How long does it take to get an engagement ring?

A wedding is an unforgettable proposal for all. The holidays are around the corner and so many couples are busy with their wedding event. They would have chosen the wedding event or venue. They might have been busy inviting friends and relatives. The couples might dream about their future with a lot of plans. Fine, what about their engagement ring? It is an important part of wedding life.

How long does it take to get an engagement ring
How long does it take to get an engagement ring?

A detailed timeline for making an engagement ring

The wedding ring symbolizes the sentiment and love of couples forever. The make of the engagement ring takes some time if you order through a jeweler. You have got two options to get the wedding ring. One is ready-made and the other is to make the order. Many of us are interested in making an engagement ring through a jeweler for an excellent finish and to get to our expectations.

How long time does it take to get an engagement ring

Yes, you are correct, we are going to discuss the wedding ring. You might ask me a question, ” how long does it take to get an engagement ring“. So, we will discuss people who undergo many processes for purchasing a ring. It is not a cup of tea, but a daunting task indeed, for all couples. You cannot finish the process just like that because the ring will be worn each day after marriage.

Some couples have fair expectations of their engagement rings and so they search for a quality and versatile ring. Dreaming about the ring, how it looks like, how it should arrive, are the main expectations of couples.

Ring purchase or ring purchase process

How long does a couple take to buy a ring? The process is lengthy as it involves two minds. So, it may take at least one month to finalize the ring. The process takes research and consultations until the ring is delivered to the couples. Due to the many steps involved in buying a ring, you can plan for the wedding day.

Here are the main steps involved in the travel to get an engagement ring. Time is taken for various processes

1. Timeline for a custom engagement ring

The time taken for research and consultation is one week for the couples. The couples’ first step is to research the ring and also they might consult the professionals. They may get ideas about the carat, color, and clarity of the ring they require. After an initial consultation, people may search online for the many options available. The ring size and metal features have been given a strong understanding by the customer.

2. About rings’ design

The ring design task might take two to three weeks.

During this task or process, the customer dreams about the ring and so they make sketches. They also consult experts who deal with digital technologies to create a design. There are 3 d models available for designing a wedding ring and so couples might try that one also.

3. Review process

Next, the couple may go through a review process that takes two weeks’ time. During this process, the couple feedback of the model is obtained. The angle of the ring is reviewed from the couples’ perspective. Through this process, the couple gets a clear idea of what they want actually. However, the customer can give suggestions for modifications, if any, to the engagement ring.

4. Real ring -This takes place for three weeks

This process starts after getting the models and designs. Yes, the real production starts here. The real production starts with metal casting and a gemstone setting. The process might get finished with engravings. Lastly, the process gets over with quality control.

Final step – This process takes two weeks

The final step will be the final review and delivery of the wedding ring. This process might take place in two weeks’ time. After the process of making the ring gets over, the jeweler may send an image of the wedding ring to the customer for verification and acceptance. Once the customer accepts the order, the maker may pack it and deliver the metal to the customer.

The above process or steps explain to you how much time is required to make an engagement ring to cope with your expectations. However, the following factors may have some effect on the delivery of the ring.

1. Ring type

The ring type decides the delivery time to the customer. Yes, some ring-type models are finished on time without much work and are delivered to the customer on time. However, some ring models are not finished on time and they take a long time.

2. Customization

The customization process may take a lengthy period to finish making the ring because of some ring types’ level of complexity. An additional time of two weeks is required for the maker to customize the ring as per the requirement of the customers.

3. Date of order and delivery

Sometimes the delivery date of rings gets affected by holiday seasons and other external factors. Delivery lapses, and also weather conditions may affect the delivery time. So, the customers have to ensure the date of order in advance to avoid major disappointment. They should anticipate these issues before to avoid disappointment.

Bespoke engagement rings

These rings take six weeks to design and craft. Yet another timescale to make a ring is as follows.

  • Design time -four weeks
  • Ring style- five weeks
  • Casting – five days max
  • stock mounts-two days
  • finished mounts – three weeks

You can get the ready-made rings or tailor-made rings the next day after the order.

Final thoughts on the time it take to get an engagement ring

The above details help you to know the time taken to make an engagement ring. These details are gathered based on many customers’ experience of making a ring. So, the above timeline gives you a clear understanding of when you decide to order a ring. You can make a good decision by ordering a beautiful ring in advance to avoid many hassles later. You can remain safe by this step because your ring is delivered exactly to your core satisfaction and on time.

How long does it take to get an engagement ring?
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