Viking Wedding – How Do I Arrange It?

What is a Viking Wedding, and how do you arrange a Viking wedding? During the Viking Age (between 793 AD and 1066 AD), marriage was an essential part of their culture. Traditionally, the wedding day is supposed to be on a Friday. Friday in Norse and Viking culture is Frigg’s Day or Freya Day. Frigg, […]

Viking Wedding Rings

Viking wedding rings were generally bronze and silver, with gold getting used only infrequently like other jewelry. Norse Gods and mythology, geometric patterns, inscriptions, and animal totems all inspired the layout of the rings. When it refers to the classics, finding the right Viking ring or ring is difficult enough, but what if you would […]

Traditional Viking wedding gifts

Many couples always desire a Viking wedding and most people would love to attend the same. Since it has some Norse traditions in it, you might be wondering how you can incorporate them during these ceremonies. This also means that they are some specific gifts you can gift the couple to suit the event. There […]

Viking Wedding Dresses

So you are having a Viking-themed wedding, in order to complete the theme, you will need the perfect Viking wedding dress. You can find plenty of Viking wedding dresses on amazon. Choosing a wedding dress can be daunting, stressful, and a hassle, especially whenever it is a themed wedding. This article will make it a […]

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