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How To Choose A Wedding Theme?

How to choose a wedding theme

How to choose a wedding theme? Choosing a wedding theme can be daunting, but rest assured that whatever your dream theme is, you can find just about everything you need to make it happen. Let’s take a look at some popular wedding themes and how you can use them as inspiration for your own wedding.

How to choose a wedding theme
How to choose a wedding theme?

What are Wedding Themes?

A “wedding theme” simply refers to the overall feeling or style of your wedding- e.g., modern chic, rustic elegance, fairy tale. It does NOT refer to the decorations yourself (i.e., centerpieces or flowers), which is why we left those categories out!

How To Choose A Wedding Theme

-Pick a color: this will be the central color of your wedding and is incredibly important to all other colors! It will set the tone for everything else.

-Look at different themes: there are so many great options out there such as rustic, vintage, classy glam, chic bohemian, etc.

-Keep in mind how big it needs to be: don’t try and make a small space look bigger than it is by choosing something too grandiose. Keep it simple if you want that dreamy feel with fewer elements and more open spaces most likely works best!

-Pick an overall style: Is your wedding going to feel very polished & formal? Or do you want a slightly more eclectic/earthy vibe? Make sure this is reflected in your color scheme and theme.

-Have fun: It should be a celebration and an expression of who you are as a couple so pick something that’s just right for both of you!

The Following Are Examples Of Wedding Themes:

Modern & Minimalist Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Clean lines, streamlined décor with an emphasis on simple beauty and natural elements – think white tablecloths, striking floral arrangements without an abundance of embellishments or extras.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: Keeping the focus on the beauty of your venue and the simplicity of design will help make your wedding feel elegant yet modern. Add some pops of color with flowers (preferably blooms in a single color) or accent pieces. Also consider using different textures- e.g., satin chair overlays vs. bare wood chairs, smooth tablecloths vs. organic linen, silky napkins vs crinkled ones, etc to add visual interest to simple decor elements!

Rustic Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think natural wood finishes and rustic accents like text linens, burlap accents, and simple floral centerpieces.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: To take your rustic wedding theme to the next level, include some personal touches that reflect who you are as a couple, like DIY projects, special family heirlooms, or photography backdrops. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your décor! If there’s one thing that lends itself well to rustic weddings its natural textures- woods, florals, linens all make beautiful additions to any wedding.

Country Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think casual comfort mixed with an infusion of charm – think lace accents on everything from table runners to cake stands; custom signs using wooden letters or monogrammed details; vintage elements like Mason jars or apothecary jars filled with jam, fresh flowers, or candles; rustic décor elements like wagon wheels or hay bales.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: Being that country weddings are known for their relaxed homespun feel, it’s okay to keep the overall vibe casual – think bare wood chairs and simple table decor centered around mason jar centerpieces. To make your wedding unique you can incorporate personal touches to fit your own style- e.g., using monogrammed napkins, lace chair sashes, custom signage. You can also make DIY elements work for this theme if they fit within your color scheme!

Romantic Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think soft blush hues, lush florals arranged in beautiful patterns, a soulful blend of both classic and contemporary music, and an abundance of candles.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: Setting the mood is key to creating romance at your wedding. Use light-colored tablecloths (blush or ivory work best) to help create an airy feel. Choose flowers with romantic interest like peonies mixed with roses. Add some boho elements for texture like lace overlays, tassel garlands, or even dahlias! You can also use soft lighting (candles & string lights) to achieve this effect!

Vintage Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think classic elegance meets modern charm – think vintage-style florals like peonies or roses mixed with greenery, lots of lace (think pretty linens, table runners, cake stands), and glam chandeliers.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: If you’re looking to infuse your wedding with some old-Hollywood glamour, choose glamorous elements like silver or gold for your color scheme. You can use metallic linens to dress up tables. Always remember that less is more! Vintage weddings are all about elegant simplicity- so keep centerpieces minimal and decor clean-lined. Accentuate the décor by focusing on textures like satin sashes, crepe paper poms, and lace doilies.

