Surprise Proposal Decoration Ideas

We get it. You look over at your partner and suddenly your whole life with them flashes between your eyes. At that moment, you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your life loving them. Now, your problem is how are you going to propose?

You may be mentally prepared to pop the major “will you marry me?” question, but you are still figuring it out when it comes to the execution of the surprise.

Surprise proposal decoration ideas?

Well, you do not need to worry because this article is exactly the guide you need in preparing how to ask your soulmate to spend forever with you. From surprise proposal decoration ideas to how you can use them, we have your back. Without further ado, let us get to it and get that “yes”!

First Things First: When Are You Going To Propose?

Before you can pick what surprise proposal decoration to use, you need to establish when you will propose because you would need decorations based on this. In most cases, proposals happen on Valentines’ day or on a special occasion that’s memorable to the couple. You need to decide on this, so you will know what proposal theme you will be going for. Of course, this already takes into account where you will be proposing. For example, if you are planning to propose on Valentines’ day, then you need to make sure that you step your game up from the typical valentines dates. You will need more than just flowers and chocolates if you want a grand romantic gesture.

Surprise Proposal Decoration Ideas

Now, here is the part you have been waiting for. Once you have all the details sorted out, picking what surprise decoration to use will be a piece of cake. With that said, here are 11 surprise proposal decoration ideas and how to use them:

No One Can Ever Go Wrong With Balloons

In every celebration, you will always see balloons. It is a staple in all celebrations and it is a well-deserved label. With that said, you can never go wrong with including balloons in your proposal. It always creates a fun and magical aura. In addition to that, it is very much versatile because there are various types. You can use the standard round balloons by filling the floor with them, so when your partner walks towards you, it will create the effect of making a path. You may also drop the balloons from the air the moment your partner enters the room to create an enchanting effect. If you want a moment that is sure to have your partner bursting with tears of happiness, you can use helium on your balloons to make them float until the roof. You have to make sure that there is a string tied to it and attached to that string are your pictures together. You can also have fun with the balloons and get them in different shapes and sizes. In fact, your proposal balloons can even say the question out for you. For only $12.99 on Amazon, you can get a set of letter balloons that spell out “will you marry me?”. Moreover, balloons, in general, are cheap which is another plus as to why they are great.

Signages Are Still In

When you think of signages, you probably envision a high schooler’s proposal, but we assure you that signages are still the real deal when it comes to proposals. You can have a banner hanging in the middle of your view so the first thing that your partners see or it can roll open the moment they walk in. You can also use cardboards for your proposal. Each word in the most vital question is separated into individual cardboards and held up by your friends and family. This usage is perfect for proposals wherein you want the important people in your lives to play a part. But if you want a more intimate and private moment, then you can just go for the banner. A banner only costs about $7.95 on amazon.

Roses (Or Your Partner’s Favorite Flower) Is A Must

A personal favorite of ours on this list is roses. In every grand romantic gesture, flowers (roses, in particular) are always involved because flowers are a symbol of affection. Whether it was the courting stage or a celebration of an anniversary, we know that at some point you gave your partner flowers. Most proposals use rose petals to create a pathway for their partner. At the end of the said path, there will be a table with a heart made from rose petals that has a ring or a special note in the middle. You may also use the rose petals by letting them fall from the ceiling and create a “shower of roses” for your partner. Either way, roses are guaranteed to have your partner’s heart swelling with emotions.

Candles Deserve More Recognition

You may be underestimating the romantic feels that candles bring, but it is definitely one of the most important decorations in your proposal. Candles create a calm, relaxing, and alluring aura, most especially if your set-up is dark. Similar to the rose petals, you can also use the candles to create a path and have it on the table. As for your surroundings, the candles would also be greatly scattered around it so they can illuminate the place. If you are going for a more impressive set-up, then you can have your candles light up the words you want to say. It can be an “I love you” or the “will you marry me?”, either way, it is a great use of candles; however, you will need a lot of help to execute this, but it is certainly worth it. On the other hand, if you want a simple and intimate way of asking your partner to marry you, then you can order a customized candle that will pop the question as it melts. Moreover, it would also be good to use scented candles to add to the romantic setup.

