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Why Do Wedding Dresses Have Trains

Why do wedding dresses have trains is an interesting question. If someone were to ask you this, what would your response be? One of the many reasons why wedding dresses have trains is because they are traditionally made that way. There are various other explanations as well, however. The train helps the bride get around […]

What to do with old wedding dresses

Best Things To Do With Old Wedding Dresses? What to do with old wedding dresses is a question brides and grooms wonder about on their wedding day and often forget to ask. The answer is simple: you can do just about anything with them! Wedding dress recycling is a growing trend as the cost of […]

Can you add sleeves to a wedding dress?

“Can you make any wedding dress sleeved?” is a question we get asked frequently. You can add sleeves to a wedding dress, it is possible! No matter the material or design of your gown, most skilled designers can add sleeves to it. However, before adding bespoke sleeves to your wedding gown, it is recommended that […]

What to Wear to Rehearsal Dinner Bridesmaid

Regardless of your role at a wedding, knowing what to wear to a wedding rehearsal dinner can be very challenging. This is particularly so if you are one of the bridesmaids. Determining what to wear to a rehearsal dinner as a bridesmaid is usually challenging because there aren’t many traditions and rules for a rehearsal […]

Gothic Wedding Dresses 30+ Stunning Ones

Looking for Gothic Wedding Dresses? Gothic-themed weddings are common wedding themes during the Halloween or autumn season. However, people use this theme all year round because of its uniqueness. The gothic theme is best known for being dark, mysterious, and spooky. It is extremely peculiar and the far opposite of conventional white weddings. The color […]

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