51 Square Engagement Rings Tips

Getting an engagement ring on someone would mean that you are quite serious about what you are doing. It takes a lot of courage and, of course, resources to give the person you love such an item. We are happy to assist you in any way we can to make your special moment very memorable.

Here are a lot of charming square-cut engagement rings you can gush over. Do not worry though, we have something for every budget.

The engagement process is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Getting to decide what type of ring cut you will be going to give your special someone can be taxing and worrisome. You know perfectly well that every move you are going to make at this moment would make an impact.

But you don’t need to worry because, as always, we got your back perfectly covered. A beautiful piece of square engagement rings would set the mode and tone to some extra levels. We understand you are nervous and stressed out. Well, good news. You don’t have to be. Let us help you get the best square engagement rings, and worry no more.

Yes, deciding on an engagement ring is quite a feat. First, you have to choose a metal for the band, will it be white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum? If you already decided on that, there is a stone to think of. Will you ditch tradition and go with other gemstones like amethyst, pearl, emerald, etc.? Or will you choose the classic diamond? After all, diamonds never go out of style.

If you decide on what gemstone to use for your engagement ring, your choosing days are far from over. You must now decide between engagement ring cuts. There is no right or wrong way in choosing a cut. However, an excellent choice would be the classic square engagement ring.

Square engagement rings are more versatile than round ones when you consider the setting. While the round cut is more traditional and common, the square cut appears more dramatic and modern. When you consider the cost of carat per carat, square-shaped diamonds usually cost less than round brilliants.

Beautiful square engagement rings to check out!

Rosec Jewels Amethyst Moissanite Princess Cut White Gold Ring

Another birthstone option is this amethyst AAA moissanite princess cut ring in a 14K white gold band. The knotted rope design in the shank lends this ring a feminine aura.

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Kobelli Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

With a 3/4 carat genuine diamond taking center stage, this 14K rose gold engagement ring is proposal-ready.

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Rosec Jewels Moissanite Solitaire Rose Gold Ring

The moissanite stone is set in a 4-prong setting, taking all the attention towards it. The split shank features smaller gemstones leading to the center stone.

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Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver in 10K Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This two-tone engagement ring features a rhodium-plated 10K rose gold heart flanking a square diamond center stone.

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Kobelli Diamond Cathedral Setting Princess and Halo Engagement Ring

The princess-cut center stone is raised by arches of metal from the shank. With the halos flanking the center stone, it creates an illusion of higher carat weight.

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Kobelli Diamond Princess Cut Bridal Set

You will never need to find a matching wedding band because this set is all you will ever need. The 14K gold engagement ring features not one but three princess-cut genuine diamonds.

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Berricle Canary Yellow Cubic Zirconia Cushion Cut Sterling Silver Ring

Creating an illusion of two different bands, the split shank style of this ring is accented with 2.26ct round and trillion cubic zirconia in pave and prong setting. The premium quality 5.6ct cushion cut canary yellow cubic zirconia main stone is a departure from the more common (and expensive) white diamonds.

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Thelanda Sterling Silver Princess Cut Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring

For the budget-conscious, this classic princess-cut sterling silver ring is a reasonable choice. The knife-edge sterling silver band is capped with a 4-prong set of a simulated 2ct princess cut clear diamond.

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White gold engagement ring with a princess cut center stone

This ring says it all. It is filled with romance and love as this square engagement ring brings the best love for both of you. It features a “Forever One” Moissanite princess cut center stone that brings a lot of emotion into the air. The gorgeous floral and leaf vine pattern just makes this square engagement ring truly stand.

An engagement ring that would make the entire place filled with untainted and pure love. You can have this ring in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Make your engagement extra special. Get this one now, and you’ll be on your way to getting the right answer for that big question. Get this ring now and take your relationship to the next level.

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White Gold Princess and Round Diamond Ring

The simple 10K white gold band features smaller round diamonds flanking the classic princess-cut center stone. The peeking negative space created from the split shank created a delicate and dainty look.

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Berricle Simulated Blue Sapphire Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Looking for birthstone gems for your engagement? This 5.6ct simulated blue sapphire cushion-cut ring in sterling silver will hit the spot without you going bankrupt. The center stone is accented with 0.5ct round cubic zirconia stones.

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Anjays Designs White Gold Celtic Trinity Knot Engagement Ring

For the Celtic bride, this 14K white gold band ring features a unique Celtic Trinity Knot design and is capped with a 1.0ct princess-cut Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite Center Stone.

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Rosec Jewels Moissanite Princess Cut Statement Ring

Bold corners and dazzling gemstone, this statement ring in 14K gold is the quintessential square engagement ring.

