Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

A puff sleeve wedding dress is the desire that many brides have, the elegance, tenderness, sensuality, and grace that they transmit are used to captivate and attract glances. Puff sleeves represent the glamor that every bride should have at the time of going to the altar.

Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress
Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

TPonline, TPPD002, Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress Train Tulle

Beautiful wedding dress made in soft Ruisi tulle, with lace and lace-up closure, entirely handmade, featuring a daring combination of necklines, with a sensual sweetheart in strapless style and dropped shoulders, but with the sleeves puffed and separated from the dress, with exquisite lace adorning the top edge of the sleeves and neckline.

The bodice is fitted to the torso with a half-open back and a stunning skirt in a monumental floor-length bell skirt opening to the back, topped with wide lace trim with a cut train style, suitable for the most important moment your life.

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YOYOHCK, tulle wedding dress with puff sleeves

This is a very sensual wedding dress, with a neckline in a strapless version combined with a heart that clearly shows the chest’s natural shape and volume, boldly showing this feminine charm with a bodice very tight to the body, which highlights the figure with charming embellishments and a bow in the center of the waist, and the back with halfback nude and topped with a crossbow closure.

The sleeves are in transparent tulle, extensive and puffed that cover the entire arm, and a very elegant skirt in short A to the floor with the detail of the very insinuating front opening that reveals the entire leg to the thighs, so that the bride is the center of all eyes.

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Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress with Lace Mesh

The beaded design of this beautiful wedding dress looks like a fairy tale, with an illusion neckline, naive but sensual, the fully fitted bodice, charmingly shows off the figure, full of rhinestone embellishments, with a sheer back with delicate embellishments and three-quarter length puffed sleeves.

The skirt looks stunning, in three-dimensional shape, it opens into a floor-length leafy bell-shaped full of embellishments and stones. With this model, no doubt the attendees will compare you with the princesses in the movies.

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XHRHao, Puffed sleeves and tube top wedding dress

A stunning three-dimensional gown, with a tube-like bodice, high-waisted with a strapless neckline that shows off the upper skin of the bust, cinched and embellished in gold thread and pearls, with an apex at the waist, and a bare mid-back.

The trailing skirt with elegant train falls in a bell shape, which swings with great volume, a design that will cause others to make way with the bride’s presence.

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Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress with bare shoulders

A wedding dress that exudes elegance and distinction, with a very romantic style, the bodice features a dropped shoulder neckline that ends in the center of the chest in the heart and is cinched at the waist with delicate pleats, leaving the back halfback naked, and long sleeves finely puffed, with an artistic detail at the end at the wrists.

A very elegant skirt with pleats falls in a large bell to the floor, finished in a sheath that opens with a delicate undulation make this design a work of art, for a bride to look regal, tender, and authentic.

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NABN, tulle Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

A classic and elegant regal bridal design, the shoulders are uncovered with this off-the-shoulder neckline, which is combined with a sweetheart neckline and features a lace detail around the top edge of the bodice that is fitted to the torso leaving the back half of the back uncovered, and with long sleeves elegantly puffed and finished at the wrist with lace detail.

It is complemented by a voluminous skirt that opens in a large bell to the floor.

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HUANLIAN, Princess wedding dress with puffed sleeves

This model is an authentic princess dress, a majestic and tender bearing, conveys charm, innocence, and sensuality, a beautiful cut with a stunning bodice, which is very sinuous to the body, with a perfect combination of illusion and sweetheart necklines that highlight the bust with majestic sensuality, with details embroidered in pearls and sequins and a lace corset, the back with a half bareback presents a crossed bow that reveals the skin, and the short, transparent and puffed sleeves are finished with delicate lace detail.

The princess skirt with a sheer tulle lining forms a stunning, elegant bell, which falls to the floor for a touch of exquisite finesse.

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Yuxin, YX026, Wedding gown Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

There are not enough adjectives to describe this work of art turned into a dress, daringly sensual, yet tender and romantic, a bodice completely adjusted to the torso, based on embroidered lace leaving a lot of visible skin, with a beautiful illusion neckline with round neck, and the back showing off a lot of skin from the back, and elegant long puffed sleeves.