Fairy Lights Are Indeed Magical

If you do not feel comfortable around candles, then a great alternative is fairy lights because it does the same job by illuminating the place. Fairy lights are best used outdoors and with plants. With that said, if you are planning to propose on a rooftop then you can hang a fairy light wall over the dinner table to create a makeshift “fairy tent.” This would especially look great if you have a rose petal pathway leading up to it. You can get a fair light wall for only $17.99 on amazon. If you want a more chill and laid-back proposal, then you can use the fairy lights on a movie and backyard type of proposal. You can scatter it around to give light to the dim aura with the white cloth and projector in the middle. However you decide to use it, fairy lights never fail to live up to their name and indeed bring a magical feel to the happy couple.

Champagne Glasses Are Always Classy

Apart from serving its primary purpose of holding your drinks, champagne glasses provide an intimate and passionate aura in every romantic gesture. Just the sight of two of these placed on the dinner table is sure to make your partner well up in tears. In addition to that, it gives a classy feel that is perfect for treasuring that moment with the love of your life. If you want extra detail, you can have the champagne glasses engraved with your names, a special message, or a one-word inside joke to highlight the exclusivity of your bond.

Confettis Never Go Out Of Style

Along with the balloons, confetti is also a staple in every celebration. There is something about the pop of colors and tiny paper strips that makes the place even more beautiful. You can use confetti to rain down on your partner when they walk in or you can use it when they say yes. Confettis are always a good decoration to commemorate special moments. Although they may be small, they create such a big difference. In addition, they are picture perfect for when you want to share this milestone on your socials.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Another one of our favorites is this. Using a projector and white sheet (if there is no wall), you can have a video montage of your memories together playing. This will make the moment extra emotional as your partner sees all your journey together displayed in right front of them. This trip down memory lane will certainly not only have your partner crying but you as well. This is best executed when there is also music playing in the background. It can either be love songs or songs that hold special meanings in your relationship. To make the video montage even better, you can add a video of yourself at the end. You may say what you love about your partner when you decided you wanted to spend the rest of your life with them, or just say something simple and ask them to turn around. Of course, once they turn to face you, you are on your knees with the ring propped up.

Stay Subtle With A Wine Bottle

If extravagant grand gestures are not your thing and you want a simple and intimate proposal, then you can stay subtle with a wine bottle. You can have the label of your favorite wine bottle replaced with a subtle “will you marry me” question. This is perfect for wine nights and surprising your partner when you ask them to take a closer look at the wine label. Once they look up at you, make sure that you have the ring in your hand. Another subtle thing that you can add to this proposal is fairy lights which can be remote controlled. When your partner looks up at you, you can have the place illuminated with fairy lights just by one click on your remote and have the ring out. This is a simple but certainly memorable engagement proposal. In addition to that, it also does not require much help and makes the moment even more private.

Lanterns Are Making Their Mark

Slowly becoming a classic piece in romantic gestures are lanterns. Other than being affordable, lanterns give off an enchanting aura when they are flown in the sky, but this is actually not the only way you can make use of lanterns in your proposal. You can purchase letter lanterns and have that at your proposal venue to spell out the question. Lanterns are a nice decoration because it also lights up the place and is considered unique (well, at least for now). Whichever way you decide to make use of lanterns, it is guaranteed to make your moment even more special.

LED Lights and Neon Signs

If your relationship is full of colors and spontaneous activities, you will most likely want to incorporate that in your proposal. The best way to do this is by utilizing LED lights and neon signs because it is a great source of lighting and colors. You can even mimic your proposal venue to have disco lights and splashes of colors with the LED lights. As for your neon signs, you can have the question on it or a special message. These decorations are great for adding a fun and bright twist on engagement proposals and will surely add to your adventurous relationship.

Wrapping Up

Planning for a proposal can surely be nerve-wracking, but do not worry because you got this. You are prepared to spend the rest of your life with your partner, and you just need to prepare how you will ask. With any of the surprise proposal decoration ideas stated in this article, you are sure to achieve the aura and feel that you are aiming for. With that said, good luck!

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Surprise Proposal Decoration Ideas

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