.

How do you arrange a hen party?

Organizing a hen party may be a simple feat for some, but first-timers who need to arrange a hen party for their friend may find it a daunting task. But there are steps on how to plan a hen party and some things you need to consider.

Make the List

You need to know who will be at the party. The bride will fill you in on who she wants to attend. You must invite all the important people in her life and those that mean a lot to the bride. Ask for the bride’s preference if she wants to have the party for a day or two, and if she prefers to go out of the town or just stay at a hotel to celebrate.


You should know how much you can only shell out. From there, you can list down the activities that your money can afford. You can ask for help from other close friends of the bride or those included in the bride’s entourage (they are often the closest to the bride).

Do not overspend, or go overboard with your spending, leaving you with lots of debts after.

What you can do is to have a specific budget for each guest cause you need to spend not just on food but also on accommodation, accessories, activities, transport, and drinks.

Know what you need to book so you can start contacting a business for the price or quotations. If there are group discounts or companies, that will provide you with a special price.

Also, ensure that you get the nod of the gang if they are paying for themselves, and from there, you’ll know what you need to cover yourself.

Remember to collect the funds before the date of the hen party. Do not give yourself a headache by asking for the money when it is due.

Meet Up

It is important to reach out to the people who will help with the hen party. Things have to be discussed, such as who will be in charge of things and who will look after another. Delegation is the key to making it a success, and cooperation is crucial.

This is important mainly if there are many guests on the list and the Maid of Honor cannot do everything herself.

Make sure that you email each other for developments on the party planning.

Time to Let the Guests Know

This is the time to let the guests know about the hen party plan. The date when and how much it may cost. Let the guest know that the cost may vary, so they have to be ready.

The hen party theme is also discussed so they are aware of the things they will need on the day, and to help them decide whether they can attend.

You should receive replies to your email, and from there you will know how many guests you are looking into, and you’ll have the final attendees.

Once you have all the nods, you need to inform them you will need to collect the money soon so you won’t have problems collecting money on the day of the celebration.

If any guests have given their yes to attend, just let them know they need to be there on the day. You cannot afford to pay for the guest who said yes to the party only to be missing in action on the day of the party.

Book and Start Working

With the rest of the party planners, start booking. Location, hen party suppliers, and hen party entertainment. There are hen party companies you can use to source your accommodation, food, drinks, and accessories.

The accommodation is important, and this needs to be sorted out immediately. The guest will need transportation, so inform them if they need to arrange for their transport to the location.

When the hen party is an out of town or away from the home celebration, accommodation is crucial. Most hen party houses are not cheap and will eat up an enormous amount of the budget. Check each progress off your list.

Decors and Accessories

To make the hen party more fun, spending a bit on the decors and accessories is not a bad idea. As long as you don’t spend too much on this one, your budget is safe.

If you need to have a theme or the bride has any color preference on the day. She may like everything pink, yellow or she may also like to follow the wedding theme if it is green or pastel colors. This way, you will have many options for the decors you will pick.

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If you are on a budget but want to have the best and find the perfect hen party accessories, these are the materials to make the party unique.

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Games and activities

Before you decide which game should be included in your party, check the guest list if there are people who will not be as open to the games you have in mind. It should be appropriate for every guest, or all the guests must have an open mind to try playing the game.

There are hen party games you can check online, but you need to also ask the instruction of the bride for this game. She may have a better idea about this one.

Activities for the hen party may include photo shoots, dancing, entertainment, even to the simplest making arts and crafts, beauty treats, and stuff.

Unique hen party ideas such as

  • Pottery Making
  • Yoga Retreat
  • Formal dinner and a night of fun drinking
  • Pajama Party
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Playboy Bunnies
  • Life Drawing Hen Party
  • Dream boys Show


You should not just check drinks off your list after you have planned what to drink at the party, but the most important is having something to eat on the day. The bride may also have some input about what she would like to have on the day or a buffet at the ready or just snacks and some finger foods.

Although in most hen party there is an array of food ready for the guests. In this planning, it is also crucial to learn about any food that should not be on the list, for the guests who have foods they need to avoid.


If you think this is important, then add this to your list. Have some songs at the ready for playing on the day. The bride may have some music preference, or the guest has one or two they want to hear on the day. It will help each of the guests to relax once they arrived at the location.

You can create a playlist of the songs for the day, each guest must also have one or two inputs.

The Final Details

This is when you will send out the last details to your guests. Let the attendees know about the date, time, and location. If you need them to bring anything in particular that will be used on the day, this is also the right time to remind them.

If the hen party is a surprise, this is also the time to let them know about it, so they can keep the secret to themselves.

It is also the best time to respond to some questions of the attendees, and if they need to clarify something with you.

Last-minute check

Before the day of the party, make sure that you have contacted the location or the accommodations, entertainment, or food packages on the day. You also need to confirm all the other extras, if any. Always see your checklist, as it will remind you of what you have accomplished and what you need to cross out.

Attire and Theme for the Hen Party

Hippy – the girls can dress up with a dress with a big flower design outfit, use a yoga headband, silver bracelets, and other accessories are also crucial.

Victoria’s Secret Getup – Using an outfit with a pair of wings or it can be something sexy. It is the best attire, if indoors or when it is an exclusive yet fun celebration with all the girls.

Disney Theme – Each of you can arrive by wearing a princess theme, although this is a bit elaborate, it will surely be a night or day to remember. Taking your photos in your best outfit will elicit some laughter, and the photos will remind you of the wonderful party.

Barbie Theme – There are many barbie costumes, and you need to choose one that will fit you perfectly. Each of you can even wear a wig to make it highly realistic.

All White – If the bride is all for it, each can don a very immaculate outfit. It is easy to pick a shirt plus pants to combine. You may also use white accessories to go with it. Don’t forget the white shoes and bag you have there to complete the look.

All Pink – If the bride is a lover of pink color, you may need to pick this garb for her hen party. Everyone has a pink dress or pink shirt, and skirt they can wear to the party and everyone will look lovely wearing pink.

Harry Potter – For a bride who is a Harry Potter fan. Guests can come wearing their Potterhead outfits.

Flower Theme – Hens can arrive wearing a flowery outfit. They can even accessorize with flower earrings, flower headbands, or their flower-inspired necklace.

Vintage – Wear something classic. Bellbottoms, platform shoes, and thick headbands will work for this sort of thing. You will surely step back in time when you arrive at the venue.

Colorful – If the bride is a lover of colorful costumes, this is your chance to wear green pants, an orange top, and your blue shoes. It may not be the best pairing, but you are still wearing your “best color”.

Sports Theme – Want to arrive at the location wearing your cute volleyball player outfit? You can also use the tennis outfit you have, years ago. Any sports attire is ideal for this occasion.

Do you need gifts for the hens during the hen party?

It is common to have something to give to the hens during the hen party. Gift bags may have perfume, scented candles, massage oils, bath salt, robe, mini cameras, bachelorette shirts, rings, or bracelets.

If the hen party is on a budget, they may scrap this part as long as there are photos to keep the memories alive. There is no need for gifts.

What are gifts to give for the bride during the hen party?

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Personalized lingeries

It can be embroidered undies with the “Mrs” lettering in front. It will elicit a laugh from the attendees for sure.

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Skin Care Gift Set

This will help the bride prepare for the big day. This is also perfect during her honeymoon.

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Ring Dish

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Silk Pajamas

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What Is A Hen Party? How Do You Arrange It?
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