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How many months to choose a wedding cake

The wedding cake is a bit of icing atop a gorgeous, well-chocolatey foundation. It’s the essential sweet in a marriage ceremony. The dessert after dinner, if there is one. Who would have guessed that a baked good could be elevated to such lofty heights? Anyone who has been thinking about their wedding day since they were little. And while everyone loves wedding cake, knowing how many months to choose a wedding cake isn’t easy.

How many months to choose a wedding cake
How many months to choose a wedding cake

A delicious and beautifully presented dessert is not possible without reception. Despite the growth in popularity of non-traditional sweet items like donuts and cupcakes, many couples still choose for the traditional wedding cake or a single-tiered confection that they can cut into for photographs. You can make any flavor profile or visual design for these crowd-pleasing cakes, but it’s critical to give your baker plenty of time to complete the job. Here are aspects that determine how many months to choose a wedding cake. So stay tuned as we surf through!

Your needs

If your wedding location has catering services, they may be able to prepare a custom cake for your wedding. Always inquire with your property manager before hiring an independent vendor if your venue offers catering services. If you find out that you’ll be making your own big-day dessert, search for local bakeries as soon after announcing the date as possible. Each cake baker has a distinct price range, aesthetic for decorations, and available flavor choices. As a result, finding one that checks all of your boxes might take some digging. If you are having difficulty determining between several choices, schedule a cake tasting session with each competitor and choose the most delicious baked product.

The cake size

If you’re having a huge party and want everyone to enjoy themselves, it’s crucial to have a plan in place. Since you’ll most likely need to order your cake before receiving your final RSVPs, you’ll have to inform your baker about how big you’ll need the cake to be. Give your professional that information if you’ve invited more guests. Many of your guests won’t eat a slice, so most will advise you to order a cake big enough to feed roughly 75% of your invitees. However, this number will differ from barker to baker. Let them know ahead of time if you want to offer a five-tiered treat no matter how many people come.

The time to place the order

According to most bakeries, placing the wedding cake order begins six months before the big day. Some small businesses fill their reservations quickly, especially during peak wedding season, so getting in early will avoid problems scheduling. This will give you plenty of time to reserve a consultation, choose your favorite flavor, and finalize the design. The schedule may be more flexible if you’re getting married during the off-season; ordering a cake two or three months ahead is unlikely to cause any difficulties. Also, bear in mind that you’ll almost certainly be required to put down a non-refundable deposit (typically around 50% of the total cost) to hold your reservation after making a booking.

The design of the cake

Your wedding cake should act as a show-stopper at your reception for all of your guests to see if it’s done well! Your wedding cake should reflect your unique style while complementing your decor. There are so many design possibilities and trends to explore, so get inspired or work with your baker to choose a style that speaks to you. With that in mind, here are some helpful suggestions for creating a gorgeous wedding cake that will be remembered for years to come.

First and foremost, the inside of your cake should match the outside in terms of flavor. If you pick a lemon cake, work with lemon accents to decorate it. Have you ever heard the saying “opposites attract”? Use design details like laces, embroideries, textures, and florals to create contrast.

Colors should be contrasting. Finally, if you’ll be using fresh flowers on your cake, pick blooms that will be in season when you get married. This way, they’ll be in bloom when you need them most. Are your favorite flowers not in season? There’s no need to worry; choose sugar roses instead. They may seem rather lifelike and provide a beautiful design aspect to your cake. As we’ve said many times before, the possibilities are limitless, so pick a cake design that reflects your passions and makes you joyful!

Booking the Cake Vendor

Finding your ideal cake is no different than any other aspect of the wedding ceremony. Picking an excellent vendor is crucial in the same way as it is for every other part of the wedding process.

Selecting a great vendor begins with research. Look for vendors that match your wedding checklist’s style, design, and pricing. It’s time to book once you’ve found the wedding cake vendor of your dreams! You may schedule a tasting by calling them or filling out an inquiry on their website! Make decisions based on what works best for you!

The first step in choosing a wedding cake is to decide on your wedding day’s overall tone or theme so that the cake design complements the look you’re going for. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, consider including seashells or blue in the cake design. Consider a classic tiered white cake with sparkles or flowers on top if you want a more formal look.

It’s a fantastic idea to make a mood board with pictures that represent your wedding decor, floral arrangements, invitation design, wedding dress, and any cake designs you’re interested in once you’ve determined the color scheme and overall aesthetic of your reception. This’s something you may share with the vendors you’re thinking about to generate ideas for a bespoke design. If you do want to go custom, start tasting cakes six months before the big day.

In summary, the time it takes to choose a wedding cake is four to six months. This will ensure you have adequate time to discover a baker you enjoy, sample various designs, and pick the one that fits in with your wedding’s design.

How many months to choose a wedding cake
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