How To Differentiate Groom From Groomsmen?

How To Differentiate Groom From Groomsmen

How to differentiate groom from groomsmen? The groom’s wedding day is one of the most important days of his life, and he wants everything to be perfect. When it comes to picking out a suit for the big day, there are many options and factors that need to be considered. Groomsmen usually help him pick out a look that fits everyone’s style and body type.

How To Differentiate Groom From Groomsmen
How To Differentiate Groom From Groomsmen

Here are 10 ways on how to differentiate groom from groomsmen.

1. Clothing choice

The groom should always wear something distinct from his groomsmen. Separate suits, jackets, and/or ties for the groom can ensure that there is no confusion as to who belongs with whom. A new suit altogether gives the groom the chance to shine on his own and not be compared to his handsome groomsmen.

2. Colour coordination

A sure-fire way of distinguishing which man is paired with which is matching or coordinating ties, pocket squares, and shoes according to a specific color scheme – using a shade different from their groomsmen’s.

For example, blue tie for one man, orange tie for another, etc. However, this choice is most formal. If you want a more relaxed look then keep your suits all in similar tones or go with the mood of your wedding.

3. Individual style

The groom can be a little more daring and try something that really sets him apart from his group of men – going for a statement pattern, bolder cuffs, a different jacket shape/length, etc. The groom has a little more flexibility on the day as he is usually the first to show up and last to leave.

At a day like this the groom should differentiate from the groomsmen? This allows some time for him to make an entrance, but always keep it classy! This tactic does not work well if you have some very conventional groomsmen as they will stick out like a sore thumb, so maybe consider their personal styles before making such bold choices yourself.

4. A ‘something borrowed’ from each groomsman

The groom can incorporate something from each of his groomsmen into his own outfit – a pocket square, watch, or even a tie clip. This way they feel part of the day and have something to remember it by!

5. Uniqueness through accessories

Accessories always make an outfit stand out; however, this tactic should be handled with care because too many details can clutter your look. Even if you are wearing statement shoes or cufflinks, keep the rest simple to avoid overdoing like Kate Middleton (check out her 2015 wedding look for reference). If you have a very distinct accessory, such as a pocket watch or a double-breasted jacket, it can be a great way to stand out from the crowd.

6. Different hairstyles

A simple change in hairstyle can make all the difference between being just one of the guys and being the groom. It is very likely that there will be similar cuts throughout your bridal party, so get everyone’s signature style to help create some distinction.

For example, get the groomsman with longer hair to do something different like a comb-over or quiff while still keeping their overall look classic and sophisticated.

7. Shoes don’t always match suits!

When choosing shoes, the groom can go for two completely different styles rather than trying to match his shoes with his suit. A more casual shoe will highlight the formality of his wedding attire while adding a personal touch that sets him apart from everyone else.

8. Decorations

If you are planning to carry decorations down the aisle, there is no reason why you should not be able to give your groomsmen some of that glitz and glamour.

The groom can pass on his accessories to his men in order for them all to share the spotlight; however, the bride will most likely want her bridesmaids to look their best so maybe keep this idea between yourselves!

9.  A different outfit

There is no rule that says you have to wear a suit – think outside the box and try something fresh. Everyone wants their wedding day pictures to look crisp and sharp, so why not make your outfit match this aesthetic? Your choice of clothing can reflect your personal style and make for a more memorable photograph at the end of the day!

10. The final touch to differentiate groom from groomsmen

Last but not least, keep in mind that accessories are your best friend when it comes to standing out in a crowd; however, be aware that too many can ruin an otherwise elegant ensemble. The groom’s attire should always be understated when compared with other members of his party (especially the bride!) Couple these tips with similar ones for the groomsmen and you will be sure to look the part on your big day!

What is a personal touch?

A personal touch is a small feature that the groom adds to his outfit, such as a pocket watch or cufflinks, which gives it a sense of individuality and reflects his own style. There are lots of websites where you can buy bespoke items from so your groomsmen will feel very special!

How do I pick my shoes?

The groom should try two different styles, one casual and one smart. The more formal shoe should match with his suit while the other helps him to stand out against the crowd. It is important for both shoes to be complementary but still distinct in terms of formality levels.

When can I use decorations?

Decorations can be used during the ceremony for extra flair but should not take away from the overall look. This decorative element should be used sparingly and only by the groom as it can become cluttered if other members of his party also carry something.

What should I wear?

The groom’s choice of attire can reflect his personal style and make for a more memorable photograph at the end of the day. Couple these tips with similar ones for your groomsmen and you will be sure to look the part on your big day!

In conclusion, there are lots of ways for the groom to make a personal touch on his wedding day. He can choose from different hairstyles, shoes, and accessories as well as use decorations during the ceremony. The groom should make sure that these extra pieces do not interfere with other guests and try to be understated in comparison to the rest of his party – especially the bride!

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How To Differentiate Groom From Groomsmen?
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