It is complemented by a beautiful skirt in fine chiffon and satin, which forms a pleated column that falls to the floor opening into a wide sheath in a circular shape with its wavy edges, is the dress for a bride to provoke sighs among the attendees.

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HUANLIAN, Four Seasons Bridal Gown

The incredible design of this brand, made of polyester organza and hand-embroidered, it shows a very daring sweetheart neckline with a fully embroidered bodice, and very tight to the torso than in its back leaves much of the back area uncovered and is topped with an attractive crossbow, short puffed sleeves are full of embroidery on transparency.

The skirt forms a huge, wide bell that falls in pleats that end up giving it a greater touch of elegance.

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Smart Bride, Sexy Bridal Dress

This dress will amaze all the attendees, it is real and daringly sexy, it shows skin all over, it is made with satin princess and corset back, with a provocative off-the-shoulder neckline that leaves all the skin of the upper part of the bust exposed, with a full puffed covering up to the middle of the arms.

The insinuating skirt features a deep slit to the waist, which shows all the grace and sensuality of feminine legs, flares out in a floor-length bell with an elegant train.

Be ready when you wear it because everyone will surely fall at your feet.

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Tulle wedding dress with bare shoulders

A classic model, with a plunging off-the-shoulder neckline for a touch of sensuality, the fitted and pleated bodice with a deep V back neckline, and the wide, long, puffed sleeves.

A regal skirt complements it, with a high waist that falls in pencil and forming an A-line cut that flares out leaving a train with attractive ruffled edges, it is a design that looks aristocratic and of deep elegance.

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Drindf, Mermaid wedding dress

The attractive mermaid cut wedding dress, with a sensual, daring, and deep V-neckline front and back, features a fitted bodice to the torso with a striking lace detail that reveals the skin of the abdomen and the back of the waist, puffed sleeves, long and transparent, are topped with beautiful lace at the wrists.

The skirt of this model, falls to the floor in a mermaid column, forming elegant pleats that highlight the dress.

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XIA, Organza Wedding Dress

This is a majestic ball gown, made in organza, with very wide and puffed bell sleeves, strapless neckline combined with sweetheart that leaves the upper bust bare, the bodice is very tight and pleated, at the back it shows a crossover lace closure.

An elegant skirt falls in a wide pleated bell and ruffles, falls to the floor in a very regal way, making it ideal for gala parties, graduations, and formal occasions.

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Roycebridal, Ivory White Wedding Gown

A very stately model presents Roycebridal, with this classic wedding dress design, made of fine chiffon, which shows an elegant and sophisticated illusion neckline in round neck style, with transparency across the top of the bust and back, with puffed sleeves to three quarters.

It sports a loose, smooth bodice that is fitted in a pleat at the waist, from where an elite skirt falls in a column that unfolds in to drop to the floor in a cute and alluring train.

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Roycebridal, Romantic Wedding Dresses 

A very attractive model with a deep V-neckline, and a tight bodice made of lace that leaves a lot of bareback skin at the back, the short sleeves in transparency full of lace and puffed enhance the top of the dress.

The skirt that complements it, with a high waist, falls in line with a sweeping train providing a lot of elegance.

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Roycebridal, Vintage Lace Wedding Dresses

Innocence and sensuality present this beautiful dress with vintage lace and long puffed sleeves that have the characteristic of being detachable.

A sensual and provocative neckline with dropped shoulders that end in a heart in the center of the bust makes it very suggestive, and is topped with a top edge of a thick lace that reaches the arms, rose them, and reaching the back leaving it largely uncovered, puffed and transparent sleeves, also adorned with lace are topped at the wrist with wavy details.

The bodice has lace throughout its structure with transparency and very tight highlighting the shape of the bust, and a majestic skirt falls to the floor in A with a sweep train forming a tail.

