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15 Stunning Personalized Wedding Picture Frames

wedding picture frames

Looking for wedding picture frames? The best day of your life has come and gone, and now you’ve got hundreds of beautiful pictures to relive that day for the rest of your life. For such a huge occasion, sometimes a basic picture frame just won’t do. You need something special, a decorative keepsake that is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

Looking for wedding picture frames?

On top of that, you need something that perfectly marries the style of your wedding and the style of your home. With so many different styles to choose from, picking the perfect frames for your favorite wedding pictures can seem daunting. Where do you start? The answer is simple: personalized wedding picture frames.

Personalized wedding picture frames give you the ability to create unique mementos that add something extra to the pictures they display. Whether you’re looking to dedicate an entire gallery wall to your wedding day or spread your favorite shots throughout your home and workspace, a personalized wedding picture frame is sure to impress.

Here is a collection of some stunning personalized wedding picture frames perfect for displaying your treasured memories.

15 Stunning Personalized Wedding Picture Frames

Wooden Frame

This attractive wooden wedding picture frame offers a romantic style great for rustic, farmhouse, boho, and classic styles alike. This simple frame won’t overshadow your wedding pictures, and will integrate seamlessly with simple and eclectic deor alike.

This wedding picture frame is available in three sizes, and can be engraved vertically or horizontally. It’s sure to fit whatever picture or placement you have in mind!

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Infinite Love Shiplap Frame

This distressed whitewashed shiplap frame has a rustic, homey charm. The design of this wedding picture frame means it can serve as a farmhouse accent or integrate seamlessly into your existing farmhouse decor.

The easel back design makes it a perfect centerpiece for an entryway accent table, coffee table, or bedroom nightstand. Available in two sizes with vertical and horizontal styles, it’s easy to match this frame to any picture.

This wedding picture frame lets you add a custom title and your last name in simple fonts that won’t overwhelm your wedding pictures. You can also add in your wedding date and never risk forgetting your anniversary!

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Honorable Mention: Double Picture Frame

While this isn’t technically a personalized wedding picture frame, this double picture frame is versatile enough to be worth mentioning.

This double shadowbox wedding picture frame has a unique elegance and an interesting visual effect. The two frames are perfect for displaying a pair of matching pictures, but you could do a lot more than that.

This frames give you the ability to display your favorite wedding picture alongside a wedding invitation. You could even print out a cute graphic, your favorite quote, song lyrics, or your wedding vows to accompany the picture. If you’re a creative type, the customization options for this wedding picture frame are endless!

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At Last… Shiplap Frame

Like the Infinite Love frame, this wedding picture frame offers a lovely farmhouse charm that can work well in a variety of decor styles. The swirling script font available for this wedding picture frame adds some elegance to it. That makes it easy to match to classic decor, or seamlessly integrate your elegant wedding pictures with your farmhouse decor.

This frame lets you add any names and one line of text. Keep your message short and sweet, and this simple wedding picture frame will bring a classic homey charm to any of your wedding pictures.

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Sparkling Love Frame

With a cute but classy falling polka dot design, this frame is suitable for a lot of different styles. Whether you’re looking for something bubbly and fun or elegant and classy, this wedding picture frame has you covered.

For another point in its favor, this frame is super customizable! Choose from four colors, and personalize the frame with the couple’s names and wedding date. On top of that, the frame is available in three styles: easel and box styles for a tabletop display, and a wall-mounted frame. Every style is available in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

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Happy Couple Reflections Frame

Looking for a sleek wedding picture frame that marries a minimalist design with a meaningful personal touch? This engraved glass frame may be the one for you.

This wedding picture frame features a title, the couple’s first names and last names, and a date. The beveled edges elevate this simple frame, and the golden brass trim makes sure your wedding picture will stand out. This frame is sure to fit in with any decor and makes for an elegant tabletop centerpiece.

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Wedding Invitation Frame

Whether you are looking to immortalize your wedding invitation or display a meaningful poem or story alongside your wedding pictures, this engraved glass wedding picture frame is a stand-out option.

Just like the Happy Couple Reflections frame, this wedding picture frame features engraved glass with beveled edges and a golden brass trim around the picture itself. The simple elegance of this frame makes it perfect for any style of decor.

This wedding picture frame lets you add up to 18 lines of text in an elegant script font engraved right next to the picture. It’s a great option if you want to have a permanent version of your wedding invitation on display, but you can put any kind of text that you want. This unique personalization option makes for a truly stunning memento.

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Steel Heart Frame

This adorable heart-shaped wedding picture frame is perfect for the playful and romantic alike. The heart shape makes it a bold piece that’s sure to attract a lot of attention. The small size means it won’t overwhelm whatever room you place it in.

