Winter wedding makeup

5 Best Winter wedding makeup ideas

You can have a winter wedding without looking like an Eskimo. Warm colors will balance out the pallor of your skin and help you look elegant and sophisticated on your special day, without all the layers of clothes you’d need in colder seasons. Here are seven winter wedding makeup ideas to suit every bride’s personality.

How do you do the makeup for a winter wedding?

Rounded eyes

The most common mistake brides make is overemphasizing their features. If you round out the shape of your eyes and make them look bigger, it will balance out your facial features and give you a more approachable appearance.

How To Do It

Use a neutral shade on the upper half of your lids while shaping them with an eyeliner pencil. Highlight your brow bone with shimmering eyeshadow and apply lots of waterproof mascara to open up your eyes for a more balanced look.

How It makes You Look Like

A girl-next-door type with a soft and approachable look.

Best Skin Tone and Hair Type

Light to medium skin tones with any hair color will look good in this round eyeliner look, but eyes with lighter shades will really pop. Make sure you have waterproof mascara when applying your makeup for the day because it’s not easy to redo once you leave the house.

Smokey cat eyes

If you want more definition than rounded eyes offer, go for a cat-eye shape that’ll flatter your face shape and make them look more dramatic. You can opt out of wearing flicks if they’re not your style, but it’ll definitely help to widen up the space between your brows and add a nice shape to your eyes.

How To Do It

Use an eyeliner pencil and draw it very close to your lash lines, but don’t overdo it because you want the look to be subtle. From the outer corner of your lower lash line, sweep up towards the end of your brows and stop just before you get there. Fill in any spaces between your lashes with a volumizing mascara and use waterproof products when necessary because this is one makeup that should last all day long.

How It Makes You Look Like

A bit more mysterious than rounded eyes, while still soft and feminine overall. Best Skin Tone and Hair Type: Light skin tones will look good in this shade of black, but dark skin tones will look good in this as well. Make sure you use a highlighter and volumizing mascara to make your lash line pop and give the illusion of thicker lashes.

Subtle blush

A makeup artist once told me that girls need not apply blush to their cheekbones every single day– she said it’s too much for daily life, so save it for special occasions or dressy events where you want to really glam up the occasion. If wearing blush every day seems daunting, opt for a sheer matte shade that anyone can sport without looking overdone. This is one winter wedding makeup idea that won’t take away from your natural complexion but will still add an element of warmth to your face.

How To Do It

Apply it to the apples of your cheeks and blend it in with a makeup sponge or stippling brush.

How It Makes You Look Like

A soft, feminine version of yourself that’s still subtle but adds some color to your complexion. Best Skin Tone and Hair Type: Any skin tone will work best in this matte pink shade because it won’t look too outlandish. The same goes for hair color; any brunette, blonde, a redhead with medium/long length hair can wear this lip shade without looking overdone.

Rosy & healthy glow

If you’re a gloss girl at heart then pick a shimmery cream highlighter that’ll give your skin a natural glow. This is another winter wedding makeup idea that you can wear in daily life and adjust according to your preference. For a subtle hint of sheen, apply a little bit under your brow bone and down the center of your face for a truly radiant complexion.

How To Do It

Use a cream highlighter on the bridges of your cheeks, under the eyebrows, and down the center of your nose (above the lips). Blend it into your skin with a makeup sponge or brush until there’s no visible shimmer left on your skin.

How It Makes You Look Like

A polished version of yourself without looking like you’re trying too hard. Best Skin Tone and Hair Type: Light to medium skin tones will be enhanced by this rosy color while darker skins will look equally stunning in this shade. Darker hair colors will look good but light brunettes and redheads will kill it in this rosy glow makeup idea.

The girl-next-door smoky eye

If you’re not comfortable wearing a full, strong cat eye or smokey eyes, don’t worry about it! You can still get the same effect by layering 3 different shades of brown to make your eyes stand out without making you feel like a heavy makeup wearer (and we know that’s not true). All you need is a matte brown base shadow, shimmery mahogany color, and chocolate brown color to add depth into your crease area.

How To Do It

Using an angled brush and the matte brown base, sweep it all over your eyelid. Add the shimmery mahogany color to the inner corners of your lids and use an angled brush to blend them together. Use a pencil brush or detailer brush to dust some chocolate brown underneath the outer corner of your lower lash line.

How It Makes You Look Like

A more romantic version of yourself who still looks polished enough for dinner with friends or grabbing coffee at Starbucks. Best Skin Tone and Hair Type: Medium skin tones look best in this shade but dark skin tones can also rock this smoky eye makeup idea by applying both colors as contour shades instead of just one. Brown hair is ideal because it blends well with these three colors so blondes will have to reach for a lighter tone.

Final thoughts

Winter wedding makeup ideas are not hard to come by so you shouldn’t have trouble trying out something new at this time of year. Take advantage of all the lovely winter shades that are perfect for your mood and the event you’ll be attending whether it’s a friend’s wedding or just another night with friends, these five makeup ideas will get you through the day looking polished without being overdone.

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Winter wedding makeup
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