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What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping as a Guest?

What to wear wedding dress shopping as a guest? The Day has finally come, and your best friend is getting married! How can you be a great supportive friend to her during these special moments in time?

What to wear wedding dress shopping as a guest
What to wear wedding dress shopping as a guest?

What would be the right wedding gift for her? If she forgets anything, what things could you remind her of that are important to this day? What things could you bring for her just in case she forgets? Also, what should you wear while searching for wedding dresses with her as a guest?

What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping As A Guest

There are probably a million different ideas rushing through her mind, as well as a thousand different ideas flowing through her mind as well. Where do you fit into this adventure as her friend, mentor, or maybe even her Maid of Honor? As her guest, it’s important to be as supportive as possible by bringing anything she might forget on this day, giving her the best friendly advice, and being by her side with her on this special day. This might be the first shopping trip she makes to find her special dress, and she might leave with her special dress today! She also might go dress shopping today, and not be able to find the right dress for today.

5 Tips For Being A Supportive Friend While Dress Shopping

You can be a supportive friend, mentor, sister, mother, relative, and more when helping find the bride the perfect dress. One tip you can do is to help inspire her by putting together a list of ideas that might appeal to her regarding bridal shopping such as screenshots of Pinterest, saved or liked pictures on Instagram, or finding dress ideas online. Don’t forget to take as many photos and videos as the bride requests: the likes, the dislikes, and everything between! Every dress she tries on should be remembered with a simple picture, just in case she ever thinks about going back and trying on that favorite dress again.

Give advice when you feel it’s the right time to be given or when advice is warranted. Whether it’s something as simple as the certain style of the dress, the way the dress fits, or what accessories should be added to the dress would be very helpful and beneficial to know as the bride. It’s very overwhelming just trying to find the right style, dress, and fitting, so being there as her support system is in many ways a relief. The bride doesn’t have to figure all this out on her own. She has you and many other sources of a healthy support system.

Besides showing your support, make sure your calendar and schedule are free enough for any appointments that could arise such as alteration fitting appointments. During these appointments, beyond advice, she may need your assistance with things like bustling her dress for the reception, or decision-making support on deciding on a veil or headpiece for example.

Etiquette As A Guest While Wedding Dress Shopping

The first tip for etiquette is to help shop for wedding dresses. This means offering the best second-opinions that would fit her unique style and layout for her special day. Also, be available for multiple shopping trips and other appointments that can pop up. Be a great support system by bringing family and friends with the bride’s permission, to offer extensive support for the bride.

The second tip for etiquette is to be the wedding dress photographer by capturing the best moments in all of the dresses that she tried on. Make sure to receive approval and permission from the store manager and the bride. This is great for memories and moments as well as sharing with others the wonderful day you all had together. Keeping a log of brands and style numbers is a good reference at a later time when looking at the descriptions of the dresses.

The third tip for etiquette is to attend all wedding dress fittings. Once the bride finds her perfect wedding gown, it’s important to help assist her with the coordination of shoes and undergarments to match her personal preference. You will be counted on to give the best advice and assistance when helping the bride. Most importantly, during these wedding dress fittings, you will learn how to get the bride in and out of her dress properly.

Some things to consider are your options and ordering etiquette. Whether the bride is deciding to have the bridesmaids choose their own dresses and styles, or if the bride and maid of honor have more of a say in the bridesmaid dresses is up to the bride. Having a variety of different shades of colors to choose from, you can help inspire the bride with different shades of her color choices. Keeping in mind the time frame of a typical delivery for a wedding dress (3-4 months) and alterations (4-6 weeks) is important as well.

Amazing Outfits To Wear wedding dress shopping as a guest

Now is the time in this article to answer the question “What to wear wedding dress shopping as a guest?” and check out amazing formal outfits to wear as a guest! There are three different designs, with each being unique in its own way. They are offered in various colors and are affordable, only found on Amazon.

Womens Off The Shoulder Casual Short Sleeve Maxi Dress High Low 

This dress, designed by Dokotoo, features a woman’s off-the-shoulder ruffle party dress. It can come in various colors such as black, burgundy, and green. It has a high low hem and is a perfect formal dress to wear while shopping.

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Manydress Women’s Scooped Neckline Floral lace Top

This dress, designed by Manydress, features a woman’s cap sleeve Polyester dress that has ruched lace. It also comes in various colors including red, blue, and purple. It has a nice design and is the perfect formal dress to wear while shopping.

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Milumia Women’s Elegant Belted Pleated Flounce Sleeve Long Dress

This dress, designed by Milumia, features a woman’s sleeve boat-neck with pleated. It’s a stylish dress and comes in various colors such as black, burgundy, and green. It has a belted waist and is pleated and makes a perfect formal dress to wear while shopping.

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Tips To Wedding Dress Shopping with A Bride: Before the Appointment

One thing to keep in mind is the future bride’s state of mind. She’s probably very excited, very nervous, and very stressed out with little details at the same time. Being that support and shoulder to lean on really goes a long way. The second thing to keep in mind is her style. What silhouettes match her the best? What style and shape would fit her in the best style? Those Instagram and wedding picture photos online will come in handy when finding what suits her needs.

The third thing to keep in mind is to truly understand her vision. Your definition of what a dream dress is is irrelevant. What matters is that it’s her day, and she gets the dress that fits her vision. You can assist with that by grabbing a few dresses and offering them as a suggestion. Lastly, check out all the sample sales that the store has to offer. You can sign up for sample sale lists, and take a look at online websites such as NearlyNewlyWed.

Tips to Wedding Dress Shopping with A Bride: In The Salon

Be that amazing support system by talking with the bride before the appointments and dress shopping, and make sure what you say is in alignment with what the bride wants. Help her stick to her dress shopping budget, and try not to suggest items that go over her limit. That’s what the salesperson is for, so try and be the one to assist with pushy sales as well.

One thing you can do is help the bride get a better deal on her dress. If the salesperson is pushing for a certain dress, and the bride likes it, help out by trying to get a deal for the dress. Sometimes dress shopping doesn’t go as planned. How can you support your friend during this time? Take a break by going to a restaurant, movie, or just having a spa day and get your nails done together, anything to bring up her mood.


Now you have all the tools you need to help provide and support your best friend, sister, daughter, special person in your life. In conclusion, we went over tips for being a supportive friend, etiquette as a guest while wedding dress shopping, amazing outfits to check out for dressing up for this event yourself, tips for wedding dress shopping before the appointment and in the salon.

Remember to have fun! Make the day as fun as possible, and keep in mind the most important details. Be a support system, no matter how you’re related to the future bride, and remember it is her special day. Dress up for this formal event, and find dresses on Amazon that can sometimes be shipped overnight, or go dress shopping with some friends for the perfect outfits to wear during this process. As the guest, you want to look at the part and also show your appreciation for being able to be a part of this event.

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What to Wear Wedding Dress Shopping as a Guest?
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