What Is The Proper Way To Wear Wedding Rings?

So what is the proper way to wear wedding rings? Wearing the wedding ring on the third finger of the left-hand dates back to medieval times. During ancient times, it was thought that a vein in that finger ran straight to the heart. Because of this belief, people wore wedding rings on their fingers in hopes of bringing happiness to their marriage. Today, many people still wear their rings on their left hand’s third finger, although some have switched over to wearing them on the right hand’s third finger or thumb instead.

Also, because the signet ring was used as a mark of identity in ancient Rome, some brides and grooms wear their wedding bands on the ring finger of the right hand.

What Is The Proper Way To Wear Wedding Rings
What Is The Proper Way To Wear Wedding Rings

Is it proper to wear wedding rings on the ring finger of each hand?

Answer: No, although some people do this today. Originally, wedding rings were tied together with a blue cord and placed at the foot of the bed during the first night of marriage. Many couples now wear their wedding rings on the ring fingers of their right hands because they believe one of their veins in that finger leads straight back to the center of their emotions (the heart).

Nowadays, however, many couples simply prefer wearing them on one hand only rather than switching from one finger to another every night. Some brides and grooms even switch off daily depending upon which hand they write with.

While there are no hard and fast rules about wearing wedding rings, many people choose to wear them on the left hand’s ring finger. For some, this has become a tradition that is upheld throughout their lives. Even though some countries have stopped using this particular method of identification, it remains an important part of weddings across the globe.

Wedding ring etiquette

When it comes to wedding ring etiquette for men, there are several options. Some men wear a traditional gold band on the fourth finger of their left hand, while others opt for a more unique ring or even no ring at all. Either way, wedding ring etiquette is not as complicated as you may think. If you have any questions about wearing a wedding ring after the wedding, consult your officiant.

  • Traditional – The most common option is using a plain gold band on the left hand’s ring finger. However, this varies depending upon your culture and religion – if you’re Jewish or Muslim, you will typically wear the rings on different fingers than those from Christianity and other cultures. In any case, ask if both partners have traditional bands before the ceremony begins; if not, it may be best to wait until the end of the service to exchange rings.
  • His and hers matching bands – A modern trend in wedding ring etiquette has recently emerged: wearing his and her bands that match one another. Couples can choose either gold or silver or a combination of both metals for this type of band set. This option is often selected by couples who want an equal pairing rather than traditional roles for each partner.
  • Diamond bands – These are another traditional option. They may be plain or intricately designed, usually with one partner’s diamond placed higher than the other’s to indicate who wears the pants in the household.
  • Unconventional designs – If you’re tired of the same old wedding ring styles that everyone else has, perhaps it is time to try out something new! One trend around today are Celtic knots representing eternity, infinity and fidelity – this design works for either partner no matter your religion or culture. Another popular choice is a titanium band with an inscription on it about love or commitment; this is not only unique but more durable than traditional rings.
  • No matching bands – If you’re looking for a more contemporary approach to wedding ring etiquette, consider wearing different styles or choosing no rings at all. Both partners may instead opt for bracelets or necklaces that both parties wear and cherish as wedding gifts from one another forever.

If you are thinking about using any of these modern techniques, be sure to talk with your officiant during the rehearsal dinner so he knows what to expect on your special day. You or your partner may also want to research or draw up some sample designs before the big day so everything goes smoothly.

Handfasting Ceremony

One of the most cherished symbols in wedding ring etiquette has to be the handfasting ceremony, which involves tying together the right hands of the bride and groom using a length of cord or ribbon. After the officiant ties their hands together, he instructs them to hold on tightly to one another during the ceremony, just as they will continue to do for all eternity after they are married. This is followed by cutting apart with scissors that have been heated over the fire so that no one can untie each other’s bonds unless they are meant to be together forever.

This ceremony dates back to the pagan and Celtic cultures, but it has recently gained popularity among non-religious couples as well. The ribbon used in this wedding ring etiquette technique is usually wrapped around the hands several times, decorated with beads, or colored in a specific pattern so that it will remain beautiful all through the ceremony.

This type of ceremony is typically used by couples who want to incorporate cultural or religious traditions into their wedding day. If you’re trying for something more contemporary, talk with your officiant about using a different symbol for this wedding ring etiquette technique.


So, to sum it up… there is no wrong way to wear your wedding rings. Just make sure it fits properly and is comfortable around your finger so you don’t injure yourself. If you choose to wear matching bands, try and find something that is either symbolic or has a special meaning to you. Don’t worry about following the rules of wedding ring etiquette; just enjoy your day!

*If you can’t afford any rings at all, there are ways around it. If not wearing one just isn’t for you, but if you need an inexpensive fix then go look into temporary tattoos.

What Is The Proper Way To Wear Wedding Rings?
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