How long do wedding rehearsals take?

The practice of rehearsal on the eve of a wedding is prevalent today. And it still raises more questions than answers “how long do wedding rehearsals take?” To know more, keep reading.

A wedding rehearsal has one goal: everything to go according to plan during the ceremony, without surprises and annoying misunderstandings. If a special scenario is planned for the celebration, it will be useful to plan important moments with the participants in advance.

How long do wedding rehearsals take
How long do wedding rehearsals take

How long do wedding rehearsals take?

The rehearsal is conducted in advance, usually two weeks before the wedding. For the rehearsal itself, you can bring jewelry or accessories for the bride on her wedding day. Accordingly, you need to get everything you need before the rehearsal. Rehearsals usually take longer, often 4-5 hours.

This is necessary so that everyone knows where to stand, where to pass, and when to give a speech on the wedding day. This preparation is especially relevant for witnesses, bridesmaids, and groom friends, who always have many tasks on this day. The rehearsal will help them navigate the holiday scenario.

In addition, the rehearsal allows all the main guests from the bride and groom to get to know each other in advance. This relieves stress and creates a warmer atmosphere at the wedding. Also, rehearsal helps to calm the excitement and future newlyweds. When all things are ready, the couple will not be nervous and will enjoy the wedding to the fullest.

Why wedding rehearsal?

Whether a preliminary rehearsal is required depends on what the wedding will be like. Will it be a classic version or a more like a traditional one? It is good to discuss the timing of the event with the host. Guests shouldn’t know in advance what the toastmaster has prepared for them. Otherwise, the effect of surprise and the feeling of celebration may be ruined.

If an unusual scenario is planned – for example, on-site registration, then it is better to hold a rehearsal with the organizers in advance. This will help avoid awkwardness. After all, the bride and groom may completely forget where to stand and what to say because of the excitement.

It is also necessary to determine in advance how much time to spend on the wedding toasts, food, and entertainment. If necessary, prepare for the musicians’ performance and check the availability of all the necessary equipment. Then the wedding will go smoothly, without awkwardness.

What should you rehearse during the wedding rehearsal?

To make the wedding day go as planned, you need to rehearse the most critical things. This will ensure that everything goes as planned.

First dance

The newlywed dance is a kind of culmination of the gala evening. At this moment, the eyes of all guests will be riveted to the couple. This is the first exit in a new status – a very romantic and touching moment. For a dance to become the embodiment of grace, you need to take time to prepare it; you should not let everything go by itself. Better to resort to the help of a choreographer. Usually, the final rehearsal of the dance takes place just before the wedding.


A wedding photo session plays a huge role in the history of marriage. Often the photographer is booked before the date of the wedding is determined. These shots will be some of the most important in a family album, so it’s worth taking some test shots in advance. It is necessary to discuss all wishes with the photographer and outline a plan of action. He will orientate himself on the spot according to the light, angles, and the most successful locations for shooting. Alternatively, you can arrange the shooting of the love story in advance. This will help the couple “get comfortable” in front of the camera so that later they can take the perfect shots at the wedding.


In the case of on-site marriage registration, the selected location must be prepared in advance. On the day of the rehearsal, you can finalize the final design touches with the organizers and make the final changes. It is good to invite witnesses and some guests.

Registration is one of the most exciting moments of the celebration, so it is important to know where to stand and what speech to deliver clearly. If children participate in the ceremony, they need to explain their roles and clearly show what is required of them – to hold a veil, throw rose petals or carry rings.


Usually, there is a lunch in a close circle for the couple on the day of the rehearsal. This is an excellent opportunity to meet the bride and groom’s guests and a chance to taste the main dishes of the festive menu in advance. Sometimes during lunch, there is a rehearsal of musicians or artists who will perform on the day of the celebration. They need to check the technique in advance to avoid excesses at the most crucial moment.

The bride’s styling

The rehearsal of the wedding look is one of the essential preparation points. To a greater extent, this applies, of course, to the bride. The girls meet in advance with the makeup artist and stylist to create and evaluate the test makeup and hairstyle. This helps to avoid bitter disappointments on the most important day. It is unnecessary to try on the full image with a dress at the rehearsal – it is enough to work out the makeup and test the wedding styling. Plus, the experience will show how long it will take to create the entire look to accommodate the timing of the wedding.

Is it possible to do without rehearsal?

As we said above, a traditional wedding requires almost no rehearsals. You can limit yourself to just trying on a wedding look and a photo session. Simple scripted ceremonies with registration at the registry office are not associated with strict control over time and preparations.

How long do wedding rehearsals take summary

How long do wedding rehearsals take? It mainly depends on the type of wedding. But, it takes like 4-5 hours to ensure that everything goes as planned. Wedding rehearsals are a must, so ensure you rehearse appropriately if you want your wedding to flow smoothly.

How long do wedding rehearsals take?
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