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Blue Sapphire and Diamond Wedding Ring

This entry might be on the rectangle shape side, but the yellow gold, blue sapphire, and sterling silver combination are breathtaking.

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Rosec Moissanite Asscher Cut Solitaire Ring

The Asscher cut AAA-quality moissanite stone is set in a straight shank. Smaller moissanite stones adorn the shank leading to the center stone.

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Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring

A 14k Rose gold square engagement ring with diamonds will bring the relationship to a whole new level. We are excited and expecting a happy ending in your epic love story that is built on love, trust, and respect. This square engagement ring would help you seal the deal and “take home the bacon.”

A precious metal with a precious stone sliding nicely on a precious finger would be going to be a great story to tell for years to come. This square engagement ring would present an emotion like no other. You don’t have to say a word, just pop this little bad boy, and you can get the answer you are dying to hear. Go get her tiger. We got your back covered.

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Rosec Jewels Moissanite Asscher Cut Engagement Ring

Revive the Art Deco era with this rose gold ring from Rosec Jewels. The Asscher-cut moissanite center stone is flanked with smaller gemstones creating an arresting but dazzling profile.

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Platinum diamond floral engagement ring

An engagement ring that is made from platinum with an elegant design would surely make someone’s eyes big with amazement. With a “Forever One” Moissanite cut stone, you know this love item would make someone truly special and would spread a lot of love all over the place.

Present this beautiful platinum diamond square engagement ring to your special someone and get ready to pop the big question, and we are so thrilled with it. This platinum diamond engagement ring comes in a beautiful jewelry box that adds a bit of surprise and suspense that would make the event super romantic.

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Yellow Gold Celtic Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut Moissanite

It is hard to get enough of this love thingy, especially when you have this square engagement ring ready to be slid down on someone’s else finger. This diamond engagement ring with cushion cut Moissanite center stone just makes love sweeter and happier. We guarantee you that.

This ring would surely make an excellent engagement ring for your special someone. Available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, you will have plenty of options to show how much you feel. You will get the reply you are dying to hear when you pop the big question. Come and get this ring now.

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Glitz Design Three-Stone Diamond Princess Cut Yellow Gold Ring

This three-stone diamond ring symbolizes a couple’s past, present, and future. Go all out with three breathtaking princess-cut GIA-certified diamonds in a 14K yellow gold band.

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14kt yellow gold diamond Cherry Blossom flower

A precious testament to how you deeply feel for someone when you slid this square engagement ring nice and smooth on her finger. Made from 14k yellow gold, this diamond Cherry blossom Sakura engagement ring will make your love last forever because this piece of love gem is forever.

When you are ready to pop the million-dollar question, it would need a million-dollar answer. This ring will get you the answer you are dying to hear. Presented in a romantic and beautiful jewelry box. This excellent square engagement ring will surely make romance and love come to life. Come and get this ring now.

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United World Diamonds Lab Created Diamond Cushion Cut White Gold Engagement Ring

You can never go wrong with the simple and classic design of this classic cushion-cut solitaire ring. The 1ct IGI certified lab-grown diamond is set in a white gold band.

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Square Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Diamond Ring

An item that pours love on someone when it gets to their finger. Your precious loved one would surely get surprised and feel a lot of love when you pop the question. Let romance and love fill the air with this 1-carat diamond square engagement ring. We are excited and can’t wait for wedding bells.

Made of superior quality that is sure to last a lifetime, this square engagement ring keeps the love and passion burning. A perfect gift for your loved one, which is enclosed in a classic jewelry box that makes it super romantic. It is safe to be worn every day because it is hypoallergenic and made with the best craftsmanship.

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Kobelli Diamond Asscher Cut Cathedral Wedding Set

This bridal set comes with an engagement ring and a matching wedding band. The engagement ring features an Asscher-cut diamond in a cathedral shank. Perfect for the classic woman.

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Atylyk 1 Carat Moissanite Engagement Ring

Make the engagement more romantic with this excellent square engagement ring that is great for giving your special someone that wonderful romantic feeling. It has an exquisite design that brings a lot of simplicity and elegance that is unmatched. We are sure that whatever it is you ask your special someone, you’ll get the answer you are dying to hear.

Made with high-quality craftsmanship, this classic four-claw inlay technology keeps the precious stone stable, just like your love, which is unmoved no matter what. It is sure not to fall and would remain in place with everyday wear. A great gift item for all special occasions this is great in popping that question. We love to see you take hold of this ring now.

