Learn how to choose a wedding bouquet

How to choose a wedding bouquet

The bouquet and the wedding dress are the essential accessories at a wedding. It’s those small details that will stand out as memories of your big day, so it’s good to pay attention to what you’re going to wear on your special day.

How to choose a wedding bouquet
How to choose a wedding bouquet?

Learn how to choose a wedding bouquet

Choosing a bouquet can be difficult as there is such a wide selection of flowers available, and some even use little animals as decorative elements, such as birds or butterflies. You have to choose something that suits you and your ‘look’ for the big day.

Many types of flowers are usually used in weddings, but whether they are carried alone or together depends on how you want them to look. Some couples prefer symmetry, while others go for chaos when decorating their dressing room.

There is a vast selection of bouquets available at a wide range of prices. It can be challenging to choose from the many different models, but one type stands out from all the others: tropical flowers. The exotic touch they add to your wedding set is something that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

In addition to looking gorgeous, tropical flowers have other advantages that make them perfect for this festive occasion:

  • They last longer than traditional flowers because they have more petals and therefore protect each other better;
  • Tropical plants don’t wilt or fade so quickly, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them after a few days;
  • They’re ideal for filling the room with their intense aroma, even if they are not in bloom;
  • Tropical flowers are unique, and there’s no other flower at a wedding that looks like it.

Tips for choosing a wedding bouquet

Tip 1: Think about what type of bouquet you want.

If it is a very casual wedding, then maybe a tiny bouquet would be better. Suppose the ceremony is held in a garden with nature as its theme. In that case, flowers such as lavender, daisy, and lilies abundant in wildflowers could bring out the natural aspect of this occasion. Another essential thing to consider is the bridal gown and your personality, which should go well with the color of your bouquet.

A more mature bride may prefer something more straightforward and less flashy than her younger counterparts, who might opt for bolder colors such as red or white roses instead of pale pink or peach-toned roses. A princess-cut diamond solitaire nicely complements a bouquet of red roses.

The bouquet should also reflect your lifestyle and be representative of you.

If you are an active person who spends most of your time in sports, something simple will do. If you love the beach and water sports, maybe a gardenia or any flower with a fresh scent will suit your personality well.

Tip 2: Decide on how much to spend on the flowers and consider if it is worth it.

Choosing wedding flowers can be pretty expensive, especially for those residing in countries where these flowers aren’t readily available. The cost usually starts from USD 500 or more for just one bridal bouquet, including all its accessories like ribbon and decorative items such as lace and artificial pearls, which can cost another few hundred dollars. Although there are cheaper alternatives available at boutiques that sell flowers in the US, the quality of these products will surely not reach your expectations because these are usually imported from other countries where you have no guarantee if the blooms are fresh or have pesticides in them.

The best option for everyone is to buy fresh cut flowers from florist shops at their peak when you go shopping for wedding flowers. They may be slightly more expensive, but they are guaranteed to be fresh with minimal or no alterations done to the petals. When choosing your bouquet, make sure to ask about this so you won’t have unpleasant surprises when holding it in your hands on that particular day.

Tip 3: Decide on the color theme too.

Choose flowers with colors that fit in well with your wedding gown or your chosen bridesmaid dresses. Keep it simple and make sure they complement each other beautifully. It is better to opt for pastel tones instead of bright ones so you won’t have any problems matching them to anything else you’ll be wearing during the ceremony, especially if you opt for a non-white color theme.

Tip 4: Finally, choose which one will go best together with your bouquet.

There are many different accessories available nowadays, so think about what suits you best and pick an accessory that reflects your style. Choose something elegant but, at the same time, casual enough not to take away the beauty of the bouquet you are holding. If you already have a tiara that goes well with your gown, then it would be best to take the opportunity to match this accessory with your bouquet, too instead of opting for something that looks completely different from what you are wearing.

When it comes to wedding flowers, the wedding bouquet is an often overlooked detail. Yet brides-to-be will inevitably have to decide whether they want a small wedding bouquet or a large wedding bouquet that can match their wedding gowns.

The wedding bouquet is the finishing touch of any wedding outfit and should be chosen with care, much like your wedding gown. Brides also mistake selecting wedding bouquets based on how well it matches their skin tone – this may seem essential but only really carries significance if you are dressing entirely in white for your special day.

Your wedding bouquet might not even be seen by all eyes at your wedding but will still be by your new husband as one of the wedding photos taken of you. When choosing wedding flowers, think about what message it might convey through the wedding flowers you display in your wedding bouquet, wedding corsages, and wedding boutonnieres.

As with any wedding detail, the wedding bouquet reflects on your personality as well as that of your groom. So be sure to choose a wedding bouquet that will remember who you are.

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Learn how to choose a wedding bouquet
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