What is a Stag Party?

A Stag Party is a get-together planned for a man who will get married soon. Stag Party is the word used by the British, but in the US, Canada, and South Africa, they call it Bachelor Party.

The man and his friends celebrate his last moments of singlehood. He will soon get married and will not have as much time to do what he used to do while he was still a bachelor.

How do you arrange a stag party?
How do you arrange a stag party?

The celebration is often ladled with booze, dancing, playing games, and other silly activities. The groom-to-be and his friends take the opportunity to show the man an escape even for a moment, before his plans of marrying.

It usually includes rowdy laughter, self-indulgence, and being frivolous. Stag party symbolizes fun, being carefree, and experiencing activities he may not have encountered yet or which he will no longer encounter once he’s married.

Who is invited to a Stag Party?

Father of the groom and the bride’s dad

This is a bit difficult to decide on, cause as the groom, you want your dad to be in on the fun, and you want your bride’s dad to be there too, but you need to consider the activities during the celebration. Let them know your plans and where the celebration will be held. Sometimes older people may no longer be interested to go and be with the younger generation. They are no longer up for fun or the noisy celebration.

As long as you are being honest and informing them what the plans are, they still have the freedom to say no or to agree to go to your celebration.

The Soon-to-be In-Laws

Includes cousins, brothers, and uncles of the bride-to-be. Consider male relatives that are also close to your soon-to-be bride. It is better to invite them even if you are unsure if they would go to the party. This way, there will be no one who feels they are overlooked or disregarded.

Not inviting male relatives of the bride, particularly if they are close, can become an issue later on when you are invited to their family gathering.

Close School Buddies

Most of the time, after you graduate, you lost connection with your best bud from school. However, if there are still some whom you remain in contact with, then they should be included in the guest roster for the stag party.


Your closest friends from work and those who know that you are getting married should be added. Your boss or your male higher-ups may also be included in the list as long as they are willing to join the fun.

Who arranges the Stag Party?

The best man traditionally takes care of everything that involves the groom. He will plan, delegate and accomplish the plans. Although the best man organizes the stag do, he will still get the nod of the groom or the groom’s preference for the stag party.

There is the traditional stag party where the group will go out and have a nice, a bit wild, but fun evening. They can go out of town for the weekend, or do some activities that everyone will enjoy.

It is up to the best man to make sure that every person invited to the stag party will be there. It is just that sometimes not everyone will turn up because of emergencies or unforeseen conflict.

Who else can organize the stag party?


The groom has lesser things to organize as compared to the bride. They will be there supporting the bride most of the time, so they can also plan their own stag do. He can ask the help of other people and get the vote of his close friends on what they would like for the stag do. The groom will usually have a list of the possible activities they can do on the day.

If the groom has decided on a party theme, he can inform his friends and other people he wants to invite, about the theme. The groom will also have control of what he wants to happen for his stag party.

The best buddies of the groom

The groom’s closest friends can chip in and organized the stag do. It is better as more people will help to make sure that the party will be a success. There is someone who will take care of the decor, another will see to the food and refreshment/booze, the others can take care of the entertainment, accommodation, or even the location.

The more people involved with the planning, the faster the organizing will be.

There should be a delegation in the group so that there are fewer arguments and discussions on who should take care of things. Each would have something to contribute to making the stag do a success.

The Father of the Groom

If the father of the groom is still capable and if he knows how to plan and organize a party, then he might as well help the stag party happen.

Some dads are young at heart and have more knowledge about functions, gatherings, and taking care of his son’s stag party will surely be a breeze.

He may also have connections who can help with the organizing.

Nowadays, it is not unheard of for a bride to organize a stag party for her groom. Modern brides have no qualms in planning a bachelor party, especially if it will make their groom so happy.

The bride also understands that it is the last night of freedom for her soon-to-be groom, and they want their groom to remember it for years.

How do you arrange a stag party?

Get hints from the groom.

Before planning a concert party with the groom, find out what he wishes for his stag party. He may want a quiet night of booze, and fun pursuits. Ask if he has any preference or may not like any activity if it is going to happen to his bachelor party.

Do not get some entertainers to dance wearing skimpy clothes on the day if the groom does not want that kind of action. Although, some friends may have some surprises under their sleeves that will surprise the groom.

What is the budget?

How much can you afford for the stag party? You need to make sure that everyone can chip in and pay to make the party happen. You are also not forced to pay for everything, even if you are the organizer. Everyone who will be there can pledge or pay for something they can afford, such as the venue, or a group will pay for the food, while others will shoulder the accommodation.

How many are attending

Make a guest list of who will attend on the day. Get the yesses of the guest and confirm if they are going or not. Sometimes you also need to check out with the groom if he has any guests in mind that he wants to invite, and the people he doesn’t want to be there.

Each guest on the list must be presented with the costs. Split between the guests so no one will shoulder enormous expenses. The groom can also pay for his drinks or accommodation, but he shouldn’t. The group should cover the expenditures for the groom.

What is happening on the day?

The best man doesn’t have to plan for everything, particularly where the party will be. Each should have an input, and then the activity with the most vote will be included in the agenda.

Some activities for stag party include:

  • Golf
  • Party Bus Tour
  • Paintball
  • Canyoning
  • Zorb Football
  • All night party
  • Go Karting
  • Cocktail classes
  • Lapdance Entertainment
  • Sexy servers
  • FootGolf
  • Buggy Safari

Sample of spectacular places or locations for an out-of-town stag do.

The places listed are well-known spots for vacations and locations for bachelor parties. A package allows the group to spend less or have some discounts.

This is doable for a stag party as long as the guests spend a day or two of excitement and enjoyment.