Nature Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think a mix of rustic and vintage elements with a natural twist – think abundant greenery mixed with pretty florals, lots of wooden décor accents, heirloom touches like burlap or lace.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: With nature-themed weddings, there is no limit to your color choices! You can choose from bold jewel tones to warm neutrals- as long as it fits the theme. There are also endless options for decor details including wicker chairs, tables with wood tops, mason jar centerpieces filled with flowers and candles, and wildflowers everywhere. Add personal touches by including family heirlooms like photo albums or outdoor photography backdrops. You can also incorporate rustic décor elements like pianos or wooden chandeliers for that extra old-fashioned, cabin in the woods feels.

Vintage Country Weddings

WHAT ARE THEY?: Think of a vintage take on a rustic farm wedding – think floral patterns, lace accents, lots of greenery, and deep jewel tones.

HOW TO MAKE YOURS: Vintage country weddings use several different styles to create an eclectic mix of beauty which makes these types of weddings incredibly customizable! If you love the look of theming your wedding around a color scheme this is great for you since they consist of 3 main colors: blush, ivory & navy. Be sure to add some pretty florals from blooms like peonies, wildflowers, and calla lilies to your bouquet! You can also use blush or ivory linens with navy accent pieces for a classic look.

How many themes should I pick?

You can choose as many or as few as you like! Your wedding is your big day and you should definitely choose the elements that best suit your style.

What colors look good together?

Just remember to keep it cohesive with a color scheme consisting of 2-3 main colors. You can try different color pairings such as blush & ivory, soft greens & golds, rich reds & deep blues, etc. You can also use complementary colors (opposite on the color wheel) for a pop.

Can DIY elements work with my wedding theme?

Yes! If you’re looking for ways to save money and personalize your special day any type of element works- just be sure to choose elements that compliment your theme.

How can I tell if a wedding theme will work for me?

To decide which type of wedding best suits your personality and lifestyle ask yourself questions like What words describe my style? How do I envision myself getting ready on my big day? Would I rather be in a cozy cabin in the woods or a rustic barn with exposed beams? These are great things to consider before making any bridal decisions!

What size should my wedding theme be?

It’s totally up to you! If you’re looking for a rustic-meets-vintage affair choose elements that are all relatively similar in style. But if you want variety go with an eclectic mix of vintage styles!

Can I blend multiple types together?

Yes absolutely! You can pick and choose elements from different themes as long as they go together. For example, a whimsical woodland wedding would consist of a more nature-themed first look with lots of greenery and florals mixed with old Hollywood glam flair. We’ve seen brides do this by choosing blush & ivory linens and then adding on subtle shades of green to tie it all together! Can you tell how much we love this idea?

How many different types can I pick?

You can choose as many or as few as you like! Your wedding is your big day and you should definitely choose the elements that best suit your style. A lot of brides will do 2-3 different types to create an eclectic mix of beauty which makes these types of weddings incredibly customizable! If you love the look of theming your wedding around a color scheme this is great for you since they consist of 3 main colors: blush, ivory & navy.

What size theme looks best at my wedding venue?

Weddings with lots of different styles/themes usually work better in smaller venues since it gives off a more intimate ambiance and tends to be less overwhelming.

How can I make sure my wedding theme is cohesive?

You want to make sure it’s cohesive so that there aren’t any awkward clashes or styles that don’t mesh well with each other. It should feel like you’re in a dreamland where everything just works together! You can do this by having all of the elements flow into one another- for example, if you have a woodsy-themed ceremony have wooden details on your escort cards/placards and sparkly gold flatware to tie it all together.

Do I need to hire a planner?

That’s totally up to you! Wedding planning will be so much more fun when you get involved & create the perfect day for yourself plus most venues are able to offer some planning tips!

What if I don’t know what type of wedding theme to choose?

That’s perfectly fine! There are so many awesome types of themes that you can choose from it’s hard not to find something that seems just right for you. Find inspiration everywhere- magazines, blogs & Pinterest are great places to start your search! Just remember to keep thinking about who YOU are as a couple while planning. If you’re looking for an awesome company whose awesome products would be perfect for any of these types of weddings check out Wedding Star BRANDS. They have tons of awesome stuff including some awesome prints with some awesome sayings on them

As you can see there are so many different types of themes! Don’t stress and just pick whatever fits your style and personality. Remember, this is your big day and if you want to change it up or do something more simple that’s totally fine as well! It’s all about having fun with the planning process.

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How To Choose A Wedding Theme?
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