How To Steam A Wedding Dress?

How to steam a wedding dress is something brides-to-be ask all the time, but this article is written to show you how to do it. Here are ten tips on how to steam a wedding dress.

how to steam A Wedding Dress
how to steam A Wedding Dress

This is how to steam a wedding dress

1. Loading your dress into a steamer

Loading your wedding dress into a clothes steamer is the first thing that you have to do. Ensure that the hanger of your dress can support its weight and will not droop or swing around. Besides, ensure that the hanger does not have sharp metal edges as they can damage your fabric or stain it with rust spots.

2. Setting up a stable base

Setting up a stable base for your wedding gown is important. Unhinge any hooks at the neckline of your garment and remove any zipper fasteners on the back or side seams then lay it flat on top of an ironing board. A large table covered by an old sheet is also an alternative work surface as long as it can hold the weight of the dress.

3. Draping your dress to protect it from water spray

Open up the hanger with your wedding gown and carefully drape your garment over the ironing board/table then pull it down so that it remains in place using gravity. Make sure that the shoulders of your gown are fully covered by its sleeves or straps while you spread them on either side of the body. Also, make sure that the fabric is not bunched up at any part so as to avoid causing folds on fabric later during pressing.

4. Positioning the steam nozzle

Most steamers have wand-style nozzles that can be positioned vertically or horizontally depending on what section you want to but some newer models feature more rounded nozzles.

If you have one, gently fold your dress at the lower part to the width it was when hanging on the hanger so that you can insert it into the opening of the nozzle starting from where your underarms are.

5. Turning on the steamer

Now that your wedding gown is securely draped over a stable surface, carefully turn on your steam iron and wait for about 10 seconds until enough steam has collected inside its reservoir.

6. Directing steam onto a wedding dress

Keeping an appropriate distance, direct steam onto fabric while moving the wand around in small circles or steady up-and-down motions working from bottom to top section of a garment making sure not to scorch delicate areas such casings and beading embellishments. You can also try using a pressing cloth or handkerchief so as to protect the fabric from direct exposure to steam.

7. Leaving garment on a hanger after steaming

Once you are sure that your gown has been properly steamed, carefully remove it from over the ironing board/table then hang it back onto its hanger and attach any hook, zipper fastener, or buttons that were removed earlier if they were done for safety purposes only. Allow the stitching of seams to relax before wearing your dress again.

8. Cleaning your machine

Be sure to let your machine cool down first before cleaning. Empty out all water remaining inside its reservoir then wipe out all surfaces with a damp cloth dry them thoroughly too. Meanwhile, wipe out any water chunks from the hose with a cloth or handkerchief.

9. Setting up steam control/steam intensity to steam your wedding dress

Most new models have an adjustable setting so as to let you control the amount of steam being released which is a very helpful feature when steaming delicate fabrics such as wedding dresses. Some older units however tend to come with only on and off buttons that don’t give you that much room for maneuvering unlike their newer counterparts, but they are still capable of serving their purpose well provided that you know how to use them properly.

10. Carefully pack your unit away after use

Once everything has been cleaned and dried, carefully pack your steamer away in a safe place where it’ll be knocked over by children, pets, or other objects by simply removing its cord from the wall outlet.

How long can I leave my wedding dress on the hanger after steaming it?

Leaving your gown on its hanger is okay provided that you took it off immediately before ironing. Never leave wrinkled fabric right out of the steamer for too long because creases may become permanent and hence require additional attention to get them pressed back down again.

How do I steam a bustle?

How to steam a wedding dress bustle? One of the biggest challenges when it comes to steaming a wedding dress is dealing with its different parts such as the bustle. Never position your gown so that there are bunches of fabric on top of it or drape over an ironing board flat surface else creases will become permanent and extremely difficult to remove later.

Also, don’t try to deal with this part while still wearing the gown instead detach the lace from underneath first then work on individual pleats until you have successfully removed all creases from that section of your garment.

Is hand pressing better than using a steamer? Hand pressing can be okay for certain fabrics but a good quality commercial grade steamer is far more effective especially when dealing with delicate fabric such as wedding dresses. Steaming is also a lot faster and takes up less effort than ironing, so it’s definitely worth its while to add one to your garment care routine.

How do I clean my steamer?

Cleaning your steamer before putting it away after use will prevent clogging of the hose or reservoir with mineral deposits that may end up causing steam leakage later on. All you need for this task is some vinegar and baking soda (you can also substitute the latter with scouring pads if you like). Mix equal parts of both ingredients then pour into your machine while running it for 10 minutes, wipe everything clean once done then rinse all areas thoroughly before letting unit air dry in a safe place. Remember not to leave it exposed to direct sunlight.

I hope that after reading this article you have gained a fair amount of knowledge about How to steam a wedding dress and will be able to start this new habit in time for your big day.

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How To Steam A Wedding Dress?
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