  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • Ibiza
  • Bangkok
  • Cancun
  • Macau
  • Goa-India
  • Phoenix
  • Costa Rica
  • Bali
  • Prague
  • Amsterdam
  • Thailand
  • Belgium
  • Vienna
  • Austin
  • Croatia

Choose the best date.

It should be a month before the wedding, but not 2-days before the wedding. Planning a stag party just a day or two before the wedding will make the groom tired and stressed before his wedding. When there is also a steady supply of liquor during the stag party, everyone will surely be drunk or even passed out from the spree after.

Make sure that everyone will be agreeable to the date and they have confirmed their attendance.

What are some games played during a Stag Party?

  • Mr. and Mrs. Quiz
  • Man with no name
  • Cards against humanity
  • Knickers
  • Last Man Standing
  • Wax Attack
  • Freeze Frame
  • Bug Pong
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Dare Cards

Stag Party Games: Dare Cards

With 24 dare cards that will try the courage of each man during the party. Can they finish the dare or will they bend? This card game will be an activity to make the party so fun and exciting. It is clean fun, and entertaining.

It does not cost much, but the enjoyment this card will bring is endless. Everyone will remember the fun for years.

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Party Card Game/ Do or Drink Game for Parties

This party card game is the perfect partner for bachelor parties and birthday celebrations as well. Will you do the command, or would you rather drink the booze? Which would you choose? The courageous person will surely do the dare, but those who enjoy the drink will pass and gulp some more.

This game is straightforward to learn, and it is hilarious to play at parties. For a bachelor party, this is a terrific choice for entertainment.

No more boring moments or dull parties cause with this card game, the party is just starting.

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What Food?

Men should have their fill of drinks and food on the day. Remember, they can eat more when there is liquor.

Food may include chicken wings, smoked meat sandwiches, steak, pulled pork sandwiches, smoked ribs, pizza, tacos, sub sandwiches, fried chicken, and more.

Alcohol included in the list is beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila, gin, or wine. There should be water at the ready.

Communicate the Details

Since the information is complete, the rest of the gang will need confirmation on the specifics. The activities planned, location, accommodation, and other important information.

Let the gang know as well about the expenses and that you need to collect the payment. This is crucial so you can pay for the accommodation, location, caterers, or if you have plans of going out of town, you need to pay for the place where the bachelor’s party will happen.

Usually, the guests who are fast to pay will be there on the day, and those who are having second thoughts about paying deposits are not sure whether or not they will attend.

Book the Venue, and make other confirmations

Once you have the deposits, you can now book for the place, food, accommodation, accessories, refreshments, and other forms of entertainment.

Confirm with the others that you have booked the location and everything is all set and paid.


If you have no one to beautify the place and everything is all DIY, here are samples of decorations for the bachelor’s party.

Stag Party Decor Balloons set of 20

Each balloon is 12 inches in size, and letters are printed latex. Air or Balloon is usable with this decor and can be the perfect addition for the once-in-a-lifetime stag party celebration.

You can order it in many sets, so there is enough decoration for the entire room or location.

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Banner for Bachelor Party / Stag Do Backdrop Decor

This banner is perfect whether your name is Michael, Johny, Kurt, David, Alex, and more. They can personalize this and use it as decoration for the celebration.

The manufacturer allows customization. Each banner has glossy coated paper with vibrant inks, so each lettering will be visible and stand out. With just a few tapes, this banner is quick to display.

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Costumes or no costume?

On the day of the party, the group may decide to have a getup to make the party more fun and hilarious. There are different attire or costumes that men can wear during a stag party. Here are some of them.

Ahoy Sailor Fancy Outfit

A very cute nautical outfit that will make the wearer look like he’s about to sail. There are sizes to choose from, and the set includes a shirt, trousers, and a hat. It is also complete with contrast trims, anchor details, and the sailor bib.

No need to look further for an outfit cause this is easy to order online.

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80’s Hip Hop Costume by Smiffys

The set includes trousers, a jacket, and a hat. Perfect for parties and stag do. They made it of 100% polyester, so this clothing is durable and comfortable to wear.

This item is made with care, and the design is patterned after clothing in the 80s. If you need to dress up for your friend’s bachelor party, no need to look further.

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American Police Officer Costume by Dress Up America

Any man can wear this costume and never go wrong choosing this attire. It is the ideal wear if you want to be cool during your friend’s stag do.

It is a realistic copy of the real thing with embroidered patches, shirt pockets, and buttons. Manufactured using polyester, it is durable, resistant to harsh chemicals during washing, non-shrinking, and has a stretchy material.

Also, the material does not require ironing since it is wrinkle-free. It also has an added feature that is mildew and abrasion-free.

The waistband is stretchy as well, so the wearer will feel comfortable throughout. There is also a POLICE printed at the back to make it a highly realistic costume.

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Do you need gifts for the stags during the stag party?

It is not required for stags to have a gift kit or take-home gift after the stag party. The groom may give them if he desires, otherwise, it is not needed.

The stags are just happy to be a part of the celebration as they are celebrating their close friend who is ending his singlehood.

Stag party guests are also there to make the groom feel his friends support his decisions and are happy.

Stag dos are not as traditional as a hen party, and sometimes men can be men that just want a good time.

What are gifts to give to the groom during the stag party?

Men are different cause they are not into the traditional giving of gifts. Should you have a plan of giving a surprise for the groom, that is also acceptable. If you want to give an expensive gift and you can afford to do so, that is alright, but you can also chip in with the rest of the group so all can afford him a gift that is not just expensive but will also be memorable.

Some samples of gifts include a pocket watch, a bottle of fine wine, a leather wallet, a leather belt, sunglasses, luggage, high-end cufflinks, a hip flask, and many more.

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What is a Stag Party?
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