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What is the pre-engagement ring?

It is a form of a gift for a partner to show commitment to a monogamous relationship. It is also known as a precursor to an engagement ring and signifies a partner’s commitment to the other. There is also no set design for the pre-engagement ring and will depend on the preference of the couple or the one who is offering it first. Material use varies from glass, ceramic, plastic, or even wood, while some use birthstone of the person they will present the ring to.

What is the pre-engagement ring?

In a man and woman relationship, the man can give the ring to the woman, or both can present the ring at the same time.

A pre-engagement ring is commonly given for a relationship that may just be starting, or running for a few years. The couple may also be too young to get engaged, but want to show their commitment to each other.

The ring may be worn on the left or right hand depending on the wearer, but they can also wear it using a neck chain as a necklace.

Is there a ring before an engagement ring?

In a heterosexual relationship, the man will usually offer a pre-engagement ring to their partner, but nowadays it is not uncommon to hear a woman giving a pre-engagement ring to the man.

The pre-engagement symbolizes the commitment of the couple to each other, particularly if both will exchange a pre-engagement ring.

The ring is also not as expensive as the engagement ring but has some of the following qualities.

  • Ring with names or initials of the couple may also include the date their relationship starts.
  • It may have matching gemstones or the birthstone of the wearer.
  • The ring may cost less and have inexpensive precious metals.
  • Designs are not mistaken for the proper engagement ring.
  • They may design it as a Claddagh or Eternity ring.

Is pre-engagement ring a thing?

The pre-engagement ring just became popular in the latter part of 2000 to 2010 because celebrities have offered a pre-engagement ring to their then partner.

A couple enters a pre-engagement stage when they are more committed to each other, and the man is more likely to initiate giving a pre-engagement ring to their partner. Also, a man who is not yet financially ready but keen on marrying their partner would give this ring to show they have a clear intention and is serious about where the relationship is going. They will also present the ring as a birthday or holiday present, or both will exchange the said ring during their anniversary. The man will not present the pre-engagement ring on bended knees and will not be as elaborate compared to a proper engagement.

Is a promise ring the same as a pre-engagement ring?

Some people, consider it the same, but the promise ring is sometimes thought of as a show of intention to marry in the distant future and is commonly used by high school couples. But then the promise ring may not advance to the real thing because young couples may have a different idea after a few years. Though the person who offers it first is serious, and if the couple will give a promise ring to each other, it can also be a sincere gesture were both mean to hold their commitment to each other.

When a couple presents a promise ring, they can also discuss what it will symbolize and make sure that they are on the same page. Communication is crucial with the promise ring, and knowing what it means for the two of them matters most.

How long after the promise ring do you get engaged?

The date varies cause sometimes it will take years before the engagement ring is given. Also, if the man is ready financially and both are emotionally ready, the engagement will follow.

The pre-engagement ring is transferred to a different finger to give way to the engagement ring and is not expected to be removed.

In case the engagement did not take place and they do not fulfill the promise, couples may decide to return the ring or sell the ring to split the money between them if the ring is quite expensive.

What finger do you wear a commitment ring?

There is no rule where a commitment ring should be worn. Sometimes it depends on the preference of the couple where one will wear it on the left while the other would wear it on the right hand.

For couples who have a commitment ring and will continue to the next level, sooner than later can wear the commitment ring on the left hand, and once the engagement ring is received, they will move the commitment ring to another finger.

How much should a pre-engagement ring be?

The ring can be as affordable ranging from a hundred to five hundred dollars. For some, it is going to cost them a thousand or more. The price will depend on the design and the material used for the ring. It is also not a requirement to get an expensive pre-engagement ring, but there is no rule to get the cheapest one in the market.

For whatever the man or the couple can afford, and if they have the financial means to buy one of outstanding quality, that is always acceptable.

Examples of pre-engagement rings

Tungsten Plain Ring Set Love Promise Rings Customize VNOX

They make this wonderful piece of the creation from Tungsten Carbide plus Nickel. It is scratch-resistant and considerably durable. There are sizes to choose from both for men and women, and the perfect gift for couples for their Anniversary, Wedding, Christmas gift, as a surprise gift, or just something to show commitment for each other.

If you want a gift to show how much you love your partner, this could be the one. It is not just exceptional, but the shape and design are breathtaking with their utmost simplicity, yet attention to detail is evident. Also, you can have it customized with both your name or the date when you first met.

It is such a unique and personal gift that both will enjoy and cherish even after getting married.

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Tungsten Plain Ring Set Love Promise Rings Customize VNOX

Couple Rings Copper Polish Lovers for Special Occasions Valentine’s Day/ Girlfriend and Boyfriend/Adjustable with Black Storage Boxes by Hicarer Pre-engagement ring

Made of high-quality copper that is not easy to break nor fade, durable and sturdy, and comfortable to wear with its smoothness all around the surface. The gift comes in two pieces, a ring with a moon and sun design that looks elegant and perfect for couples. A charming gift to show how much you care for each other and can be a symbol of your commitment and love for years to come.

A pleasant gift during Christmas, anniversary, birthday, Valentines and any time you just want to have something to offer to your special someone.

What is pleasing about this ring is that it is adjustable, so if you feel like the size does not fit you so well, you can customize it to your liking. With the fetching design that the ring has, it would be a matching ring for the couple with the moon and sun motif.

No need to have it wrapped in luxurious wrappings and placed in a charming box since it has a box that is as elegant as the ring. It is just ready for you to give to your partner.

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925 Sterling Silver / Moissanite Engagement Promise Ring by Kimiandy for Women Adjustable

Just the right kind of gift for the woman you love. They make it of genuine 925 sterling silver with the main beauty made of moissanite that glows and sparkles in its magnificent shine. The diamond-like ring is a masterpiece in itself, perfectly coupled with just the right style and pattern to make it a one-of-a-kind ring.

