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When Do You Cut The Cake At a Wedding

When do you cut the cake at a wedding is a question a lot of people ask themselves. A wedding is full of traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation and one of those is that couples must cut the cake together as a symbol of their new life as a couple they will share. Couples often wonder what is the best way to cut the cake, looking at pictures of other couples who have cut the cake before them. 

When Do You Cut The Cake At a Wedding
When Do You Cut The Cake At a Wedding

Here are 10 tips on how to cut a wedding cake correctly so that you do not fall into any traps and look like fools cutting the cake in front of all your guests at your wedding.

10 tips on how to cut a wedding cake

1) Place the knife carefully onto the table

What you need to do here is place the knife onto the table and ensure that it leans on its side. The knife should not be placed on the cake as this could cause a big mess.

2) Make sure to keep the knife straight when cutting into the cake

When you cut into the cake, make sure that you place one hand under the handle of the knife and put pressure onto it with your hand. The other hand can hold onto the top of the serving plate to help maintain balance and take away any extra strain from your arm.

3) Cut only a small piece of sponge first to see if it cuts well

You do not want to push too hard against this sponge because there might be a problem with your knife where you will have to get another one quickly so no one thinks anything is up.

4) You can now cut a bigger piece of cake and place it on the plate

The aim of this step is to not let any of the pieces fall off. To do this you will need to push down onto the knife and also pull back in order for it to slide out smoothly without pieces breaking off into your hand.

5) You can now give your new life partner a piece of cake and save some for yourself if there is still cake leftover at this stage.

6) Continue cutting up until all guests have been served or until no more cake remains!

7) The most important part of cutting the wedding cake is how much cream, jam or icing is placed onto your plate? You never want to look like a fool and go for too much!

8) Do not get your new life partner in trouble and ask them to cut the cake with you.

9) Make sure that you know how to cut the cake correctly so that the day goes well and everyone knows what they are doing.

10) Congratulations on cutting your wedding cake successfully.

Things to avoid when cutting the wedding cake

Getting Nervous

You should avoid getting nervous as this will mess up your routine and make you look like a fool. If you get nervous, take some slow deep breaths and try and calm yourself down.

Breaking the knife handle

You should avoid breaking the handle of the wedding cake knife as this can be quite embarrassing for everyone involved. You do not want to damage anything that is important on the day.

Cutting the wrong type of cake (Square or round)

You never want to cut the wrong type of cake as it looks like you didn’t know how to properly cut a wedding cake so either practice beforehand or choose a different shape of cake if you are unsure about what to go for beforehand.

Cut too much at one time  

You should avoid cutting too much cake at one time as you will make a mess on the serving plate and have to get another one. If you are not sure how much to cut, go for small pieces of cake first so that it doesn’t appear like anyone is getting more than others.

Cutting the wrong type of icing

To avoid cutting into buttercream or fondant icing which can be difficult to cut through, stick with marzipan which is soft enough for any newbie cutter to handle!

Sharp Knives

It’s important to use sharp knives so they cut easily without putting extra pressure on the cake. Dull blades will only cause crumbs and damage your hand if you put too much effort into each slice.

Bad lighting

Bad lighting can make it hard for you to cut the wedding cake properly so make sure that there is good lighting in the room or in your surrounding areas before you start cutting into your cake.

Cake in the wrong position

You should avoid putting the cake in an incorrect position because this will mess up how easily it cuts down. If your knife isn’t cutting through all of your layers, rearrange it so that they are all equal and have equal distance between each one. This will allow the knife to slide through smoothly without any problems with pressure being used on it.

Getting too much icing on the serving plate

To avoid getting too much icing on the serving plate, measure out how much you use on the knife before you put it onto the plate. If it is too much, wipe some of it off with a cloth until there is just enough for how many people are being served.

Have someone serve your cake for you!

You should avoid having someone else serving your cake to people as this lowers the tone of what you’re trying to do. Make sure that everyone knows how to properly cut and serve so that they appear like an expert at cutting wedding cakes.

How do I purchase the best wedding cake?

You should purchase a wedding cake that has layers that make it easier for you to cut. Make sure that the person who is cutting the cake knows how to properly slice and serve so they don’t damage anything on the day of your wedding. It’s important that everyone knows what they’re doing!

How long do I have to wait before serving?

You should wait 10 minutes before starting to cut and serve your wedding cake because this way, all of the icing can be set and be easier for people to eat. Make sure that there are no crumbs or messes as it makes you look unprofessional!

Cutting a wedding cake can be very nerve-wracking if you’ve never done it before so here are 10 simple tips that will help make this process easier for anyone who has never cut a wedding cake before in their life!

When Do You Cut The Cake At a Wedding
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