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Camo Wedding Dress

Camo wedding dress is a trend that started years ago, camo for camouflage wedding dresses. It is like the hunting clothes people wear, but this time it is incorporated in designing a wedding dress. It has become a popular preference for brides because it is unique and uncommon. Brides are making sure to inject their […]

What To Wear To A Bridal Shower?

What To Wear To A Bridal Shower? So, you and your friends have already planned the perfect bridal shower event for your girl. The venue and the catering have been booked, while the invitations have all been sent out. Even the program for the event has already been prepared. Everything is set in place, and […]

Purple Wedding Dress

Looking for a Purple Wedding Dress? Let’s face it, choosing the perfect dress for your wedding can be a very harrowing and stressful experience. This is on top of other significant preparations that you have to do before the big day. Yes, some of us might have been dreaming of that perfect wedding dress since […]

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