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How do I Braid the hair or style it for a Viking wedding?

The Viking wedding is one that many brides in the modern-day may wish to emulate, though it probably isn’t for everyone. However, Viking weddings are becoming more popular because they allow couples to step out of tradition and do something different, which is perfect if you don’t like the idea of big expectations on your special day. The Viking people are one of the world’s most famous tribes, renowned for their conquest, culture, and incredibly stylish haircuts.

Viking Wedding hairstyles can be very beautiful

What hairstyles did the Vikings have?

45 Maverick Braids, Buns, and Twists Inspired by Vikings

The Viking wedding hairstyles can be as simple or complex as you make them; braids made with synthetic hair range from basic French braiding (also called Dutch braiding) up to elaborate styles involving multiple plaits and braids. Some Vikings choose to wear their hair down in loose curls or waves, while others pull their hair into intricate updos that suit their Viking dress.

Women Vikings are always on the lookout for Viking wedding hairstyles, and Viking wedding dresses, that will make them look beautiful at their wedding ceremony. Sit back and enjoy as we guide you through all of our favorite Viking wedding hairstyles for women! If you happen to be a Viking bride-to-be yourself, then this list is just what you’re looking for!

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When preparing for Viking wedding hairstyles, you should bear in mind the weight of your Viking dress, as sitting down or dancing can pull hair flat/pull braids out. To avoid this, it is necessary to be selective with Viking wedding hairstyles, which means not putting too much hair into each braid and choosing styles that won’t fall apart after ten minutes.

Viking Wedding hairstyles for long and short hair

Long Hair Viking Wedding Hairstyles

If your long hair is not braided yet, now it’s time to do so! Doing your hair in Viking style always adds an epic tone to your appearance, even without a sword or helmet. In particular, braiding makes parts of your hair lift from the roots, which creates great volume and fullness. Add some Viking-themed voodoo pins to hold the braids in place, and you’re ready for vengeance.

Here are some Viking wedding hairstyles that will suit long hair

The Viking vixen braid is great for making a statement. The back part of your hair should be braided loosely, while the front part can be either braided or left free. This Viking wedding hairstyle looks great with Valkyrie wings, Viking helmets, etc.

If you want to look like an epic warrior princess, try braiding all your hair on one side of the head and leaving the rest free. You can choose to pin it up or leave it hanging down – whichever version you pick, it will definitely Viking-fy your valkyrie outfit.

The Viking vixen side braid is a little simpler than the Viking vixen braid. And while it does not make as strong a statement, its simplicity can be very welcome on hot days when you want to look great without feeling uncomfortable in a tight hairstyle. You can add Viking voodoo pins for an even more stylish result! Make one part of your hair into a braid and pin it behind one ear.

Short Hair Viking Wedding Hairstyles

Vikings had short hair back in the day, so if that’s what you’re going for, check out these great Viking wedding hairstyles:

If you want to keep your Valkyrie vamp look Viking voodoo authentic, you may want to shave your head in Viking style. This will definitely be Viking vixen-by any warrior outfit!

Braiding all of your hair on one side is also a Valkyrie vixen option that will let you turn heads no matter what the occasion. Pick the side you want to show most off and braid it halfway down; secure it with Viking voodoo pins. The rest of your hair can be either braided or left loose – each version looks great!

Viking Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Twist Braid

If long hair isn’t for you (or if you need an easy updo), try adding twists into your wedding hairstyle. The Viking vixen twist braid is a great way to Viking your warrior looks for Viking’s vixens who love braids.

Start by making two braids from the front of your hair towards the back. When you’re done, join them in a low ponytail and start twisting each section until you have a twisted rope going down your ponytail. Secure with Viking voodoo pins and add some warrior accessories. It should resemble a Valkyrie voodoo doll.

This hairstyle will definitely Viking any outfit with its epic fullness and volume! If you have thick enough hair, all you’ll need are some Viking-themed voodoo pins. And nothing says “I’m ready for vengeance” like Viking voodoo vixen warrior braids.

The Valkyrie vixen side twist braid is a great way to add volume and Viking’s axis to your warrior outfit. Twist each section from the front of your hair towards the back until you have enough twists for a rope going down the length of your braid. Tie it in a low ponytail and secure it with Viking voodoo pins. You can leave the rest of your hair loose or continue twisting it into another braid – either way; you’ll look fantastic!

Braids made with synthetic hair

Braids made with synthetic hair are perfect Viking wedding hairstyles because they are light, don’t get caught up in Vikings jewels and accessories (or Viking’s long plaits!), and look just like real human hair. This makes them ideal Viking wedding hairstyles because they are low maintenance, easy to wear, safe around Vikings ‘ more Viking-like accessories, and will stand the test of time – not to mention Vikings drink!

If you are looking for Viking wedding hairstyles that are easy to wear but still beautiful, then giving Dutch braids a try is perfect. Someone with even basic braiding skills can complete this simple Viking wedding hairstyle in under an hour. The only drawback is it can take up quite a lot of hair, but this isn’t hard to fix if you have long Viking locks.

The best thing about Viking wedding hairstyles made with synthetic hair is they are available in all colors, textures, and styles, so whatever type of Viking dress you are considering, there’s bound to be Viking wedding hairstyles that suit.

