How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding?

How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding? A wedding is the most exciting if not the most nerve-wracking moment in anyone’s life. It is what every woman looks forward to, and any couple would be happy if they have the funds to go with their wedding plans. Sometimes the planning may take months or even longer, especially if there is not enough money to finance the wedding. It would be easy for some couples who have it all sorted out and have money in the bank like some millennial couples. If you have been meaning to get wed, but you are having trouble finding that extra cash and have been pondering on the question, How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding? We will discuss ways you can do just that – ask your dad.

Discuss the wedding that you prefer first

Before you approach your father about that funding, you should be able to explain how much you need to make the wedding happen. The money you have at hand, if you will be receiving any money in the future and what kind of wedding you want. Discussing and planning with your partner is the best way to arrive at the main requirement and the celebration you want. The guests will also have a big impact on your budget cause the more there is on the guest list, the more you have to fund your wedding.

Make sure that both of you are on the same page, who will be asking their parents for money and who will not be involving any parent.

Figure out how much money you both have

Some couples may be planning to get married for months, even years, and they may have a hefty amount ready for the wedding, but some are not as ready and need some boost for their budgets. If you have just enough to pay for some of the wedding expenses both of you should be honest and let the others know how much you can only shell out and what are the steps you can do to help with the other fees.

Find the best time to talk to your parents

Do not just blurt out to them that you need extra funds for your wedding, but rather make sure you can provide them with the list of what you can pay for and why you need an extra budget. Some parents are very open-minded about these things, and may even want to spend more than what you are expecting as help. If your dad would oblige and pay for most of the expenses – consider yourself extremely lucky.

Invite them over for dinner or schedule a visit

You may invite your parents for dinner and prepare a delicious meal for them they would appreciate the effort. However, you should let them know beforehand what you want to confer with them and why you are inviting them to dinner. Going to their place is also ideal where you can also discuss the wedding and the expenses where your parents are more relaxed. A restaurant of their preference is also ideal, but since you are saving up money and don’t want to spend more than you should, their home or yours, is the safest place.

Meet your parents for coffee in a relaxing and comfortable environment

There are coffee shops where you can also invite your parents to meet you. Choose a place where all of you can talk quietly and calmly where you can easily discuss with them the plans for your wedding and the estimated budget that you require for such a wedding. Let them know you need some assistance, and their contribution would go a long way in making your wedding possible. If what your parents offer to pay for is what you are expecting, be thankful, if it is below what you need, offer the same gratitude.

Let them know where in the wedding expenses they can contribute

If you need your father or your parents to contribute to something in your wedding, it can be the venue, or pay for the pre-wedding events, let them know instead of letting them give you a hefty amount of cash. Some parents would be happy to know where you will spend their money and how it can help you in your wedding. Be direct as well when you are asking for their contribution so they’ll know they are a big factor in your wedding.

Discuss your wedding plans with your parents and show them how you are budgeting for the wedding

This is a subtle way to let your father know where he can contribute or extend financial help if you have second thoughts about telling them directly. Start the conversation by showing your plans, what you have accomplished so far, what you already paid for, and what things are still required for payment.

Be grateful for any help from your parents, financial or not

Some parents may not be as open to financing the wedding expenses and will help in other ways to show their support. If this is the case, ensure that you still show gratitude and be happy for their contribution. If your parents are open to giving you financial help, then this is something you should be pleased about. Keep your parents informed about the planning process, as well, and let them know their money is well spent.

Some couples are too embarrassed to ask their dad for help and will wait for the offer. This is also acceptable, but it may also give any of your parents an impression that you have everything under control, particularly your wedding budget. It may be awkward to ask your father for the extra wedding budget but remember it is a greater problem if you cannot pursue your plan because you don’t have enough money for the wedding. No one knows your parents better than you and can gauge the best time to talk to them. Recognize if they are the kind of parents who are open to giving financial assistance, whether for a wedding or something else.

How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding?
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