Who Pays For The Honeymoon?

Who Pays For The Honeymoon?

Is your wedding around the corner? Who Pays For The Honeymoon? A dream honeymoon is always an essential part of the wedding plan. It is the period when couples go on getaways immediately after a wedding ceremony to spend time together. Whether you want an expensive honeymoon or a moderate one, getting a budget is imperative. Then comes the question, “Who pays for the honeymoon?”

Who Pays For The Honeymoon? Traditionally, the groom and his family pay for the honeymoon. However, in this present age, there’s no clear-cut rule on who pays for the romantic getaway. These days, the newlyweds are likely to pay for their honeymoon themselves.

Who Pays For The Honeymoon?
Who Pays For The Honeymoon?

If you’re not ready for an expensive honeymoon, there’re several affordable options. In this article, you’ll learn how much an average honeymoon costs, how long you should spend on a honeymoon, and much more. So let’s delve into the burning question.

Do You Pays For Your Honeymoon?

If you have the funds, there’s nothing wrong with paying for your honeymoon. Wedding traditions expect you to foot the honeymoon bill if you’re the groom. That already answers your question.

Conversely, most societies frown upon paying for your honeymoon as a bride. However, the world’s changing fast, and so is this tradition. You can join funds with your partner to plan an enjoyable trip.

If you’re lucky enough, your parents may decide to handle the cost or outrightly gift you a honeymoon trip. Other funds for a honeymoon include cash from the wedding, bank loans, credit cards, and even crowdfunding.

Not many people are comfortable with going with these options just to afford a honeymoon. If that’s the case for you and you’re ready to make some compromises, you can plan a cheap honeymoon. Besides, it’s love that matters!

Who Pays for the Honeymoon?

The groom, traditionally, pays for the honeymoon. His family can also take up the task. However, that isn’t prevalent anymore. Most newlywed couples are deciding to split the bill. Others are crowdfunding to cover some or all costs, requesting donations, or even taking up loans. 

Why is the age-long tradition changing? Many couples have already spent years living together before making things official. Since they’re already living as a couple, they understand their financial state and how splitting the costs could help. 

You can always make it unique regardless of who pays for the honeymoon. If you can’t fund your honeymoon and other sources seem closed, you can push it to a later date or go for a cheaper one. Many couples decide not to go on a honeymoon immediately after their wedding. Many hold off for a more convenient time.

How Much is the Average Honeymoon?

For many people, a honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure. So it has to be as memorable as possible. That explains why many intending couples fantasize about it more than anything else.

When it comes to honeymoons, there’re tons of ideas to explore. From exotic locations to exquisite hotels in the world’s most romantic cities, you’ll never run out of ideas on where to go. However, you would want to work with what you can afford. You won’t bother about a budget if you have all the money to spare. Otherwise, you can’t take your eyes off the bill.

So, how much does an average honeymoon cost? The cost of an average honeymoon stands around $5000. In the United States, around 70% of couples pay some of their honeymoon costs from their pockets. Depending on your budget, you can get cheaper or more expensive options. 

Going to a remote location will incur more costs than honeymooning near you. Also, the duration of the memorable trip impacts its eventual cost. You can’t compare the bill of a 10-day honeymoon to that of a 100-day honeymoon.

How Much Does a Two-Week Honeymoon Cost?

In most cases, the longer your honeymoon, the higher the cost. But this is the most memorable trip of your life – why not spend as much time as you can? With the proper preparation, couples can enjoy their honeymoon trip without incurring extra costs. So, making a budget is always advisable before committing to anything.

Let’s say you want to go on a honeymoon for two weeks. How much is it going to cost you? A lot will depend on where you’re having your honeymoon. For example, over 60% of newlyweds in the United States took a trip out of continental America for their honeymoon. The cost of such a honeymoon trip will be higher than that of a couple who flew to a neighboring city for a getaway.

Also, the cost of visiting some destinations fluctuates according to the season. For example, visiting Fiji in March will cost less than a trip to the same place in July or August. Another deciding factor is the type of amenities, and the number of excursions the couple enjoys on the trip. Going to an adventure-filled location requiring tour guides will shoot your bill up.

Considering all these factors, a two-week honeymoon could cost between $4,500 and $8,500. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much money you have to spend on the trip. 

How Much Does a Luxury Honeymoon Cost?

A honeymoon could be that perfect vacation after a long period of wedding preparation. There’s no better place to have that vacation than in an all-inclusive resort. Many resorts offer exclusive honeymoon packages that will give you the thrill of your life. If cost isn’t a problem, why not go all out?

These packages vary from resort to resort, but you can expect one thing: luxury. A trip to Fiji for a honeymoon is a trip to bliss. The Likuliku Lagoon Resort has overwater bungalows that offer the most romantic scenes. A Pacific Rim restaurant lets you enjoy the oceanic view as you dine. The resort hosts cocktail parties, have free Wi-Fi and serve delicious meals. But the cheapest room you can find costs $931 per night.

