How long is a honeymoon?

A wedding is a wonderful and long-awaited event, after which the life of a couple in love begins together. The doors to a new life opened before the young people made their joint step, and a new date appeared on the calendar; the beginning of the honeymoon!

Honeymoon is considered the happiest time in the life of young people when they can fully enjoy each other’s company. For modern newlyweds, a honeymoon is a great opportunity to go somewhere to see the world, change the environment and just relax.

How long is a honeymoon
How long is a honeymoon?

No matter how eager people are for their wedding, the pre-holiday bustle is exhausting, and you want to take a break from the worries and troubles as soon as possible. Therefore, in parallel with organizing the celebration, the couple will want to go on a honeymoon so that their family life can begin with vivid and memorable emotions. But do you know what a honeymoon is? How long is a honeymoon? In this guide, you will know when the newlyweds should stay on a honeymoon and why it is needed.

What is a honeymoon?

For those who don’t know what a honeymoon is, it is the thirty happy days in the life of newly-made spouses. Honeymoon comes immediately after the wedding. This concept has been known for several hundred years in most cultures, but others got acquainted with it relatively recently. Since then, it has firmly entrenched itself in the local culture.

Many cultures adopted the tradition of going on a post-wedding trip from the Americans and Europeans when they opened the Iron Curtain. Films flooded the domestic screens, in which a couple of young people, amid the hooting of the crowd and the rumble of tin cans tied to the bottom of the car, set off on a long journey. Today, many newlyweds abandon the traditional wedding and prefer to spend money on a romantic vacation under the shade of palm trees and the sound of the surf.

Why is it called the honeymoon?

It is no coincidence that it was called that. The first month after the wedding is called honey since a special low-alcohol drink was prepared for the wedding ceremony; nutritious honey, for that matter. They put the honey on the festive table, and at the end of the celebration, the young couple was allowed to drink only this drink for all thirty days. A wooden barrel served as a container for it, and in total, the newlyweds were supposed to drink 5-10 liters of a tincture, which was prepared for more than one year at low temperatures.

The drink was endowed with vigor, fun, and positive emotions without unnecessary stupefaction. Modern newlyweds no longer drink nutritious honey. According to tradition, they are served champagne in the registry office, and even after the solemn part, the bride and groom try not to lean on strong alcohol because they have to withstand a hard day with honor and leave strength for the coming night.

How long is a honeymoon?

The honeymoon duration is 28-31 days, depending on which month of the year falls on the date of the wedding. This is all conditional because the honeymoon is, first of all, a time when young people can calm down, recover after exhausting preparations for the wedding, and just relax in the company of a loved one. It’s good if everyone at work is given family leave, but this is not always the case. Entrepreneurs, businessmen working for themselves, do not have this opportunity, and often their honeymoon lasts only a couple of days.

Honeymoon- is it needed?

A wedding is one of the most exciting, long-awaited events for many women. But at the same time – extremely tedious. Therefore, many already at the stage of wedding celebrations are thinking about how to spend their honeymoon. Some prefer to travel to distant countries, find interesting places in their home country, and so do not plan to do a honeymoon. There may be many reasons for the latter – there is not enough money, or they are not let go from work. And is it needed?

Why honeymoon?

But before talking about modernity, it is worthwhile to figure out where the tradition originated. It is believed that the custom of a small tour of the newlyweds together arose in the early 19th century in Great Britain among aristocrats. The couples visited relatives who were unable to attend their wedding. Sometimes friends or family members would join them. This practice soon spread to other European countries; for example, in France, it was known as “English style travel.” This tradition arose in the US as well.

There are several theories as to why we have called this period the “honeymoon.” For example, there is a version that the name came from the drink. A honey mild alcoholic drink was created at that time, which the newlyweds had to drink every day for 30 days.

Another version is that this name came from the fact that the newlyweds were given a barrel of honey as a gift, which, according to tradition, they had to eat within 30 days. It was believed that this contributes to the health of future children, will give longevity to newlyweds.

At this time, they tried to provide many couples with the opportunity and time to spend together, allocate a separate house, and send them on a trip. In modern times, this period is an opportunity to relax together, and just like in the old days, to be with your beloved.

Why do you need a honeymoon?

Nowadays, the true concept of a honeymoon has been somewhat abolished. Often, young people live together for years and then decide to sign without a pompous ceremony and unnecessary celebration for anyone. They do not miss the opportunity to celebrate this important event in their new life since the Iron Curtain is long gone, and people can freely travel abroad.

