Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Yellow and blue is the popular color combination for weddings. The colors are associated with happiness, joy, optimism, royalty, and creativity. While you will also find that many brides choose these two colors because they are their favorite, there is another reason which should not be ignored. Not only do the colors look great together but it is also difficult to go wrong with yellow and blue wedding theme ideas because there are so many choices available.

Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme Ideas
Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Here are our top 10 yellow and blue wedding theme ideas for your perfect day

1. Sun yellow and blue wedding theme

This yellow and blue wedding theme idea is all about the sun, sunshine, and summer days. Decorate your venue with yellow helium balloons to match your yellow bridesmaid dresses. Use yellow ribbons on your bouquet for some extra elegance throughout the day.

Additionally use yellow organza sashes for table decorations or chair backs at your reception venue. Although sunflowers are typically associated with good luck, they are also a great choice as floral arrangements for ceremonies because of their wonderful yellow petals. If you prefer something different why not opt for yellow roses? They convey pure love which is what you want everyone to be thinking of during your special day!

2. Aqua blue and yellow theme

With aqua blue and yellow wedding theme ideas, you are looking at an almost ‘tropical’ feel to your wedding. Think bright yellow, blue skies, crystal clear waters, palm trees, and white sandy beaches for this unique style of yellow and blue wedding theme idea.

There are many ways to embrace this type of yellow and blue wedding theme idea. For example, why not have yellow floral table decorations along with fairy lights which are strung up around the reception venue? If it is warm enough then coral sand can really create that tropical look you will be trying to achieve.

3. Yellow and blue sequin theme

If you’re after something a little glitzy for your yellow and blue wedding theme ideas then style might just fit the bill. Yellow and blue sequin wedding theme ideas are perfect for those who want to be a little more on the glamorous side.

However, it is important to stress that these yellow and blue wedding theme ideas do not have to be on the pricey side – many DIY tutorials on yellow and blue wedding themes can show you how simple they are to decorate your own venue with yellow streamers or even yellow balloons.

4. Monochrome yellow and blue theme

This style of yellow and blue wedding theme ideas is all about using one color, but varying tones of that color. The monotone color of choice here? Yellow! Combine this with various shades of blue including powder blue, teal, baby blue, etc for a beautiful result.

You can also use other neutral shades such as beige, cream, and white for a modern minimalistic look. This is a great choice for those who have a specific color scheme in mind which they would like to stick with throughout the day but want something different from the typical yellow and blue wedding theme ideas.

5. Blue and yellow luxury wedding theme

If you are going all out on your special day then this wedding theme has got you covered! Think gold, diamonds, fine china teacups, champagne flutes, and lots of luxurious touches.

It pays to have lots of bling when it comes to luxury – so why not opt for large golden candelabra or tall gold table centerpieces?

You can even design your own blue and yellow wedding cake for a truly extravagant yellow and blue wedding theme idea.

6. Wedding yellow and blue summer themes

Warm days have us dreaming of lazy summer days at the seaside, ice cream cones in hand as we watch the sun go down. This wedding theme is all about creating those experiences for your friends and family as they celebrate with you on your big day!

Think blue skies, seashells, flip flops to give an overall relaxed coastal feel to your special day. If you want to keep things festive then why not consider hanging up golden stars or pastel bunting?

You could even dance the night away under fairy lights strung up between palm trees.

7. Yellow and blue invitation cards

Invitations are always a great way to set the tone and style of your wedding theme and this is no different when it comes to yellow and blue ideas.

Experiment with both square and triangular designs for something unique. An alternative idea is to try these invitations on square cards, but keep them very simple – only using one or two colors on each card. Use different shapes of envelopes such as circles, squares, or triangles. This can add another dimension of personality to your invitation cards!

8. Yellow and blue flowers

Your choice of flowers is a great way to add some personality to your wedding theme ideas. Use lots of small white flowers for this style, you can even ask your florist if they have any small white floral balloons which might add a fun spin to the overall look. Yellow and blue gerberas are another good option in terms of both color and affordability – just pop these into clear glass vases or bowls around the reception venue. If it’s warm enough then why not consider yellow and blue lilies with a hint of purple?

Where do I get products for these themes?

Amazon has a great selection of wedding supplies, that is where I mainly get my products. You can get your flowers, decorations, and many other things from Amazon.

What about the invitations?

I recommend using for your invitations. They have an amazing selection and many customizable options. You can get everything from invites to thank you cards, and much more!

Yellow and blue wedding theme ideas are great for inspiration. Everything from the flowers to the invitations can be tweaked and personalized to fit your chosen wedding day style. Your choice of color may depend on what time of year you get married and this is a good way to add some personality and fun to your special day. Hope I was able to provide some insight on how you can make your own unique wedding theme by choosing colors that complement each other!

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Yellow and Blue Wedding Theme Ideas
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