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How Old Are Flower Girls?

Kids who are part of the entourage are either flower girls or ring bearers. Flower girls are usually responsible for preparing flowers and petals to make the bride’s entrance more elegant. When you have a kid in your wedding arrangement, everything can happen! So you might consider how old are flower girls?

Weddings are a special occasion for two people who celebrates the beginning of their life journey. This ceremony is the symbol and mark of the endless love story of two different people who decided to be one. It is evident and observed that entourage is one of the most exciting parts of a wedding ceremony.

How Old are Flower Girls
How Old are Flower Girls

From its maid of honor to the best man, then from its bridesmaids to groomsmen, and of course the principal sponsors. Many people believe that the entourage must have a powerful and keen preparation. It attracts a peaceful and calming ambiance to make the guests wait and be excited about the bridal entrance.

What makes a beautiful wedding is also a beautiful set of an entourage, which definitely refers to people who fully understand their roles during the ceremony.

Does age matters in choosing your flower girls?

It is indeed traditional that at every wedding, there will always be kids and little ones. Have you ever questioned if the entourage requires people who understand their role? How come they have included the kids in the group? To tell you, including these kids eventually helps the wedding ceremony more interesting as their character truly speaks their innocence, fun, and cute behavior. Aside from the fact that they are adorable to look at, their responsibility at the wedding is also significant.

Kids who are part of the entourage are either flower girls or ring bearers. It is basic knowledge that the ring bearer is responsible for carrying the ring down the aisle. Meanwhile, flower girls are usually responsible for preparing flowers and petals to make the bride’s entrance more elegant, sophisticated, and grand. It must consider that when you have considered a kid in your entourage, there are great chances that your wedding is their first wedding to attend to and their first role engagement in the entourage. So, always make sure you’ll be patient with them during the preparation and ceremony.

Typically, in choosing the flower girls, the couple might need to consider the kids’ age they want to include in the entourage. This is important since you don’t want a child crying out loud in the middle of your wedding ceremony neither a child who always runs and plays in the aisle while the pastor is talking, and this might stress you out. Thus, it is essential to ensure that they can carry the role assigned to them. But, have you ever thought about how old are flower girls? If yes, you must keep on reading to be fully equipped and prepared for your upcoming wedding.

How old are flower girls?

Most of the time, the age of flower girls ranges from three (3) to eight (8). People believe that at this age, a child can actually observe and listen. Thus, it will be easier for the bride or groom to understand what they need to do. This might be a difficult or easy task to observe since children are not the same. Thus, it is recommended to ask for guidance and help from their guardian since they will most likely listen to their parents above anyone. This is true since parents always know how they can make their child understand something.

Here, it is important to ask parents’ permission and, most importantly, the “yes” of the child. Always make the kid feel that you are asking them a favor so that they will feel valued and that their decisions matter to you. Even if they are young and innocent, they will feel if you are putting pressure on them.

As mentioned earlier, you both need to be patient. However, choosing the age of the flower girls has no definite rule. It was exactly dependent on the bride and groom’s made decision.

Sometimes, when someone is being asked how old are flower girls are, they won’t give specific age since there is really no perfect age for that. In fact, some say a twelve-year-old girl can be one of the flower girls as long as it makes the couple happier during their ceremony.

While some say, a twelve-year-old girl is too old for the role. Therefore, this only means that the couple’s preference is the ultimate standard of choosing the flower girls. Some prefer a three-year-old, while some want a five. This is interesting because many believed there should be no rule on this, which is a hundred percent true since the decision only relies on both the groom and bride.

However, it has been recommended by some people that when a couple really wants to include a twelve-year-old girl in the entourage, they can consider them as junior bridesmaids, which is really smart, right? Moreover, it has also been added that in cases where a bride or groom wishes to include a two or a three-year-old girl as one of their flower girls, partnering them together with the bridesmaids might be a good idea. In that way, they will be able to gain support and guidance from adults during the ceremony.

When you research how old flower girls are, most of the results are age groups of three (3) to eight (8). Thus, some of the pros and cons of having a too young flower girl at the wedding are provided below.

Here are the cons

1. First, when a child is much younger, it will be hard for them to understand that they have a role to play during the ceremony. It might be their first time to attend a wedding, in which different people are gathering to celebrate. They might be overwhelmed when they see a crowd who’ll certainly look at them when they’re walking on the aisle.

2. Second, they might behave at the start of the wedding, but you can’t have the assurance they won’t be having tantrums during the ceremony. When a kid is asked to sit down and behave, she tends to get bored, which can be the start of tantrums. As said earlier, you don’t want a child to call the attention of your guests in the middle of your wedding.

On the other hand, here are the pros

1. First, if that young child is part of your immediate family, it would be fulfilling to see her become a part of your special occasion. If that cute little girl is your nephew or little sister, there is a great possibility that they have subconsciously prepared herself for the event as she felt the excitement of the ceremony as she is always beside you during the preparation.

2. Second, younger flower girls are so adorable, which makes the ambiance lighter and makes the photo op more beautiful. Do not get this wrong. They are not there for decorations, and it’s just that their cuteness overload which makes the bride and grooms more relaxed during their special occasion.

3. Third, they might be young, but it doesn’t mean they will surely mess up. In fact, there are many stories from other couples who have shared their experience, including young bridesmaids and ring bearers at their wedding. Most of them say that these kids are actually the fun of the ceremony as they tend to create cute gestures that make the crowd laugh so hard.

Deciding about wedding preparations which include an entourage, might be stressful. However, with enough knowledge and patience, it will still be worth it in the end. It is a necessity to remind yourself not to stress too much about things that you can control. The wedding day is special, and so are the bride and groom. Remember that no matter the decision is towards the bridesmaids, maid of honor, best man, groomsmen, principal sponsors, ring bearer, and flower girls, the most important thing is that the wedding ceremony is successful. Both the groom and bride are contented, happy, and proud.

To summarize, if you really want to know how old our flower girls are, it is now the right time to ask yourself about who do you really want to be flower girls. You may think of the names that cross your mind and list them down on a piece of paper. Once you have finished doing it, ask yourself if their age matters to be part of your entourage.

However, if you are here to gather information regarding how old flower girls are, typically, girls whose age falls on the bracket of three (3) to eight (9).

Key Takeaways

1. Most flower girls are three (3) to eight (8) years old.

2. Age of the flower girls must be considered but not prioritized.

3. Younger flower girls are fun and bubbly, but they can also have tantrums on your wedding day.

4. Always ask permission of the parents and the kid before making the final decision regarding the kist of your flower girls.

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How Old Are Flower Girls?
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