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Roycebridal, Bold Boho Bridal Gown

Roycebridal surprises again with this suggestive model, in chiffon, tulle, and lace, which presents a spectacularly sexy design, with a transparent bodice, very tight and full of attractive lace, which presents a very daring and deep V neckline, showing all the charm of the feminine Goddess, the long puffed sleeves, also present a sensual touch, with an insinuating opening on the shoulders.

The complement is a typically pleated skirt with a sensual front slit, which falls in pleats to the floor forming a wide A with a sweeping train.

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Roycebridal, 10038,Bridal Dresses by the Sea Line

It is the classic Boho style, made of fine chiffon and elegant lace, with a wide V-neckline, front and back, long sleeves decorated in lace, and the bodice is tight, and fully embroidered in lace.

A splendid skirt complements it in an A-line silhouette, finely pleated, and decorated with fine lace details, falling to the floor in a sweeping train, with an elegantly ruffled edge.

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Ericdress, 31687066 long sleeves wedding dress 

Sensual design in organdy features a deep and slender V-neckline that reaches the waist, showing the beauty of the feminine bust. The bodice is very tight and adorned in delicate lace, the sleeves long, wide, transparent, and puffed, topped at the wrists with a beautiful wavy panties detail.

The dress has a wide sash with pleats at the empire-style waist, from where an elegant floor-length bell skirt in beautiful pleating exits and ends in a sweep train with an attractive train.

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Ericdress, 31687057, Split front wedding dress

This beautiful and alluring design by Ericdress looks majestic and sensual, made in fine chiffon and lace, with an insinuating illusion style neckline that ends in a sweetheart at the center of the bust, and round neckline, it has a transparency that reveals the upper skin of the bust and back, the long sleeves, transparent and puffed, culminating in a very attractive detail in lace embroidery simulating a Roman style, the bodice looks tight to the torso with fine lace.

The empire waist is the beginning of a long, elegant pleated waistline that falls to the floor, divided by a slit on the left side that sensually shows off the beauty of the leg, and ends in a sweep train that forms a long train.

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Ericdress, 17680662, Chapel lace Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

Another spectacular model of wedding dress from Ericdress, with illusion neckline with round neck, ending in heart highlighting the beauty of the bust, the long and transparent sleeves, are puffed and decorated with lace on the shoulders and wrists, the bodice is very tight to the body and decorated in elegant lace, in the back the transparency lets you see the skin of the upper back.

A tight-fitting skirt to the hips complements the dress in a very elegant mermaid cut that opens to fall to the floor forming a circular tail in transparency with the edge finished in beautiful lace.

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Ericdress, 31406926 Beach Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress

This design belongs to the bowknot line of Ericdress, it is made in chiffon, with a cut in the best Greek style, with a sensual V-neckline with pleated straps and adorned on the shoulders with attractive bows, the bodice is tight and crossed in the front, in the back divided with a heart detail that shows the skin on both sides of the back, it presents wide, long and puffed sleeves of great elegance.

The thin sash with a bow at the natural waist is the beginning of a pleated skirt that falls to the floor in elegant pleating and short A-line.

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EricDress,13664025, Halterneck wedding dress with cape

Crafted in fine satin and lace, this attractive gown from Ericdress features a beautiful high neck illusion neckline topped with lace, long sheer sleeves add elegance, the fitted bodice combines the neckline with a sweetheart to enhance the bust and is covered at the back with a sheer lace embroidered cape.

The skirt, very close-fitting at the hips to flatter the silhouette, falls into a trumpet-shaped column that opens into a wide sheath that simulates a train.

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Ericdress, 13184899, Lace mermaid wedding dress

A spectacular design, with an illusion round neckline with transparent front and back adorned with lace embroidery, the long, transparent, and puffed sleeves are also decorated with lace, and the bodice is very tight and in total lace, falls to the floor in a sensual skirt very near to the figure in mermaid cut wearing lace trimmings, and opening in bell forming a circle in pleated and wavy that give it a stunning look.

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Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress
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