It is also adjustable to make it more comfortable with the fit for various sizes of fingers. There will be no issue about it not fitting or that it will not be ideal for the woman you will give it cause of the self adjust feature.

It may not be as expensive as other promise rings or even an engagement ring, but it will sure dazzle and will be perfect for the eyes of the woman you love.

A ring that will be perfect for special occasions, as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, as a promise or commitment ring, or just to show a woman how important she is in your life.

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925 Sterling Silver / Moissanite Engagement Promise Ring by Kimiandy for Women Adjustable

Pre-engagement ring Split Shank Love Heart Lab Created Diamond Promise Ring for Women

This lab-created diamond ring made by Pure Ignis with a 1.5mm round cut, H color, and S12 clarity is the ideal gift for the love of your life. It will be perfect as a gift for your special someone born in April cause of the birthstone. Even for anniversaries, this is an appealing gift to give because it is high quality and looks like mined diamonds, less the requirement for human exploration of such diamonds.

There is also a certificate of authenticity when you buy this ring and a 30-day easy return you can fall back on just in case your partner would rather have something simpler.

With different sizes to choose from and with the 30-day easy return feature, you don’t have to worry about any issues and problems you may come across. There is nothing else that can make your partner smile cause this gift just shows how much they mean to you and will show your willingness to gift them with such a one-of-a-kind present.

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Pre-engagement ring Split Shank Love Heart Lab Created Diamond Promise Ring for Women

14k white gold engagement ring/ wedding band by Anjay Designs

If you want something a bit expensive to give to your love, this white gold ring will surely suffice. With a width of 3.0mm and a thickness of 2.0mm to look perfect on your partner’s finger, plus the different sizes she can choose from.

Not just perfect as an engagement ring, but also as a pre-engagement ring or a present for your special someone. It is available in white, rose, yellow gold, or platinum. You can also have it customized with diamonds or a choice of gemstones.

When you are looking for something to make your partner smile and a ring that will take her breath away, this ring will be the perfect match. It also comes with a jewelry box to help you gift it any time you please.

If you’ve been meaning to give your love a ring that she will cherish and value for a long time, there is no need to look further.

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Rope Pre-engagement ring design 14k rose gold by Anjays Design

A ring that is unique with the rope setting design and is available in gold, rose or yellow gold, and even in platinum. It will depend on your preference for what you will give your partner and what she would rather wear proudly. It is a gift worth cherishing because of the breathtaking and striking design that speaks of simplicity, yet is aesthetically delightful.

Also, this design can be customized as per request and can be of diamonds or different gemstones.

With a 100 percent money-back guarantee, you can rely on it if you need to exchange it for some other design. There will be no reason for you not to love or purchase this piece, as it speaks volumes about how important you see your partner and how much you want to give her something she can value for years.

You will feel proud to give this to your partner cause you know it will amaze her, and she will highly appreciate your gesture as it shows commitment and promise.

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Purity Ring/ Engraved Promise Ring Personalized Couples Ring

This 14k Yellow Gold ring is 2.5 mm in width, and sizes are available. They can customize it to your preference, and if you want a personalized ring, this is the one for you. You can place both your names on the inner ring or outside. It is also possible to place your special date on the inner ring, and have both your names displayed at the front.

A gift that your partner will see with so much value not just because of the cost, but also because of its beauty. By customizing it, both of you can feel proud seeing your name engraved on your ring.

This ring is the perfect example of a gift that is so meaningful to the wearer. Because of its elegance, both of you will be so proud to wear it every time.

For that special someone, or to your would-be life partner, this is the gift for any occasion. Whether for her birthday, for your anniversary, or if you just want her to know how much your relationship means to you. The simplicity of this ring is stunning and yet will mean so much to the one who will receive it.

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Purity Ring/ Engraved Promise Ring Personalized Couples Ring

Twisted Infinity Engagement Anniversary Wedding Promise Ring for Women Platinum Plated Silver by Aihpos

They uniquely made this ring with 1-1/4 carat, round moissanite at the center that makes it glow and sparkle as it exudes such elegance because of the meticulous design. The platinum-plated ring is durable, sturdy, and tough to last for years.

The moissanite has a grade D color as it has better chroma, and the clarity is shinier to complete the overall effect of resembling the perfection of the ring.

A ring is not only made of high-quality materials but the design and pattern are painstakingly made to ensure it will be charming and aesthetically pleasing to the wearer.

It is a one-of-a-kind gift for her during your anniversary, birthday, special occasion, even as an engagement ring. It also comes with a gift box that is as exquisite as the gift.

Also, you won’t have a problem with a return or money-back guarantee cause the manufacturer offers such just in case you need to return the item and will make it easy and simple for you.

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Twisted Infinity Engagement Anniversary Wedding Promise Ring for Women Platinum Plated Silver by Aihpos

Bezel Set Lab Created Pre-engagement ring Diamond Four Stone Promise Ring in 14k Solid Gold

The four stone is a lab-created diamond that is set in solid 14carat gold. Diamonds measure 1.3mm and look just like the minded diamonds. It is as exquisite as genuine diamonds with no environmental exploitation.

This ring will look beautiful, and the wearer can comfortably wear it because they make it with care using high-quality materials. All premium quality to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure you of a good quality item. The product is also returnable within 30 days without question. So if you need to have it returned for any reason, you can do it with ease.

When you want an exceptional gift for your special someone, for your sister, mom, daughter, or to any woman, in particular, this is something that you can pick, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg to purchase.

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Bezel Set Lab Created Pre-engagement ring Diamond Four Stone Promise Ring in 14k Solid Gold

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