Tips on Who Should Hold The Rings in a Wedding

Who holds the rings in a wedding? It can be the ring bearer that holds the ring cushions at a wedding, but you also have some more options to choose from.

A page boy is another term for the ring bearer at a wedding. The ring bearer is typically a young boy between the ages of six to ten who is connected to the couple in question and whose task it is to bring the happy couple’s wedding rings to the altar. In other circumstances, the couple decides that two lads should play this role: one holding the formal occasion accessory for both the bride and the other holding it for the groom. Rather than hiring a page boy, some couples assign the task of ring-bearing to the best man.

Who Should Hold The Rings in a Wedding
Who Should Hold The Rings in a Wedding?

The ring is frequently put atop a ring cushion, which is a huge decorative cushion. They come in a variety of styles, with religious symbols on some, simple on others, and stunning embroidery and sequin as well as beading decoration on others.

Variety of Alternatives to Choose

1) Many couples elect to put their wedding bands on the ring cushion in some way to prevent them from sliding off the cushions or becoming lost. One typical method is to stitch the rings to the cushion with such a thin thread that may be readily broken by the couple getting married after the page boy has arrived at the altar.

2) Additionally, some couples choose to have one or even more page boys as well as a ring cushion as a matter of tradition and have the best man present the couple with their wedding rings.

3) Some couples choose to sew false rings onto the cushion and then have the maid of honor or best man hold the real ones.

If you’re having problems selecting a cushion, there are a variety of them available on several websites that specialize in wedding accessories.

For the page boy, this is generally an immensely exciting portion of the wedding because they get to feel important on your special day.

They are likely to feel appreciated because they believe they have been acknowledged as important individuals on your special day. Despite their pride, walking alone can be a scary job for children, so while the ring bearer(s) may occasionally accompany the flower girl(s) down the aisle, it is reasonable and possibly even more endearing to have the flower girl and indeed the ring bearer walk down the hallway together. Two flower girls could be stationed on either side of the young man, scattering petals, confetti, or wrapped chocolates.

Before the ceremony, the best man is supposed to hold both wedding bands. Of course, if you feel more at ease passing the rings to the maid of honor (or else another member of the bridal party), do so. Your bridesmaids, as well as groomsmen, will be standing by your side while you recite your vows, therefore having them carry your rings is a reasonable choice.

The Celebrant

It’s also a good idea to have your officiant keep your rings. Given that they’ll be officiating the wedding, having them hold your rings safe will ensure a smooth transition from their remarks to you and your spouse exchanging vows.

A member of the family

Either you or your partner would want to give your wedding rings to a close relative, such as your parents or even a sibling. Give your bands to your relatives before the commencement of the wedding if you value them more than a member of the wedding party or your officiant.

If you want a youngster to be the ring bearer at your wedding, have them carry a pillow or ring box filled with phony rings-or no jewelry at all. While they’ll still be the center of attention as they walk through the door, you won’t have to get worried about them misplacing or breaking your genuine wedding rings.

When Should the Rings Be Given Away?

It’s not necessary to hand away your wedding jewelry months in advance of the big day. In fact, it’s usually best if you keep them around for as long as possible! Ensure, however, that the person in charge of your wedding rings has them during the rehearsal.

You should practice the hand-off so that it goes as smoothly as possible on the big day. Allow yourself enough time to coordinate the plan with your ring bearer.

Have a trustworthy family member or friend carry your engagement ring during the ceremony if you would not want to worry about whatever is moving around on your special day. Put it back on when you’re ready to party at the party to finish your wedding jewelry stack.

What Is the Role of the Ring Bearer?

Unlike witnesses or a professional officiant, ring bearers aren’t actually required to get you legally married. They do, however, have one extremely crucial task: carrying the rings.

If the ring bearer is mature enough, he should follow the bridal party down the aisle and present the rings to the best man or wedding officiant. You’re not quite mobile yet? If mom or dad are among the bridal party, they can hold their child or have the flower girls escort him throughout the processional.

What Is the Ring Bearer’s Outfit?

Keep an eye out for coordinating apparel for your youngest attendees when you’re determining how your bridesmaids, as well as groomsmen, will be dressed on your wedding day. Keep the formality of your wedding in mind while choosing a ring bearer. Tiny tuxes, as well as little suits or khakis with bowties with suspenders, are adorable.

The ring bearer, like the rest of the wedding party, is responsible for their own outfit. You can, however, buy the costumes as a gift or select a cute item that will become a treasured keepsake.

Is the Reception Open to Ring Bearers?

This is the most crucial question to address before inviting any children to participate. Yes, if you’re having additional children at your wedding, the ring bearer will be invited.

Seat them at a table with their parents, or set up a children’s table with a babysitter, kid-friendly food, and entertaining games. If your reception is for adults only, work with the parents of the children in issue to find the nearest babysitter and a place to observe the children, whether it’s in their hotel room or in a neighboring room at the venue.

Tips on Who Should Hold The Rings in a Wedding
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