How to choose a wedding tent?

How to choose a wedding tent? All newlyweds want their wedding to be remembered forever. The memories created by spending time with friends and family at your reception will stay with the bride and groom for years after the big day has come and gone. One excellent way to ensure that everyone who attends any wedding celebration remembers the event is to choose a good wedding tent rental company.

How to choose a wedding tent
How to choose a wedding tent?

When selecting a venue space, you should consider how much room there is for guests and the amount of space needed for tables, chairs, dance floors, bars, stage areas, restrooms, and kitchen facilities ( if necessary ), and other amenities. There are many different types of wedding tents available on today’s market; everything from elegant white fabric-covered gazebos to more elaborate multi-level wedding rental tents is available in various sizes. Our website is specifically dedicated to helping you find the perfect wedding tent for your outdoor celebration.

It’s essential that you carefully consider how many guests are likely to attend your big day before choosing any shelter or shade structure. Are you planning on hosting an intimate get-together with just close family and friends, or will this be a more significant event? When you have established how many people can reasonably be expected to show up, you should ask yourself what style of wedding tent would best suit your needs? You might want something more elegant and ornate, or perhaps functional yet straightforward would suffice.

Weddings that include catered food count as one of the most significant expenses for most brides and grooms. Many venues offer free rent in return for your guests’ business by attending their wedding celebration. Keep in mind, though, that you will probably still have to pay for additional amenities such as the use of the dance floor, chairs, table, and other equipment.

When it comes to outdoor events, nothing beats a good event tent rental. But there’s more than one type of tent available on today’s market; therefore, we also recommend you look at all of our informative articles and blog posts here at so you can find out everything you’ll need to know about choosing the right wedding tent.

Choosing a wedding tent can be a difficult task. It’s not as simple as just picking one that has enough room to fit all of your guests, and that looks good. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the right wedding tent for your special day:

Figuring Out How Many Guests You Will Have

You may think you know how many people will attend your wedding, but it is widespread for about 10 or 20 more people than you were expecting to show up at the last minute. To save yourself from this problem, it is best to order a tent with about 15% more seating capacity than you estimate your guest count will be – and remember, the number of guests should include young children and relatives who may need an area to sit down.

Uninvited Guests

Though you may have a list of people who RSVP’d for your wedding, there is always a chance that some uninvited guests will show up. To avoid setting up extra tables and chairs, go with a tent that has enough space to add in at least another 15% more seating capacity than your guest count currently. If you order much more space than what you need, it can look strange or not fit right in with the location of your wedding.

Space For Food And Drinks

At any outdoor wedding reception, including ones held in tents, there will be tables full of food and drinks for guests to enjoy after they finish eating dinner. Most people also consider these tables as their dessert area. To avoid having people bump into the food and drink tables when your guests are just starting to eat dinner, it is best if you put these tables behind the dessert (or appetizer) table instead of in front of it.

A Place For Entertainment

If you plan on bringing any entertainment for your weddings, such as a DJ or live music, make sure there will be enough space to accommodate them at your event. You’ll want to place the entertainment table somewhere close but not too close (and not away from!) all of your guests where they can see and hear everything that’s going on around them without feeling too crowded – which is why putting this table directly beside or near the dance floor is suggested.

Tenting The Halls

Make sure that your tent is big enough to accommodate things such as a dance floor and photo booth. These are generally the two most popular wedding day additions for guests to enjoy, so if you’re looking to have either of these at your reception, it’s best to make sure you order a tent with enough space (4x what you expect your guest count to be) in addition to the seating capacity. This will ensure there’s room for everybody who wants to dance and take photos together.

Overflow Parking

If there isn’t going to be any parking near where your wedding ceremony or reception is taking place, then it would be helpful to include an area in which guests can leave their cars safely from the main parking lot until it is time for them to go by setting up a space in your wedding tent. A good size for an overflow parking area is 4x what you estimate your guest count will be – make sure that the ground of this area isn’t too soft, slippery, or uneven, so guests don’t get their cars stuck when they try to leave.

Sleeping Spots For Late-Night Snackers

Plan on holding your wedding past sunset and having snacks available for any late-night guests who may want something to eat. It can be helpful to include a section in your tent where people can sit and eat outside without going back into the main seating area (which could disrupt others). To avoid standing up and blocking others’ views of the activities, it is best to set up the “snack table” in an area where there’s no seating and guests can sit beside it instead.

How to choose a wedding tent?
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