This is what a honeymoon after the wedding is, and how to spend it, everyone decides for himself. When partners love each other, they easily find an opportunity to spend the happiest time in their own family life when they still have tremulous and tender feelings. After all, you can give love, show care, and attention without even leaving the walls of your home.

In modern times, many neglect the tradition of spending the first few weeks only together, going on a trip. And in vain. This first period is full of maximum tenderness and love, while it contributes to the pairing with each other. Even if they lived together for some time, a wedding is a certain boundary, which, at least purely psychologically, gives a feeling of a new and understanding “we are together,” especially for a woman. Therefore, it is better to start life in marriage with the “sweet period” and not rush into everyday life’s difficulties at once.

The family often makes new demands on the married, the way of life changes, therefore in the first month, when the requirements are not yet so strict, it is better to spend time together. Especially if there is no separate home and you will live with the parents of one of the spouses for some time.

For a young couple who have not lived together before, this is an opportunity to get to know each other better, to understand what to expect from a partner when living together. And in a situation of freedom from everyday duties, from problems, when you can just relax and enjoy relationships, such an acquaintance with the peculiarities of each other’s habits and characters can pass most easily and painlessly.

The honeymoon is also a time of addiction in terms of sexual intercourse and activity in this area. Ideally, during this time, the young husband can awaken passion in the newly-made wife, teach her sexual love, receive and give pleasure. This is especially true of those cases when there was no sexual intercourse before the wedding.

In the first days of living together, disagreements and friction are quite normal, and we should not be afraid of them. The main thing is to understand the reason in time and learn to find compromises.

The honeymoon is often just as important an event in a couple’s life as the first night together. This is a significant stage in determining the future life together and whether the family will develop in principle. Therefore, it is still worthwhile to devote time and attention to planning this period.

Is honeymoon all about vacation?

Today, a honeymoon is not just a vacation in exotic countries. Modern newlyweds prefer to opt for more original travel options. How to surprise our spouses? Suppose you are sure that your lover likes a variety of adventures and will be delighted with the opportunity to increase the level of adrenaline in their blood. In that case, a trip spiced with sharp impressions and emotions, as well as extreme excursions, is the best idea! The main task of the honeymoon is to smoothly introduce young people into family life, to help them understand what it means to be not just a couple, but a family.

Agree, it would be great to go on a honeymoon trip to enjoy and relax. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to rent a romantic place for the duration of your vacation. Once you are with your loved one onboard this wonderful ship, you can decide for yourself: where to move and what places to visit.

The honeymoon is the very first month of married life. This period in the life of young spouses should be filled with love, understanding, and tenderness as much as possible. It is then that a young couple is grinding in their characters and habits, a new, unusual way of life is created for them together, and relations with friends, parents, and acquaintances change significantly.

The honeymoon is a time for newlyweds to get used to each other. In general, as you understand, the very name “honey” already adjusts to certain “sweet,” very pleasant relationships and sensations. Unfortunately, for many families, the honeymoon is that period in the relationship, which is remembered with a smile of regret about the past happiness, because often the rest of the life together becomes just that notorious “fly in the ointment.”

And the memories of the honeymoon become something that somehow brightens up the dullness of gray everyday life. It is a pity that sometimes it really happens. But all the same, initially, the honeymoon was supposed to, so to speak, “open” life together, “setting the tone” for the subsequent years of marriage. Therefore, they tried to carry it out, “as in honey,” so that the life of the spouses would be “honey,” smooth, even, calm afterward.


The honeymoon is the time when the greatest erotic attraction of young spouses to each other is manifested. Usually, in practice, the life of newlyweds during this period is divided into psychological and physiological components. For husbands, it is physiological; for wives, it is psychological. This is determined by the psychophysiological characteristics of the body of a woman and a man.

It is desirable that on the honeymoon, the young spouse be able to awaken tenderness in his wife and help his beloved experience the greatest satisfaction from the intimate side of life. Of course, not all young husbands will be able to boast of this, but striving to achieve complete harmony is simply necessary.

The honeymoon lasts 28-31 days. Although, its duration can rather be measured not by time frames but by sensations. This is the period when the spouses show heightened signs of attention, romance, and tenderness. The main task of the honeymoon is to smoothly introduce young people into family life, to help them understand what it means to be not just a couple, but a family.

Psychologists say that during this period, a man should help a woman reveal her libido and femininity. This is especially true for couples who did not have an intimate relationship before marriage. Therefore, it is worth choosing places where everything contributes to relaxation and is saturated with romance as much as possible.

How long is a honeymoon?
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