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How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many?

For many brides, the question of how many bridesmaids is too many seems to be a tough question to answer. But the truth is that there is no correct number. Some cultures consider numbers as important guides for good luck and prosperity but generally, the number of your bridesmaids all depends on you. Don’t be anxious about what other people do or how your bridesmaid pictures will look based on how many you have. Ultimately, you want to be with the people you love and treasure.

How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many
How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many?

Weddings are huge milestones that everyone is more than glad to be part of

While the groom has his groomsmen, the bride can choose her bridesmaids as well. For brides who have many people wanting to be part of the wedding party, choosing bridesmaids could be an overwhelming task.

The primary question that you should ask is how many bridesmaids do you want and need. The people you choose as a part of your wedding party are there to make it extra special so it’s best to choose people who are dearest to you.

If you still have some difficulty figuring out how many bridesmaids you need, here are some things to consider that can help you narrow down your list.

Take note of the size of the wedding

Are you having a big wedding or are you more fond of intimate events? If you are having a small wedding, it is obvious that you have to keep the number of bridesmaids as few as possible.

The number of bridesmaids or bridal party members may depend on how big the wedding is. This includes the venue size, number of guests, budget, and others.

Obviously, you don’t want to have overcrowding in a limited venue. Some couples may inquire at the venue how many people can they accommodate, and from that number, they decide how many people can be part of the wedding party.

The number of guests is also good to consider, as you don’t want your wedding party to be in larger number than or equally with the guests.

And lastly, the budget. Getting married can cost a fortune. As much as you would want to include all your friends in your wedding party, custom gowns and accessories can take up much of your wedding budget so you wouldn’t want to choose more than what you can afford. Practicality is an important thing to practice especially as you enter your new chapter of life.

Consider the number of groomsmen

Typically, there are two to four groomsmen in a wedding, for larger weddings there could be five to six.

One groomsman typically escorts one bridesmaid. Many couples opt to follow this custom but it’s not always the case. You can also consider having twice the number of bridesmaids as the groomsmen. In this way, one groomsman can escort two bridesmaids, one in each arm.

By following this rule, you can have better wedding management and flow. Nevertheless,  the number still depends on your joy and comfort so you can choose how many bridesmaids you want.

Choose the people who you want not those you feel you need to include

Just because you have a lot of girlfriends and family members doesn’t mean that you all have to include them in your wedding party and stand by your side on your wedding day. We understand that many women would totally love to wear a customized chiffon dress and stroll down the aisle. As a bride, you might feel like each of your girlfriends, deserves to stand by you on that special day. There’s nothing wrong with that but it is best to choose someone you need when you are nervous, hungry, or in need of some cheering up. These are the people, you want to include in your wedding party.

A common scenario where you might feel like you have to include someone whether you like it or not is when they chose you to be their bridesmaid and you somewhat feel like you have to choose them to be yours. This is a tough call to make for the bride who doesn’t want to hurt or disappoint people but you need to know that there is no rule that requires you to include them because they included you first. If you’re still close to them, you can give it a shot but if it was a long time ago, it might not be the best time to reconnect with them and rekindle the friendship while you’re planning your wedding party.

You also need to know that most of your friends will happily attend as your guests at your wedding. After all, the main reason for attending is witnessing the wedding ceremony itself and celebrating with you. So better trust your instincts and make sure to prioritize yourself and don’t get pressured by making a choice.

If you still want to give honor and appreciation to your girlfriends, it would be great to have a house party for them. Invite them to pre-wedding parties as well. Another thing you can do is to ask them to be your usherettes. They may not be standing beside you at the altar but in this way, they can still contribute to your wedding.

If you want, you can also honor them by listing them down on the wedding program and giving them special accessories like handmade jewelry or corsage.

You can opt to not have a Bridal Party at all

We know that traditional weddings always have a bridal party but if you don’t feel like having a wedding party then it’s all fine. Even without an entourage of people in custom chiffon dresses and suits, you can still celebrate with them with a bachelorette party or afterparty blast. This way, you can invite more of your friends to celebrate and have fun.

When all is said and done, you may even be happier for not spending extra money on customized outfits that your wedding party might not wear again.

How Many Bridesmaids is Too Many?
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