When to book hair and makeup for the wedding?

When to book hair and makeup for the wedding? Weddings can be one of the most monumental milestones for any individual. If you are preparing for your wedding, there are several things that you have to plan out. While you might want to focus on other things first – like the venue and location – you should also consider having preparations for your hair and makeup.

when to book hair and makeup for wedding
When to book hair and makeup for a wedding?

From photoshoots to meeting guests, everyone’s eyes will be on you. Since it will be your special day, you should welcome it by looking your best. No matter what type of look you are going for – whether you go all-out or keep it simple – you have to prepare your look ahead of time.

Like with other preparations, you can hire a professional to ensure that you can get the best. Since you might be busy on the day itself, having a team handle your hair and makeup can lighten your load a lot. With a hair and makeup team that knows exactly how to make you look good, you can enjoy less stress while looking incredible.

Best Time to Book hair and makeup

When you already have a hair and makeup team in mind, the best time to book them is months before your wedding. The earlier, the better so that you can coordinate with them ahead of time. When you schedule, you shouldn’t just consider your wedding date. You should also schedule trial and secondary trial dates just in case you might want to get revisions for your look.

Here are some factors that you can consider on when to book hair and makeup for a wedding


Some months celebrate more weddings than others. If your wedding is taking place in a full month like June or July, you should know that other brides are in your position. This is why you must book a few months – around three to six months – in advance. If you have a June wedding, you might have a difficult time hiring a hair and makeup team because they might all be unavailable.


Depending on your location, booking teams might also get more clients. You might be living in a metropolitan area where a lot of people live. If you do, chances are that there are always big events happening around you. If you think that weddings and the likes occur often in your area, it means that your local teams might be preoccupied often. Unless you are bringing your professional team, this is another reason why you should book in advance.

Availability of the team

Are you interested in hiring a top-rated and popular hair and makeup team? If you do, you might find yourself unpleasantly surprised by the fact that it can be hard to book them. While getting a popular team can help ensure that you get the best looks during your special day, you might get a tough competition in hiring.

Other factors

Weddings, while monumental events are not the only events that need beauty teams. Debuts, birthday celebrations, graduations, and the like are also special dates that need a hair and makeup team or two. It’s important to know when to book hair and makeup for wedding dates, especially since other occasions have their own need for beauty teams too.

Get the Most Out of Your Beauty Team

While a capable hair and makeup team would do their best no matter the circumstances, there are things that you can do to help make the most out of their service.

Prepare your pegs and inspiration

Do you have a particular hair and makeup that you want to have? Since it’s your wedding, you should get the look that you want. While you might not be decided on a single look, you can keep multiple inspirations on hand. Take one from magazines or sites like Pinterest and bring it with you on your booking.

Schedule in advance

While most teams can handle working under pressure, it’s essential to know when to book hair and makeup for wedding dates. Since a team or artist can have other clients, you can prevent canceled bookings by making that the team is free during your booking and wedding dates. You can book your team as early as three to six months before your wedding. The earlier, the better.

Try out your look ahead of time

When you book your team or artist, you can ask if they can test your look ahead of time. It would be better to have a team that can give you multiple trials. Since you cannot be sure that everything will go well with a single try, it’s better to do a trial run. If your team allows it, you can try multiple looks during the trial, too.

This way, you can get revisions for anything that you want to change. Since your team will meet you in person, they’ll be able to give recommendations to polish up your look, too.

Don’t be afraid to get revisions

If you have just finished a trial and don’t like your current look, you should voice your opinion. While you might get shy or embarrassed, it will be better for everyone if you pitch in your opinion. This way, you can ensure that you can get the look that you want for your wedding day. Your team wouldn’t take any revision against you. In fact, they might thank you because you are giving them more ideas.

Manage your expectations

While you want to look the same as the girl on your wedding inspiration from Pinterest, sometimes, it’s not always possible. Most of the pictures that you find on the internet might have an enhancement or another. While your team will try their best to make your look similar, it will be hard – if not impossible – to get a carbon copy.

Remember to Enjoy

It’s easy to spend your time worrying about how you can look your best for your wedding. You might be anxious that your look wouldn’t be up to your expectations. You might want to go over your budget just to hire the best beauty teams.

But – take a deep breath. While it is essential to look your best during your special day, know that it is not the end-all-be-all. If you are happy with how you look and you have all the basics covered, remember that happiness is the most beautiful look of them all.

When to book hair and makeup for the wedding?
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