Buying A Wedding Dress 10 SMART TIPS

How many wedding dresses should you try on when buying a wedding dress? How many wedding dresses should you try on is a question that a lot of brides ask. Many people say you should only try on three wedding dresses, however, I disagree to an extent. You should definitely have a small selection for your first trial, but then depending on the budget and time allocated to dress shopping, you may want to test more.

Buying A Wedding Dress
Buying A Wedding Dress

You see, there are two types of brides: those who hate trying on dresses so much they will settle for any dress as long as it doesn’t have fit or style problems; and those who won’t be happy unless they find ‘the perfect dress. If you belong to the first category, just buy whatever is closest in shape and size to your body. However, if you are in the second group, when looking at all the lovely choices try to think of a few questions you can ask yourself before choosing a dress.

10 Tips When Buying A Wedding Dress

1) Do you prefer lace or smooth satin gowns?

Perhaps you love both and that’s perfect, but it’s worth thinking about if only briefly because this is actually a very important factor in finding your dress. Lace tends to look more vintage while smooth satins are more modern. You need to consider how important it is that your dress fits with your loved ones’ dresses. Perhaps you’re having a vintage-themed wedding and really want lace, but if you’re also having a modern theme then perhaps a smooth satin would be better.

2) Think about the style of the neckline

The shape of the neckline can have a massive effect on your overall look. Some styles will make you appear slimmer while others will emphasize wider shoulders. To give yourself some perspective try on two similar dresses in different styles. For example, take two sheaths with different necklines or even a sheath and an A-Line dress with similar detailing around the waist and hemline. Do this for all types of necklines: V-Neck, Sweetheart Neckline, Illusion neckline, etc.

3) Consider the silhouette of the dress when you are buying a wedding dress

This is all about how much fabric there is in your dress. A ball gown with lots of full tulle netting will look very different from a mermaid style with lots of smooth satin and beading around the waistline. Ball Gowns tend to have more volume so they are perfect if you want a show-stopping entrance on your wedding day, whereas Mermaid styles are great for creating curves by accentuating your figure at bust level then skimming over any problem areas.

4) Get someone else’s opinion even if it’s just an honest friend or relative

It can be tempting just to listen to yourself and what you like, but it’s worth thinking about other people’s opinions as well. They don’t even have to be experts or knowledgeable on dresses and fashion, just honest! Often we can trick ourselves into liking a dress because it looks good in the mirror even if the style isn’t right for our body shape.

5) How do you feel about your wedding dress?

The love on the first try on is a myth! Don’t fall in love with a dress until there are serious doubts that you won’t find anything better. If a dress feels comfortable and makes you feel beautiful then chances are it will make for an amazing wedding day experience. Some brides say they didn’t choose their perfect dress until after trying everything else on. They had a good idea of what they wanted and then came across the dress that really stood out to them. I think this is very common and it’s worth having your heart set on something before you start trying dresses on because many brides change their minds after trying everything else on!

6) What do you want to look like in 5 years’ time?

Yes, looking amazing with no wrinkles or bulges is great but there are more important things. How often will you wear your wedding dress again? Even if it’s only once every five years then wouldn’t you rather have a dress that flatters most body types? If you’re not entirely sure which style will suit best then consider hiring a few options. This way you can test out different styles and still have a beautiful dress to wear on your wedding day.

7) How much do you want to spend?

This one is a no-brainer really. Of course, the most important thing for many brides is that they get a great value dress without spending a fortune. The best advice I can give here is don’t compromise on quality while trying to save money. Helpfully, there are plenty of options out there at all price points so make sure you shop around until you find what’s right for you. The last thing you want is for your dress not to look as good as it should because of the price tag attached!

8) What type of wedding dress will suit you?

What’s your budget? Do you want a classic style or something that’s on-trend at the moment? Are there any elements to your dress that require specialist alterations that you can’t do yourself? All of these things are important factors when choosing the perfect wedding dress. Let’s look at each element in turn.

9) How much time do you have for alterations?

Some people say they want the perfect fit but then don’t mind too much if their wedding dress isn’t 100% right. I think this is rather strange because it doesn’t matter how lovely your dress looks if it doesn’t fit properly! There are so many things to consider here, not least what kind of material the dress is made from. Full circle dresses will usually need more alterations, as will those with an open back. It’s not always easy to know how much time to allow for this so it may be worth talking to a professional and seeing what they recommend.

10) Is your mother going to let you go? 

Some mums like to help out and take part in all parts of the wedding planning process, others rather like it when everything is done and dusted and then there are some that only want to see their daughter on her special day! If you’re lucky enough, you may have someone who can do all the above but if not you might want to think about how involved your mum wants (or needs) to be. Try and work out a compromise before you start shopping for your wedding dress, it will save you a lot of stress in the long run!

So there we have it, 10 tips on choosing your perfect wedding dresses. They say that every bride’s biggest problem is figuring out what style to go for but hopefully this article has helped reduce the stress by laying out some helpful factors to consider before booking an appointment with a bridal boutique.

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Buying A Wedding Dress 10 SMART TIPS
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