New Zealand is another excellent destination for luxury honeymoons. The country boasts mind-blowing alpine landscapes, serene beaches, and lush vegetation. For example, lodging in the Resurgence Lodge puts you right in the middle of two national parks. There are bush lodges that provide a fabulous romantic setting for couples. Newlyweds will have to pays $1,095 for the honeymoon to spend a night in this incredible wilderness. 

Grace Mykonos is a top-class boutique hotel in Greece. A honeymoon suite costs $4,260 for five nights, but the money is well worth the luxury you enjoy. The suite has a plunge pool, a private terrace, in-room champagne, a four-course dinner, and a boat trip.

How Many Days Should a Honeymoon Be?

There’s no cap on how many days you can spend honeymooning with your loved one. However, several factors will help you put an end date to the blissful trip. One of such is cost. Some couples won’t mind spending an entire year in the Maldives – if they weren’t going to pay a dime in living and entertainment costs.

Also, you have your everyday life to get back to. Your job or business isn’t going to spend forever waiting. On average, newlyweds spend eight days on a honeymoon. Some couples spend more than that, with some going away for several weeks. 

Honeymoon Ideas

Looking to have the best honeymoon ever with your spouse, and you’re stranded with ideas? You’re not alone. Many couples end up on that web, not because there aren’t any available options, but because they’re so overwhelming that making a decision can be a headache. 

Also, the stress of planning and executing a wedding can take away that flair for romantic getaway planning. Not to worry, we’ve covered you with seven honeymoon ideas you’d love.

1. Try a Breathtaking Adventure

This isn’t the typical romantic honeymoon where you cozy up with your spouse in a fancy hotel. We’re talking about an adventure that might put your heart in your mouth. Ditch the usual and go camp in a 1,200-feet-high sky-lodge. Or try skiing on the coasts! Your favorite destinations for such adventures include Antarctica, Peru, and Angel’s Landing.

2. Explore White Beaches Colored in Love

A couple walking hand-in-hand on the beautiful white sand along the shores of a calm, stunning beach – that’s the picture of a perfect honeymoon getaway. There are tons of incredible locations around the world where you can find mesmerizing white beaches. Go for the destination that fits right into your pocket to avoid spending more than you bargained for. 

Also, you would want a beach resort that gives you privacy. So choosing a less-busy one is your best bet. You can find the world’s most fascinating white beaches in Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, and Fiji.

3. Romance in the Wilderness isn’t a Bad Idea

Destinations with lush vegetation and exotic resorts are hotspots for newlyweds every year. They make for a serene environment to share romantic moments with your spouse. There’s hardly any honeymoon idea that will give you the thrill of sharing loving moments with your partner in the wild.

You could go on safari in Africa or visit other wildlife resorts worldwide, such as Aman-i-Khas in India.

4. Camp in a Private Tent

This is an excellent honeymoon idea if you’re on a very tight budget. You can simply pitch your tent anywhere in your chosen destination. While this is a budget-friendly idea, pulling it through takes a lot of work. You’ll need to pick a destination first and then get the right camping equipment.

Getting to the location, you must move around looking for the right place to set up. It could be a quiet shore or the cliff of a mountain. Popular destinations for this honeymoon idea include the Isle of Arran in Scotland, Sardinia in Italy, and the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

5. Enjoy Home Away from Home in a Homestay

For many new couples, a hotel is the best place to lodge for a honeymoon. While the comfort and serenity of a high-class hotel are undisputable, it’s incomparable to what you get in a homestay. A homestay gives you the “home away from home” experience in a breathtaking location. 

There’re many unique homestays worldwide, with some taking a step further to organize tours to make your honeymoon more special and memorable. Some of the top homestays around the globe include the Bangala Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, Pura Vuda in Costa Rica, and Tangier in Morocco. 

6. Go to a Stargazing Camp

The universe is one piece of wonder. Man has been barely able to scratch the surface of the vast world around us. The stars provide insight into the beautiful world that sits far beyond. There’s hardly a better time to enjoy this wonder than honeymoon nights with a loved one.

You could camp in the middle of the desert – you and your partner rolled up in each other’s arms, gazing at the stars. It affords you peace, privacy, and an unforgettable experience. Popular stargazing locations include the NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia, Mauna Kea in Hawaii, Rann of Kutch in Gujurat, and Pangong Tso in Ladakh. 

7. Yes, a Candlelight Dinner

Undoubtedly, a candlelight dinner is the most popular honeymoon idea in the world. Yet, that takes nothing from it. You can enjoy a private, romantic evening with your loved one in a beautiful location. An expensive restaurant is a usual location for such, but it doesn’t have to be so.

You can explore other options such as a lovely café by the hill or the breathtaking Santorini landscapes. Regardless of your chosen location, you’ll have the best evening. Many newlyweds find the following destinations perfect for a candlelight dinner: Two Oceans in Cape Town, Tour D’Argent in Paris, Tuscany Gardens in Goa, and Crab Shack in the Maldives.

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Who Pays For The Honeymoon?
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