How to choose a wedding ceremony singer

How to choose a wedding ceremony singer? The sacrament of marriage is a wonderfully blessed event. It comes with the joys of planning for the big day, the excitement of selecting the perfect dress, venue, and rings. There are many decisions to make regarding your wedding ceremony; one decision that you may not have considered is choosing who will sing at your wedding.

Choosing musicians to perform during your ceremony can be an overwhelming task. Here are some tips that can guide you on how to choose a wedding ceremony singer.

How to choose a wedding ceremony singer
How to choose a wedding ceremony singer?

Select people that you know or personally recommend

Your first port of call should be close family members and friends. Request their recommendations if they had someone special sing at their weddings. If this isn’t possible, try asking them if they have any contacts of musicians that they can recommend. Alternatively, you could ask your celebrant if they know anyone who would be willing to perform at your ceremony.

Take advice from friends or family members that are musically inclined

If you have a friend or family member that is particularly musical, then it would be wise to consult them when looking for wedding singers. Let this person know how much you appreciate their opinions and rely on them to guide you in the right direction. Give them examples of what type of music you are looking for to recommend suitable options.

Discuss with your partner which type of music suits your personality

It’s important to discuss with your partner how much input they have when selecting your wedding singers. Determine who would be responsible for contacting the musicians and decide how much you want to spend. If you both like a particular musician, then go ahead and book them; if not, try other options until you find suitable wedding singers.

Make the decision together

Decide whether you want solo musicians or a band to perform at your ceremony. You may also want an instrumentalist who can be anything from a harpist to a flutist, depending on the type of music that you prefer. Consider which direction you want your ceremony to take and choose accordingly to appeal to all guests.

Outline exactly what time frame is available for entertainment

You must understand how long you have for your entertainment. Many churches may only allow a certain amount of time for music due to other services being held using the same building. Be sure that when you interview potential musicians, they can fit in with your requirements and that their prices remain within your budget.

Ask a professional to advise you on the perfect musician

If in doubt, consult a professional wedding singer knowledgeable about all different types of bands and solo singers. Your celebrant or wedding planner should have suitable contacts so ask them if they know anyone in particular who would be willing to help out. The advantage of checking with a professional is that they tend to be up-to-date on the latest industry, resulting in finding someone ideal for your ceremony.

Talk to the musician/s about their experience

Find out how many years each musician has been involved in performing for wedding ceremonies. Also, ask if they have any feedback from couples who have hired them. If you are hiring a band, find out details about their previous performances and their rating from guests at those weddings. It would also be beneficial to determine which musicians had more prominent roles within the performance. This way, you can ensure that these people will play during your ceremony (if possible).

Consider the time of day when choosing entertainment

It is crucial whether or not your chosen wedding singers are available before or after your ceremony, as well as on the day. Be sure to check with all musicians that they are available when you want them, and if not, ask for recommendations of other suitable wedding performers.

Ask the musician/s what repertoire they have for weddings

Choose a wedding singer or band with a varied selection of music to cater to all tastes in the audience. Discuss with your partner which songs work well together so that you can have similar tunes played during your ceremony.

Interview singing at your wedding

When hiring someone to perform live music at your wedding, you must do some background checks beforehand. Meet up with prospective candidates and ensure that they fit in with your vision for your special day. You can then discuss availability, costs, what they will bring to the ceremony and how you would like them to interact with guests.

Decide on whether live music is really for you

Consider if live music at your wedding is the right choice – it might not be necessary depending on your budget or location. Many couples prefer professional recording artists to make their wedding ceremony special; many other options are available, such as soundtracks playing in the background during mass (e.g., instrumentalists, singers/groups who provide backing tracks, etc.). Consider any restrictions that may impact your decision (time allowed for musicians to play, the noise level of performers, etc.) and choose accordingly based upon what suits you both best.

Discuss the music with your wedding singer/s

Don’t be afraid to share any details you want to include in the performance (e.g., song choice, number of songs, etc.). You can then discuss what significant factors need to be considered when planning for your special day; this includes things like musical requirements (e.g., instruments/equipment required), set-up time, and how long they will play during the service. Some churches may not allow too much noise around services, so knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into beforehand is essential.

Ask about guest interaction

If you would prefer people to participate in singing at your ceremony rather than simply listening, ask if your musicians will serenade your guests and get them to sing along. If you want a more informal atmosphere, then consider having performers chat with guests, ask for requests or introduce themselves (if they don’t know anyone at the service already).

Discuss any accompaniment that is required

Depending on other elements of your wedding day, such as the bridal party walking down the aisle, you may need certain music for parts of your ceremony. For example, if there is going to be a string quartet at the church during your entrance, ask if it will play while guests are gathered outside and when everyone has taken their seats inside. Some musicians don’t charge extra to accompany events like this, but others do, so make sure to discuss with different candidates how much it will cost and who will pay.

Book your wedding singer/s in advance

After arranging a date to hold the performance, you should book your singers well ahead of time, especially if you want them for a specific time slot. If you leave it until the last minute, there is no guarantee that they’ll be available or may even have other commitments on the actual day itself. Planning everything will ensure nothing goes wrong with the music side of things before, during, and after your wedding service.


Choosing a wedding ceremony performer is not such a hard thing to do; many different people can sing. If you ask around before making your final decision, this should make the process much easier when it comes time for your special day.

How to choose a wedding ceremony singer
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