How much do wedding coordinators make?

A common question of some wedding planners, especially beginners, is .”How much do wedding coordinators make?” The earnings or salary may differ from one coordinator to another. It depends upon several factors of an occasion. A beginner earning differs a lot from an experienced coordinator. On average, a wedding coordinator can make from 15$ per hour to 450.000$ per year. This is an approximate earning that may change in the field.

How much do wedding coordinators make
How much do wedding coordinators make?

There are specific questions related to the wedding coordinator’s salary rise. They are

  • How many hours do they work?
  • How much do they charge for the wedding services per hour or per month?
  • How much do they earn per year?

The above questions are very common among people who want to start their career as wedding coordinators. Here are the common factors that decide the wedding coordinator’s salary or earnings.


Clients are willing to pay more for experienced people than a beginner. Clients also verify the background of a coordinator before they pay. If you are from a similar field, such as interior decoration or floral design, there are chances of being paid high by the client. Also, a hospitality background adds value to your wedding coordinator’s remuneration. Hence, many clients interact with the coordinator to find out about them. During the initial consultation, the client understands the coordinator’s profile in-depth. The coordinator gets paid based on their business connection.

Also, many clients expect the wedding planner education or relevant degree. For example, if you have a certification from a wedding planner school, you may be remunerated more when compared to an ordinary planner. Why do clients make this verification with the planner? The basic reason is that the client gains more belief in a coordinator if he has a close connection with the wedding events. If he has, the client gains trust in them for conducting a successful marriage. A higher level of trust of the client in a wedding coordinator decides the salary.

Business review

Are you a wedding coordinator having good business reviews online or word of mouth? If yes, you can earn more in your business. Yes, positive reviews on the internet increase your revenue to your expectations. In metropolitan cities, the customers depend a lot on business reviews to meet their expectations. If a customer is satisfied with the reviews, the chances of a good payment are more for a wedding coordinator. Also, there are chances of low payment if your business review is not up to the mark. Hence, customer reviews play a vital role in present-day businesses like wedding organizers.

Satisfied customers would always leave positive feedback on the site. However, a dissatisfied customer leaves a bad comment about the wedding coordinator. The negative comment may affect the business to a greater extent.


A wedding coordinator charges more money for the wedding event in metropolitan cities than in other areas. The wedding coordinator charges more money for the events conducted in main cities. Yes, the places may have a huge impact on a coordinator’s charge. Usually, the coordinator prepares a budget such as fuel expenses, advertising, transport, and other miscellaneous expenses. These features are evaluated, and accordingly, the event coordinator decides the budget. This budget is reflected in his payment by the coordinator.

Additional income streams

Wedding coordinators are also involved in additional services at an event. Yes, they have plenty of income streams as follows

  • Floral services for the brides
  • Printing material design
  • Table, chair, decor, and table renting
  • Honeymoon package planning

The above income helps wedding coordinators earn a lot. This shows the involvement of the wedding coordinator fully.

Hourly or per-wedding basis

The wedding coordinator may plan for a wedding event per hour basis or per-wedding basis. Yes, these professionals charge from the client based on hours. They collect money for the total number of hours they worked. The client has to give him money based on the number of hours worked. Else, the coordinators decide the price on a whole or pre-wedding basis as a package.

Per wedding charge

On average, wedding coordinators make 1500$ per wedding. Also, there are many other factors available that decide the overall salary of the coordinators because the coordinator may deliver extra work other than tasks included in the package. So, the client has to calculate the amount on the whole at the end.

Wedding coordinator salary structure

The above details would have given you some idea about the earning structure of a wedding coordinator. Yes, these details may help you understand their ways of earning. However, some wedding coordinators provide many other services other than those specified. Yes, they take charge of catering on their own. Yes, they have a separate team to fulfill your catering expectations. They have some experts to serve them at the marriage occasion.

The salary structure of a wedding coordinator may be classified as follows.

Beginner salary – 1000$

Experienced salary-2000$

The above rates are calculated only for specified services included in the package plan. However, the payment differs if the coordinator makes extra services as stated above. For extra services, the payment is

Experienced planner – 500$ Extra.

The above calculations are framed based on the interaction with the coordinators in the country. A well-versed, well-qualified, and top-notch wedding planner in the city may charge you more than the above figure. The reason is that they do not need your suggestion because they are well experienced and so all activities will take place in a smart way without any error.

Final thoughts

The question is,” How much do wedding coordinators make.” This question is now cleared by the above details mentioned above. Yes, these details are gathered after various discussions and interactions with many experienced wedding planners in the city. There are some variations present in each interaction, but we have given the approximate figure for your understanding.

We hope, you will gain some knowledge from the above details so you can decide about recruiting a wedding coordinator to your satisfaction. All the best with your wedding plan.

How much do wedding coordinators make?
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