Who Pays for Wedding Bands and Rings

Who Pays for Wedding Bands? Weddings are such a sight to behold, “Here comes the bride, all dressed in white,” as they say, the most beautiful woman in the world is the bride. The thrill is reaching the climax as the couple is exchanging their “I do’s” the guest are holding their breath before that […]

Who Pays For The Wedding Dress? (And Other Things)

Who Pays For The Wedding Dress? A wedding is a sacred ceremony with deep roots in ancient traditions. As with every ritual, it has special attire requirements (even for guests). If you imagine a wedding like a play, you’ll see that various people play distinct roles.  Who pays for the wedding dress? According to tradition, […]

How Much to Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?

Determining what to spend on a bridal shower gift is often a challenge that most people grapple with. Whether the bridal shower is for a friend or a family member, one will always desire to get the best gift at an affordable price. A bridal shower gift typically costs roughly between $25 and $ 75. […]

Fall Wedding Ideas On a Budget – 10 Budget Friendly Ideas

Are you searching for fall wedding ideas on a budget? Look no further! Autumn is a great time for weddings, and you want your wedding to be unique on this beautiful day. First, a fall wedding has many advantages, which is why many people choose to have a wedding during the fall months. However, in […]

How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding?

How do I ask my dad for money for my wedding? A wedding is the most exciting if not the most nerve-wracking moment in anyone’s life. It is what every woman looks forward to, and any couple would be happy if they have the funds to go with their wedding plans. Sometimes the planning may […]

Checklist of everything you need to purchase for your wedding

Weddings are romantic. Everything is so full of love. The ambiance, the music, and everyone are just so romantic that you can’t help but fall in love because the couple made everything perfect. When the wedding music plays, you can sense in the air all the tidbits of love that fall so perfectly in place. […]

Who is supposed to pay for a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is a party thrown for the bride-to-be by her family and friends on the occasion of her wedding, to celebrate the beginning of her life as part of a married couple. Traditionally bridal showers are thrown by women or co-ed groups (such as bridesmaids). However bridal showers can be thrown by any […]

Boho wedding ideas on a budget

True boho weddings are all about being yourself and not making a big fuss – think relaxing, low-key celebrations filled with personal touches. Nowadays, it’s common to see bohemian wedding invitations and decor elements such as low centerpieces made from candles or flowers. The key is to keep things simple but make sure you have […]

How Much Are Bridesmaid Dresses?

How much are bridesmaid dresses is a question that comes up on a regular basis. The prices can range from $50 to $1000 and more. There are many factors that go into the price of a bridesmaid dress and knowing them can help you find one within your budget. Designer The first thing to consider […]

Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests?

Who pays for hotel rooms for wedding guests? Parents are usually expected, if not flat-out told, to pay for hotel rooms. Sometimes this also includes adding it to the parent’s list of “housewarming” gifts when they move out of their own homes to start a family. In this case, the parents might contribute toward hotel […]

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