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Princess Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring made w/ Swarovski Zirconia

When it sparkles, its luster brings a lot of emotion. You will never get wrong with this excellent piece of jewelry in letting someone know what you really feel. The princess cut zirconia is great and provides a lot of elegance to this ring. Love will surely fly all over the place.

The zirconia stone is just fantastic and will make someone feel try special. The timeless and classic design makes engagement a romantic bliss. This square engagement ring brings love and romance to a whole new level in an instant. Get this one now and see how love conquers and bare all.

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Anjay Designs Diamond White Gold Engagement Ring

The emerald cut 1ct white sapphire center stone in this gorgeous 14K white gold diamond is set in a solitaire design. A total of 18 color diamonds make the straight shank luminous.

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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds are women’s best friends and diamonds are forever. Crafted with excellent workmanship, getting this piece of jewelry on someone’s finger would lighten up any day and fill the air with lots of love. An engagement could never be so romantic. This square engagement ring is just the best item that would show lots of love.

Get the mood ready, light up some candles, and don’t forget the music. Pop the question, get this ring, and boy, you can feel the energy tingling down someone’s spine. You are just a romantic machine that pours a love potion on your special someone. We can’t wait for you to slide this square engagement ring on someone’s finger and let her feel special.

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Berricle Black Cubic Zirconia Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

This stunning and non-traditional black center stone is sure to capture a bride who wants to veer off from tradition. Crafted in sterling silver, the premium quality 3ct cushion black cubic zirconia is accented with equally luminous round CZ stones in a micro pave setting.

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Venetia Top Grade 2.0 Carats Supreme Princess Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

She loves you, and you love her. You took something in your pocket, kneel slowly while other girls were giggling and holding up their emotions, and then slid this square engagement ring right into your woman’s finger and pop the million-dollar question. This ring would definitely get you the job done.

This sparkling and shiny simulated diamond ring would definitely fill the place with lots of love and romance. Even if it is dark and not so well lighted, this ring would give off its luster and would make an instant romantic setting with a flick of a finger. This ring is just so perfectly crafted that even if you haven’t finished the question. You’ll hear a yes.

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Diamond Deal Black Diamond Princess Cut White Gold Ring

The unique black and white diamond combination design are sleek and modern yet classy and elegant.

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One Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

You’re in love, we know. You have been saving to get the best ring for her; we know as well. What to do with that ring, well that is something we love to hear about. This diamond engagement ring would surely give us an idea of what the future holds. You can see it written in the stars clearly. She’s going to give you a thunderous YES.

This ring is from 14k solid gold and decorated with an attractive and romantic piece of diamond. You have a perfect diamond that would shine and sparkle with lots of love and emotion. Placed inside a premium wooden jewelry box, you are sure that the romance would never end and everyone would hold their breath in suspense.

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Anjay Designs Platinum Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

With a split-shank and the halo design, this platinum ring will turn heads. The center stone is 1ct white sapphire, adorned with a total of 56 VS-SI/G-H color diamonds.

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Diamondere Natural Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold

Everyone loves a great engagement. You can just feel the tension, the drama, and many stuff that makes the event super romantic. They made this ring from real solid white-gold that is Rhodium finished and does not have any nickel. Diamond are girl’s best friend and you know it’s true.

Everyone can just feel the romance the moment you are going to do the stance and slowly kneel in front of her and then pop out this square engagement ring out of your pocket and ask the million-dollar question. We can just feel it from here that it will go to be overflowing with emotion and love. Good luck tiger, you are going to need it.

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Anjay Designs Diamond Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

This yellow gold version of the simple emerald-cut white sapphire ring is equally gorgeous. The center stone is enhanced with 18 color diamonds adorning the shank.

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10k Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

When you have this ring with you, you will fill the world with lots of romance and love. This excellent piece of square engagement ring is a sure way to your loved one’s heart. We can just hear a ringing of the wedding bells a few months after you pop the million-dollar question she had been waiting to hear.

You are on your way to starting a brand new life with the love of a lifetime. Our excellent choice of square engagement rings is just the ideal item for you two lovebirds. How could she not say yes? This ring is full of romance. They fill it with lots of sincere emotion and you are just the ultimate love machine, no doubt about it.

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GemsNY Blue Sapphire Cushion Cut Yellow Gold Ring

Faithfulness and sincerity, two qualities represented by blue sapphire engagement rings. Princess Diana’s engagement ring has a blue sapphire center stone. This ring is a simple variation of the famous ring, with its traditional solitaire setting.

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Allurez Natural Garnet And Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Garnets have always been associated with love, life, and victory for thousands of years, making them a perfect engagement ring stone. The princess-cut garnet in this platinum ring is haloed with smaller diamonds.