The steel frame features a small heart that can be engraved with a name, date, initials, or any short special message of your choosing. The small size gives it an intimate feel that will surely make for a special keepsake.

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Rustic Elegance Wall Frame

If you’re looking for something that’s both rustic and classic, this rustic wedding picture frame is a wonderful option. The dark brown wood allows the frame to stand out against a variety of backdrops and makes your wedding pictures pop. White text brightens the dark wood design, making for a beautifully rustic accent piece.

In addition to the couple’s names and the wedding date, you can add a line of meaningful text to this frame. Add an inside joke, a favorite quote, or even a reference to your vows to create a truly special keepsake.

This wedding picture frame is especially well suited for rustic wedding pictures or wedding pictures that include a lot of flowers or greenery. It will look gorgeous on display next to some flowers or greenery. On the flip side, this wedding picture frame would be a fun addition to the industrial-style decor.

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Wedding Memories Light Up Glass LED Frame

If you’re looking for a unique way to display your favorite wedding picture, look no further than this LED glass wedding picture frame. Have you ever seen anything like it? No? That’s what makes it to special!

The floating picture effect makes your picture the center of attention. The strip of LED lights around the edge of the glass adds to this effect, highlighting the best picture from the best day or your life. The timeless matte nickel finish of the base will fit in with any decor. All in all, this simple wedding picture frame is unbelievably cool.

As for personalization, you have the option to add two lines of text. One line of text is in the top corner of the frame in a a script font, and the other line is at the bottom.

Don’t be scared off by how unique this wedding picture frame is. While the glass and LED lights seem ultra-modern, this deceptively simply design means it’s sure to fit in well with any style of decor.

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Moody Chic Frame

This simple modern design has a dark matte finish that has a subtly blotchy concrete look to it. While this frame can absolutely work for a variety of decor styles, its an especially great choice for fans of industrial style.

It comes in six colors, all of them sure to stand out and make your favorite wedding pictures pop. Personalize the frame with the couple’s names and wedding dates in a simple font.

This wedding picture frame comes in three styles, each suited for a different sized picture. Every style is available in horizontal and vertical orientations, so it’s easy to customize this frame to fit any picture and any location.

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The Wedding Couple Frame

This frame is an elegant and artistic centerpiece that stands out without overshadowing your favorite wedding pictures. Add the couple’s names, last name, and wedding date displayed in an elegant but understated typeface. Optionally add in the couple’s nicknames for an even more personal touch.

The words on this wedding picture frame are organized creatively, making the frame look like a piece of word art. It comes in six different colors and three styles, so it won’t be hard to match it to your decor!

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Wedding Picture Frames Collage

Have you always loved the look of a wedding picture frames collage wall, but never known quite how to get started making one for yourself? This cute photo tree can definitely help you out.

This wedding picture frames collage comes with a whopping nine frames of various sizes, including a personalized print featuring a line of text in your chosen font and background color. Along with the frames, it comes with a few tree accents and a full-sized template to make installing this mini-gallery an absolutely breeze.

The simple, minimalist design makes this little wedding picture frames collage well suited for just about any home style. All you need to do is pick out the perfect wall to display it!

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Leather Picture Frame

For an unexpected option, try this leather wedding picture frame. This engraved frame is has an understated aesthetic and is easy to dress up or down depending on your personal style. This frame can look at home in a cozy living room, a studious home office, or even as a classy accent in your bedroom.

This wedding picture frame comes in three sizes and eight colors and features classy fonts for your custom text. The long-lasting material is resistant to the sort of damage you might risk from a wooden or glass frame, making it a great option for a home with young children or lots of pets.

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Glass Antique Frame

This unique wedding picture frame makes for a truly special keepsake. The glass can be custom engraved with the couple’s names and wedding dates. You can even add a custom monogram! The white frost embossing adds an extra touch of elegance.

This unique frame has an elegant, vintage feel. It is beautiful enough to be an eye-catching centerpiece and understated enough that it doesn’t overshadow your wedding pictures.

The sculpture-like construction of this wedding picture frame ensures it will look attractive from all angles. The metal trim and solder detailing make the piece look upscale, and the sturdy design ensures it will last for years to come.

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Crystal Heart Frame

If you’re looking for a truly special memento that will last you forever, look no further than this crystal heart-shaped frame.

The crystal heart wedding picture frame is made from K9 crystal, a type of glass known for its clarity. This frame is special because you can have your favorite picture engraved into the heart. This means that, much like your love, your favorite wedding picture will last forever!

You can also request add text to be engraved with the picture. You can even forgo the picture altogether and send in custom text to be engraved into the heart.

This crystal heart is a unique wedding picture frame. It’s classy and elegant, and at once bold and understated. It will fit in with any style of decor. And with so many ways to customize it, you’re sure to create something special.

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15 Stunning Personalized Wedding Picture Frames
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