How to keep wedding rings from spinning

Many couples choose to wear their wedding bands on the opposite hand. One reason for this is that it can make daily living tasks like cooking, cleaning, and outdoor work more accessible.

Everyday motions like opening doors, typing, or holding children’s hands can jostle a ring and cause some severe discomfort if a ring spins on a particular finger.

There are steps you can take to ensure your rings stay put no matter what you’re doing throughout your day-to-day routine.

How to keep wedding rings from spinning
How to keep wedding rings from spinning?

Wash Your Hands

One of the simplest ways to keep your wedding rings from spinning is by making sure they’re nice and clean. Make sure they’re free of debris before putting them on in the morning and keep them clean throughout the day by washing your hands frequently with soap and warm water. Clean your hands before you put on your rings, and be mindful of what you touch with them when they’re on. Remember that items like handrails or doorknobs can cause a ring to spin or turn in the wrong direction if they’re touched while your fingers are in motion.

Preventative Maintenance

While most jewelry stores recommend removing rings for tasks like cooking and rinsing with hot water, this is not always practical since wearing wedding bands is very important to many people in society today. There are several options for preventing your rings from spinning, such as lip balm, lotion, and special soap designed for wearing rings. Fatty acids in these products coat the skin around the finger where a ring fits and help prevent spinning. Another reliable option is a sizing ring that is the same size as your wedding band. While it might not be ideal in terms of fashion, sizing rings can easily be worn on the opposite hand and used to keep your wedding bands from spinning while you wear them.


Each finger has unique characteristics which could affect how a ring turns around while wearing it. For example, if you have long fingers with slim joints, this may make your rings spin more quickly than someone who wears the same size wedding band but has thicker knuckles with shorter digits. When using one of these options for preventing your rings from spinning, try different methods to see what works best for you throughout the day-to-day. If your rings continue to spin throughout the day, they may need to be sized to prevent this from happening.

Visit an Expert

If you’re unable to minimize the spinning of your wedding bands with these steps, you’ll want to visit a professional jeweler who can determine which size is best for you. They can also answer any questions about how certain types of jewelry are designed and crafted. While most rings have smooth curves, some have edges that might catch on clothing or other surfaces if they’re not appropriately sized for your finger. A local jeweler will help you find the perfect ring for daily living while still looking fabulous on the big day.

Explain how to keep wedding rings from spinning

Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, giving them particular importance. When you wear a wedding ring, it becomes your life partner and is essential for you. You don’t want it to spin around your finger as this will reduce the beauty and look of the ring.

Wedding rings generally become loose due to various reasons, such as being significant or having lost weight. So how can we keep our wedding rings from spinning then?

Here are some mentioned below that will be helpful to know for fixing this problem

There are chances that your fingers may swell slightly during summertime, especially after taking a shower. This swelling makes your rings feel loose, and it may rotate around the finger. To prevent this, try wearing wide bands or big rings to get rid of this problem.

When you are trying on a ring, make sure it is appropriately sized for your ring finger. Also, if you are trying on rings at home, wear them only while sitting, not when you are standing up. If your fingers swell even slightly then, it will cause trouble for yourself, and you won’t be able to wear the wedding ring.

It is advised that if possible, one should avoid having their wedding ring resized because even if there is little space left between two ends after resizing, then also it can become loose quickly due to swelling of the fingers in hot weather conditions. Another reason behind this is that the ring will be weak, and it can get damaged easily.

Wedding rings are constructed using three metals which include gold, silver, and platinum. To make them shinier, they are covered with rhodium or palladium. This covering makes your wedding ring durable, but on the other hand, if you wear your ring daily, then this layer of rhodium may chip away over a period leading to some uneven surface that looks bad for your wedding band. To avoid this problem, try avoiding wearing your wedding ring while doing household works like while cooking or washing dishes, etc. because while doing these activities your hand comes in contact with water several times and hence small particles of water mixed with detergent will deposit on your precious gold or platinum wedding ring and will affect its shininess.

You can take your ring to any jewelry store so that they can carry out the process of rhodium or palladium replacement, which will make your gold or platinum band shiny like it was before. If you do this, then there are chances that it may turn dark again after a couple of months, but still, this coating will help you maintain the look of your ring for a longer time.

Another simple trick is that when you remove your wedding rings while taking a shower or performing household work, keep them in a safety box instead of holding them anywhere where they can get damaged easily or become dull looking due to corrosion. This way, if, by chance, water comes in contact with these rings, then they will remain safe and sound.

If you want to keep your wedding rings shiny, then try doing the following simple things at home

– Never use chlorine bleach or any corrosive cleaner on your ring as it is harmful to its appearance. In addition, do not clean it with toothpaste as the chemicals present in the toothpaste are harsh for your ring and can damage its shine by making it darker. Hence, avoid using these products while cleaning your wedding ring.

If you want to keep your wedding rings shiny, then try doing the following simple things at home: – Always remove your wedding rings before going to bed and keep them inside a soft cloth so that they don’t collide with each other and get damaged. Try wearing your wedding rings for short periods when needed, almost like when you go to a party or during some special occasion, and avoid wearing them all the time.

To remove tough stains from your ring, use toothpaste with baking soda and then follow it up by cleaning your ring with soap under running water. Do not clean your wedding ring while doing household work, as this will increase the rate of wear & tear and cause damages.

Be careful while removing rings in public places like in a restaurant, theater, etc., because there is always a risk that someone may accidentally step on your fingers, leading to severe injuries. So, try keeping yourself safe by taking off these precious adornments before sitting in public places.

How to keep wedding rings from spinning
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