Braided Viking wedding hairstyles

The Valkyrie braids Viking wedding hairstyle.

This brave braided ‘do its name straight from Asgard. Once your hair is properly brushed out and tamed, take three sections across the top of your head (as shown in the Valkyrie above) and braid each of them.

The Viking braided wedding hairstyle

The Viking bride with lustrous locks will enjoy her marriage journey more than ever! To create this Viking braided wedding hairstyle, first, brush your hair into the required shape before taking three even sections on top of your head. Each section is then plaited separately to produce this Viking braided wedding hairstyle.

Valknut Viking wedding hairstyle It’s believed that the valknut has ties with Odin himself, so this Viking wedding hairdo is the perfect complement for the Valkyrie braid style. To create this look, simply use three strands of hair on the side of your face and twist them tightly. Then, secure them in place with Viking-themed clips or bobby pins.

The Viking braided crown Viking wedding hairstyle for the bride who wants to show her wild side this Viking braided crown is just what you’re looking for! Begin by brushing your hair into a high ponytail before taking three medium sections of hair on either side of your head. Secure each section to the top of the ponytail using Viking-themed clips, then plait these sections and neatly tie them up at the end. Whether worn down or tied up, this Viking bridal hairstyle will look great!

Atli Viking wedding hairstyle

This gorgeous style takes its name from one of Odin’s Valkyries, Atli. To create your valkyrie Viking wedding hairdo, simply brush your hair up into a loose high ponytail before braiding the hair at the top of your head. Secure this Viking wedding hairstyle in place using Viking-themed clips or bobby pins for an elegant valkyrie look!

The sparrow Viking hairstyle

Another valkyrie Viking wedding hairstyle is the ‘sparrow.’ This simple yet effective style features two long braids on either side of a middle parting and a small puffball in the front. Secure each section with a band to finish this Viking bridal beauty look!

Thor’s hammer Viking wedding hairstyles

If you’re really looking to have Viking wedding hairstyles that are valkyrie-inspired, then Thor’s hammer Viking hairdo is for you! To achieve this Viking bridal hairstyle, simply twist your hair into two tightly braided cornrows on either side of your head. Secure by winding Viking braid around the base of each section and keep looking Valkyrie fierce!

Best headdresses for Viking weddings

The Vikings had a very specific look. Headdresses were made from the horns of animals and decorated with pendants.

In many Viking weddings, special Viking hairstyles were used. In this article, you will find some Viking-inspired bridal hairstyles but modernized for today’s weddings.

#1: Flower coronet

This is a great Viking-inspired hair accessory to wear for your Viking wedding if you don’t want to go with an animal horn headdress or a Valkyrie headpiece. You can use a plain colored ribbon or go crazy with a patterned one! If you’re having a spring Viking wedding, flowers are definitely in order!

#2: A fishbone tiara

What Viking wedding wouldn’t be complete without some Viking jewelry! This is a super easy Viking bridal hair idea that you can make yourself. You’ll need an old belt of your grandfather’s or something similar of the right size. Just cut it up and tie it into place with a ribbon of your choice to get this Vikingsque style.

#3: A velvet Viking tiara

This Viking wedding hair crown is made from red velvet fabric, but it would also work well with any other color you choose for your special day! The main thing here is to get the horns just right, so if you’re not very good at making things by hand, ask someone else for help.

#4: A Viking Valkyrie headpiece

This Viking wedding hair accessory is a Valkyrie-inspired headpiece made from plastic and decorated with red flowers. It’s perfect if you want to go Vikingsque, but also chic and modern! Of course, the Valkyrie look isn’t just restricted to blonde brides. You can ask for this type of Valkyrie crown in any color you like: silver or gold would look great too! If you’re feeling creative, though, why not try making it yourself? There are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started. This Viking bride has combined her Valkyrie headdress with a laurel hairstyle, which is another option for your wedding day Valkyrie vogue.

#5: A Viking hat designed for your Viking wedding

This Viking headdress is made from real deer antlers and decorated with a vulture on top. It’s perfect if you want to go Vikingsque, but also chic and modern! The best part of this Viking hairstyle is that you can wear it as a piece of jewelry or as an actual Viking hat! You could even wear it without the flowers or different ones if you don’t like what you see in the picture above. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my extensive research about Vikings, it’s that they loved to accessorize! So have fun with your hairpieces and Valkyrie vogue.

#6: A Viking flower crown for your Viking wedding

This Viking wedding hairstyle is a Valkyrie-inspired headpiece made from Viking braids and decorated with flowers. It’s perfect if you want to go Vikingsque, but also chic and modern! I love this Viking bride’s laurel hairstyle combined with her medieval hair accessory, which is another option for your wedding day.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, many hairstyles can work for a Viking bride. If you’re looking to establish your own personal style as well as show off some of the more traditional Scandinavian elements in your wedding day look, then these styles may be perfect for you! Whether you’re a fierce valkyrie bridesmaid or just enjoying some Viking-themed weddings, these Viking wedding hairstyles will be perfect for any occasion. These options should give you plenty of ideas and inspiration when it comes to deciding on a hairstyle both now and going forward. Whether this is your first time getting married or if it’s been years since you’ve thought about what type of hairstyle might work best with your face shape, we hope this list has helped provide some clarity today.

How do I Braid the hair or style it for a Viking wedding?
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