How to attach flowers to wedding arch?

This article details how to attach flowers to a wedding arch step by step

How to attach flowers to wedding arch
How to attach flowers to wedding arch

This is how to attach flowers to wedding arch

1) Buy your arch and flowers

This is a very important step, as it will mean that you start this project with the right materials. If you have a custom flower arch or arches that you plan to use, then everything is simple as you just have to pick the kinds of flowers that fit the style and design. If you want to make your own, however, then things could get complicated, depending on how elaborate a project you intend to make.

2) Arrange your flowers

There are two ways in which you can do this, depending on your skills and availability of materials: Order all the flowers from a florist well ahead in time if need be several months in advance so that they arrive at least a week before the wedding day. In this case, there is less work for you when actually attaching them to the arch/s but it does mean that you have to place your trust in the hands of others and that you will pay a lot more money for them. You can also order or buy just enough flowers to decorate one arch, taking into account how many are already reserved by other participants in the wedding if any. This means that you have less time but it is cheaper. However, when arranging your floral decorations, make sure you follow all safety precautions carefully.

3) Attach the ribbons to the arches/s

This is usually done using strings or wires; depending on how exactly they are attached you should take extra care when attaching your flowers so as not to damage them when placing them in position (thus moving them away from their original arrangement). Make sure also that the ribbons securely attach the stems to the arch so as to avoid any injuries, and if you happen to use wires, cover them with tape first so as not both cut your hands when wiring the flowers.

4) How to attach flowers to wedding arch

Start putting some of your flowers into place at equal intervals on each side of your flower arch or arches; make sure that they are all facing forward (or towards you depending on what type of wedding ceremony you will be having). When placing them however take care not to crush them and damage their petals by tightly wrapping the wires around them. You can also make more elaborate arrangements where some of the flowers overlap others – this is called a full cascade – but only do it if you really know what you are doing.

5) Keep going until all the flowers are attached

Depending on how many flowers you have available, and your talents at arranging them, this will either be a very quick process, or a long one – if it is the latter case make sure to take breaks in between. When you finish simply make sure that everything looks good from where the wedding guests will be standing (or sitting for a church wedding). If not then adjust accordingly until you are happy with what you see.

6) Make sure you have enough flowers

Make a final check to ensure that the supplies and quantities for all arches and archways match up, and if they don’t, simply re-arrange some of the ones you already attached so as to balance everything out. If everything looks good then congratulations – you are finally ready!

7) Arrange the flowers on the tables

If you have extra flowers left over from attaching them to the arch/s then you can use them for more decorative purposes, such as placing a small vase with some of your remaining flowers in each guest’s reserved seat. This is especially nice if they are already freshly picked and arranged so that their fragrance fills the air around where people will be seated at their table. It is a trivial step but one which many wedding guests appreciate nonetheless.

For more elaborate and extravagant weddings, however, you may want to take it a step further and create centerpieces for each table with vases filled with flowers, candles, LED lights, and other decorations. This takes a lot of work but can look really beautiful when done correctly – just be sure not to clutter your tables too much so that there is still space for the plates and cutlery needed for people to eat their meal comfortably.

Once you have put all these finishing touches on everything then congratulations – the wedding preparations are now finally complete! Enjoy the day knowing that yours has gone as well as possible given all the planning required to get things ready.

8) Be prepared in case anything goes wrong

However, no matter how hard you try, it is almost always the case that something will go wrong at some point during the wedding day. Thus, to avoid losing your sanity you will want to be fully prepared for anything that could happen; this advice applies whether you are arranging flowers for a church wedding, one held in a garden, or elsewhere.

As such, when planning even more elaborate weddings (such as those taking place outside in gardens) consider asking around to see whether there happens to be anybody in the area who has experience dealing with plant life so as to ensure they know how to help out in case of emergencies where problems occur. Other than this however just make sure that no matter what goes wrong throughout the course of the wedding day that you do not let your emotions get too much the better of you.

Above all else, remain calm and simply do whatever it takes to solve the problem before you resume your normal duties. It always helps to bring a bit of extra help in case things become too much for you alone so try to enlist some additional people if at all possible. You will feel so much better when everything is finally done knowing that you have succeeded in creating a truly beautiful experience for everyone attending…      

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How to attach flowers to wedding arch?
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