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Ivory vs White Wedding Dress

Ivory vs White Wedding Dress

Whether it’s a sleek princess sheath or a gown, getting the wedding dress that enables you to feel like a bride is loaded with tons of considerations. And one of the biggest challenges is choosing between an ivory and white wedding dress. However, after we did underground research with the help of fashion experts, we managed to have the differences between ivory and white wedding dresses. Let’s get to know more.

Ivory vs White Wedding Dress
Ivory vs White Wedding Dress?

Do brides wear white or ivory?

A while ago, wedding etiquette pointed out that brides wearing white dresses were appropriate and necessary. However, with the changes coming in this era, that is now a thing of the past. Now, ivory is a suitable dress color choice for people who don’t like the traditional pure white gown. In the west, most wedding events consider white as the real deal because they associate white with virtue and purity. Remember that a wedding is a celebration, and soothing colors should grace the occasion, so whether ivory or white, the wedding should be exemplary.

Although ivory wedding dresses were not prominent in the past, they also got themselves into traditional weddings because it is a color that has been there for some time now. But other cultures believe that this color is a sign of tainted innocence. This is a thinking of the past, and this day’s brides opt for ivory dresses since it looks good than white when they wear them.

Is it OK to wear an Ivory dress for a wedding?

Short answer: YES.

Nowadays, ivory wedding dresses have become very popular than their pure white alternatives. Even when you come across a white wedding dress, there is a high possibility that the white color is a shade of ivory. An ivory wedding dress or an ivory gown look exceptional fantastic on anybody, notably lighter skin tones because of the warm hue contras and beautiful undertones.

Better still, the ivory wedding dress is seen as the most romantic of all the colorways, plus it is also a versatile wedding dress material, not to mention the fact that it matches gorgeously with lace. Keep note that ivory shades can ensure all the details of the wedding are brought out well. Aside from that, the creaminess of this color makes the wedding dress look exceptional perfect on any skin tone. If you want your gown to look veiled-unveiled, this is the color to settle with.

What skin tone can wear ivory?

Ivory, in some way, is a delicate color with a warm undertone and is, to some point, similar to cream when quality is the matter. Suppose you have fair skin. The excellent or matching colors for your shades should have yellow or ivory undertones. Don’t go for the cooler tones present in the pure white gown. Also, ivory comes with a hint of creaminess. At the same time, the yellow undertones match well with most skin types. The cream usually moves towards the warm, unlike the white that goes towards the cool.

Moreover, ivory offers you a much more formal appeal than white color. Again, it is creamier and richer while omitting luxuriousness and sumptuousness. Are you wondering the reason why you would look good in an ivory wedding dress? Well, this color will flatter just about everyone. This dress is comfier and easier to put on for many skin tones, and it provides warmth and richness that their white counterparts don’t.

Does white and ivory match?

The general rule of thumb is intentionally combining in off-whites – think ecru, cream, and ivory to get a suitable imperfect blend. Again, there is the dreadful fear that wearing an off-white piece could look yellowed or faded, particularly against a piece of very blindly white fabric. It is an excellent blend though badly off-putting color mixture.

Can you mix white and ivory at a wedding?

Yes, you can mix. However, you need to be careful when combining the two colors. When going for the white, you need to ensure that it is siding on the warm undertone rather than the cool to ensure there is no huge, any stark difference, which may make the ivory one look dingy. Take material swatches and place the colors side by side to note the effect of the two when brought together. Have a florist to help you to note the differences and pointers.

What colors are bad luck at a wedding?

Different colors have different meanings when worn at a wedding. Some colors are believed to bring bad luck, while others bring good luck. So, if you are superstitious, you will avoid the “bad luck colors.” Pearl color is a color you should avoid at all costs. Though it may sound like a perfect color for a wedding, it’s never the wisest idea. You can only do this if the bride asks you to do so.

Another one is a green dress. Most people believe that wearing this color means that you do not want to be seen or be ashamed of your fellow, which will cause some bad luck. Additionally, the color of your wedding dress has a direct impact on the fate of your wedding. Some people believe that grey, yellow, pink, red, black, and green bring bad lunch and you should never wear them at a wedding ceremony.

Is ivory brighter than white?

Ivory is never brighter than white rather, and white is brighter than white. White color has no mixture of colors, making it brighter, whereas ivory is usually a mixture of yellow and tint colors. This brings out the significant difference between these two colors. Most women prefer wearing a white wedding dress and would be against anything that is never white. However, these days more are going for ivory dresses because it flatters the paleness of their skin compared to the white ones.

Therefore, white is brighter since it is a purer shade, while ivory is a softer shade with yellow undertones. Although ivory is considered white, it will look somehow yellow and not so bright compared to pure white. Sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate these colors, but you can compare them with how bright they are with closer attention. Both colors are suitable for the wedding occasion, but white is the best choice if you are looking forward to a brighter color.

What is the most popular wedding dress color?

Most couples opt for blue color. It is more popular because of the neutral shade that this color has, making it more unique than black and white colors. Ivory and champagne are the second popular because they are white and a bit brighter. With their soft and romantic nature, most couples would prefer this, and you will find most of them on these colored wears. The third place is occupied by gold and white colors, and this is because they are highly versatile colors. White can be used during seasons since it incorporates various textures in the event.

The bride can always choose the one color that meets her needs in the best manner. So whenever you are trying to decide between ivory and white color, you pay much attention to your skin tone. The actual white color will be the best for those with paler skin tones and more appealing for those with darker tones and yellow undertones. On the other hand, an ivory wedding dress would look perfect on almost everyone, especially those with lighter skin tones.

How close is ivory to white?

These two colors are very close; however, there are some minor differences. white has no mixed colors; therefore, it is considered the brightest hue. Ivory, on the other hand, is a softer shade that has some yellow undertones. Ivory is regarded as a warmer color with a slight tint of cream. Ivory is close to white because it is a shade of white color. Therefore, it is just like other shades like off-white, diamond white, and ecru. Ivory is a tint yellow or cream peach. However, these tints can vary from one manufacturer to the other.

Since these two colors are almost similar, you can choose any colors for your wedding dress, and you will look good. If you try comparing ivory and off-white, you will find that ivory color is slightly darker. Whenever you have ivory color for your home decoration, it signifies luxury. So, ivory means soft white and should not be misled because it has a hot tone. Also, ivory has other closely similar colors, such as beige and gold.


Depending on your needs and fashion, both ivory and white colors are perfect for wedding ceremonies. As a bride, if you are considerate, you might want to pay much closer attention to their differences. Whatever you choose will have a direct impact on how quality your wedding event will be. However, make your day memorable by wearing that dress that will make you comfortable at the end of the day.

Ivory vs White Wedding Dress
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