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Rosec Jewels Diamond Cluster and Blue Sapphire Yellow Gold Ring

The combination of sapphire and diamonds makes a stunning statement ring. Four princess-cut diamonds form a cluster in the center haloed with round diamonds. An intricate row of square blue sapphires adorns the yellow gold band.

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Rosec Jewels Moissanite And Blue Sapphire Princess Cut Ring

If you do not want to go all out and choose a colored gemstone, this princess cut diamond with a trillion cut created blue sapphire halo is perfect for you.

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Lanmi Natural Green Emerald And Diamonds White Gold Engagement Ring

The green hue of the emerald represents new beginnings in love and life, perfect for an engagement. The genuine emerald center stone is surrounded by round-cut diamonds with two baguette-cut larger diamonds on each side.

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Anjay Designs Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Classic and elegant, this 14K yellow gold ring has a center stone of 1CT white sapphire. The interlocked shank is adorned with smaller diamonds.

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MyrayGem Natural Pink Morganite Cushion Cut Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Brides looking for unconventional engagement rings will fall in love with this cushion-cut natural pink morganite ring. Set in a romantic criss-cross shank, the colored center stone works well with the 14K rose gold band.

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Rosec Jewels Moissanite Ring Cushion Cut Gold Milgrain Engagement Ring

The dainty shank design paired with sharp angles of this ring is what sets it apart from classic designs featuring the same cushion cut center stone.

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Thelanda White Gold Princess Cut Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring

The solid solitaire simulated princess-cut diamond shines through in this traditional design. Twelve round simulated diamonds on the side of the band add flare and brightness to the ring.

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Rosec Jewels Aquamarine Moissanite Cushion Cut Gold Milgrain Ring

Aquamarine engagement rings symbolize an expression of courage, openness, and everlasting love. The SGL-certified aquamarine moissanite in this ring is set in a brilliant hallo and split shank.

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Glitz Design Diamond Princess Cut Halo Petite Engagement Ring

Princess-cut diamonds offer a good degree of brilliance with their unique faceting style. This ring takes it a step further by enclosing the center stone in a halo style for extra brilliance.

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Kobelli Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set Ring

This piece of love jewelry is your ideal set of love items to get your love of life to say YES. When you have a 14k gold ring with a romantic and shiny piece of diamond on it, you are just the perfect Romeo for your Juliet at a flick of a finger. We are pretty sure that it will be going to be romantic with this excellent ring.

We can just imagine how romantic the event is going to be. This 14k gold diamond ring just makes it elevate to the next level. Show your special someone how you truly feel with this great square engagement ring and you are on your way to a romantic and blissful marriage. Just go for it. We got your back perfectly covered.

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Rosec Jewels Black Moissanite Cushion Cut White Gold Engagement Ring

For brides with an affinity for stunning black jewelry, this AAA-quality moissanite center stone flanked with brilliant white gems is a must-have.

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GemsNY Blue Sapphire Square Cut Ring With Prong and Bezel Set Round Diamonds

The elegant square cut 100% natural blue sapphire is set with fifty-eight round and half bezel and prong-set diamonds. The overall look is beyond beautiful, and you won’t have to worry because the gemstones are ethically sourced.

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Anjays Designs “Forever One” Moissanite Princess Cut Rose Gold Engagement Ring

The simple design of this classic solitaire ring is headlined with the 1.07ct Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite center stone.

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Types Of Square-Shaped Engagement Rings

There are three “real” types of square-cut gems used in engagement rings: the Princess Cut, Cushion Cut, and the Asscher Cut.

Princess Cut

This cut is one of the most popular engagement ring shapes in the market. A princess-cut gem is square when viewed from the top and features four beveled sides. The cut comes in at a point like an upside-down pyramid from the sides.

Cushion Cut

The cushion-cut has rounded corners with slightly curved sides. The unique soft appearance makes this cut feminine and trendy. With its unique large facets, it allows for sparkly colors to show more.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher cut is a favorite in the fashion world, thanks to its uniquely symmetrical geometric design. This diamond will turn heard with its striking step-cut faceting and Art Deco feel.

Although only the above three types of cut are considered truly square-shaped, other shapes that look square enough are also worth considering. They are considered honorary square gems because they are more rectangular but stunning nonetheless. These are the radiant cut and the emerald cut,

Final thougts

Our excellent choices of square engagement rings just make any proposals filled with romance and lots of love. We are super excited and happy that you have chosen us to be your partner on your next journey, which is to settle down and get married. We only wish for both your happiness and good luck to both of you.

51 Square Engagement Rings Tips

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